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Adult’s pox 7 greatest mistake area you rushed to have no
The awkward age contains pimple, the adulthood expects to have results to show person’s pox.Don’t say the pimple is more healthy and lined up poison for you, the pimple is a toxin.If you were healthy, toxin couldn’t eject a body by the form of pimple.Lead the awkward age still had in person wanting of the pimple harassment to notice, probably be because you of”I how how think” but harmed oneself, has 7 greatest mistakes area your mistake been already rushed?

Adult’s pox:Also call “empress puberty pimple”, many change with environment, pressure incitement, bad of living habit, day and night reverse of the daily timetable relevant, and much hair at the chin, lips Cape the U form area of the neighborhood.Adult’s pox often and pressure, sleep shortage, tired, Huang Ti Su secrete excessive, constipation etc. the mind and body metabolize badly germane.Adult the pox take place on the female body of all the rate is more than male high, the city female of 25-35 years old mixture skin stirs up adult’s pox most easily.For the formation reason of adult’s pox:BE on the other hand used the not appropriate and causable by cosmetics, LED optoelectronicssecondly the pressure of human body acceptance greatly and indirectly becomes the chief culprit that grows a pimple.

Adult’s pox 7 greatest mistake area

Mistake area 1, the naked skin can take leave the oil-field muscle mistake area 1, the naked skin can take leave an oil-field muscle

Living mistake area:Widespreadly thought to grow a pimple and then should keep daubery from moistenning the protecting of type skin article, even is what all not.”Naked skin” will turn worse skin humidity to run off, on the contrary will strengthen to the stimulative of the skin.

The skin is stimulated by mightiness, will secrete more greases to protect, the facial blotting tissue more absorbs oil more many is exactly this truth.

Correct way of doing:Should choose to have no oiliness ground refreshing hydration 啫 Li daubery, especially the grease secrete prosperous T area.

Mistake area 2, the sun block can not use mistake area more 2, the sun block can not much use

Living mistake area:The ultraviolet ray radiation of super burden will cause horniness’ having confusion metabolism and make the skin sour to turn, Lines of the palmtherefore cause pore to block the hair bag even is burning.The dye that will make the pox printed the scar of pox precipitates to aggravate.

Correct method:20 minutes before going out must paint sun block, hang quality clearness to defend to insolate index number commonness then.

Mistake area 3, absolutely can not make up mistake area 3, absolutely can not make up

Living mistake area:Old mama will often say:”Grow a pimple, will never want a disguise, will be infected.”In fact and otherwise.The naked makeup of moderation, work the simple attire is all OK of, as long as bear in mind to sweep a work to want thoroughly can.

Correct method:Because the make-up product of water Gao probably implies mineral quality, will stimulate a skin and block pore and to choose the product of natural composition while purchasing make-up.

Mistake area 4, by hand point a daubery concealer

Living mistake area:Lazy person one clan by hand and directly paints for the sake of the diagram convenience concealer to hide Xia, in fact so more easy kidney harm grows the place of pimple.

Correct method:Choose a small makeup to sweep, have to take the concealer deeper than skin color to carry on hiding Xia.

Mistake area 5, control a pox and then can say a religious festival mistake area 5, control a pox and then can say a religious festival

Living mistake area:The appropriation on the market controls the product of pox mainly is aim at a regulating of pimple nursing and weigh is controling oil,romance how do go to horniness.But adult’s pox mainly because spirit and endocrine cause, the disease nasty and disorderly hurl’s curing is what Yao is used.

Correct way of doing:Adult’s pox takes out a demand part daubery lotion or gel then, if pimple situation more serious, suggest out-patient service to cure.

The mistake area washes face mistake area 10 times in 6, 1 days 10 times in 6, 1 days to wash face

Living mistake area:It is far far not enough to only depend to sweep face and clean of multifarious will turn worse skin quality to secrete, let a pimple more without restraint.

Correct way of doing:Should choose to have no oil and moderately wash noodles milk, normal frequency Jie noodles then, Jie noodles behind choose nonalcoholic great skin water hydration.Keep skin from becoming dry become thin.

Mistake area 7, usually the usage whet the sand cream mistake area 7, usually use to whet a sand cream

Living mistake area:The skin horniness whets a sand product, to stimulating of skin over even will make skin damaged greatly.The emergency mask that still has already tored to pull a property at this time also not proper usage, will rip off inflammation.

Correct way of doing:Whet a sand cream to particularly carry on to T area to sweep, use nourishment hydration type emergency mask, moderately promote metabolism.

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