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Maintenance of small details make skin care effect doubled
Why expensive skin care products with as little effect, anti-wrinkle eye cream does not wrinkle, whitening lotion is not white? Little imagine, and not put them into his face painted on everything will be fine. You may not have noticed, many of the details,LED light applies cause the product to achieve desired effect. We invite experts tell you 8 need to pay attention to skin care details, these small details decide your success or failure of skin effect, quickly come to have a look!
In 1, the removal of the surface layer of dead skin
Skin scientist Amy Wechsler said,” dead skin is the skin first barrier, must first remove them they can let the skin care products better play the role of.” This skin special barrier is actually very soft and not be secure against assault, therefore, it is not difficult to remove.
Basic cleansing from the pores in the removal of oil, but to let the skin care products for better absorption, requires the use of enzyme containing or acid cleanser ( for sensitive skin and acne acne skin is the perfect choice ), or with a granular scrub products ( small particles and smooth ), or other mild scrub. For example, cleansing brush, like Clarisonic cleansing brush or Olay professional formula brush cleanser.
2, the use of skin care products to be ordered
Skin scientist Jeannette Graf said,” the first layer of skin care products to absorb is always best”, therefore, whether your purpose is to wrinkle, acne or to sunburn, should follow the principle of. If you use two kinds of different products against two different skin problems, in the early morning after cleansing, use one in the evening after cleansing, use another, can receive the twice the result with half the effort. The corresponding steps are completed, then by dilute ( essence ) to thick ( sunscreen or cream ) apply other skincare products. The only exception is containing retinoic acid products, first use will stimulate the skin.
3, moist skin absorption is most effective
Moist skin like a sponge, it can quickly absorb any smeared across the product ( moist but not dry ). Almost all products can correspond to this, including retinoic acid. The only exception is the mineral sunscreen ( physical sunscreen ). ” The physical sunscreen differs from the chemical sunscreen, it is not absorbed, but covering on the surface of the skin, thus reflecting the rays of the sun. Minerals in the wet skin is not easy to stay, will cause uneven coverage, so skin looks pale.” Dermatologists say David Bank.
4, wash your face with warm water to warm up for the skin
When you use warm water instead of cold water to wash face, while also properly increased skin temperature, blood vessels and pore expansion cooling. ” Cross-straitsThe gap between cells implies greater absorption surface, contribute to the absorption of the product.” Heidi Waldorf said the doctor. In addition, the skin temperature is helpful to effectively ingredients permeate into skin, better and faster with cell interaction, Dr. Bank supplement.

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