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Frequent user of computer’s change of season protects a skin and defends “dead muscle”
Toward a computer all day long, the skin contains much many problems.Particularly is a change of season seasonal changes, the pore is bulky, rough skin, the skin color is obscure ……a series of the skin problem that the computer causes is closely upon heels and since then, so each beauty OLs, take strict precautions against change of season of”dead muscle”!LEDs to establish
A, absorb oil hydration at any time

Reason:The computer radiation makes the face skin in great quantities lost water, skin in order to attain water oil balance, continuously secrete a grease to lock humidity.Should work well to control oil at any time and repair aqueous measure in time while consequently facing a computer.

Improve measure:If the felling noodles is suffused with oil light and uses the oil light of absorbing the oil paper absorption face surplus, again spray fog to spray whole faceses with hydration, lightly tap to complete absorption.But use every day of number of times not the ability surplus is two.

Effect:Soon can feel that the skin is obviously more refreshing than past many after using, there is no greasy felling for getting feds up with, but leads empress a period of time oil only willing again appear.

Two, use up after the computer a skin to thoroughly sweep a skinflow a technique

Reason:The static electricity of computer makes the face adsorbed to allow much more of dust, if don’t sweep in time, will block pore, formation pimple, black head, even result in other more serious skin problems.

Improve measure:Usage over computer immediately uses Wen Shui behind and match with Jie noodles the milk wash noodles, first Jie noodles the milk match Wen Shui in hand up crumple bubbles, again paint to a face, then wash with the clear water clearly.The Jie noodles don’t forget to to use a disguise water and hydration lotion to carry on further hydration behind.

Effect:The skin feeling to draw tight in a twinkling feels after the usage over computer water is smooth, Jie noodles behind use of hydration lotion, will also make the skin avoided aridity.

Three, use collagen hairdressing in the evening liquid

Reason:The evening is the inning that protects a skin, is radiated by computer in the daytime of trample upon, take the big good time in evening carries on a callous repair and carries on to the skin defend wrinkly defend Shuai of repair, want to use the hairdressing liquid of usage collagen naturally.

Improve measure:The choice implies the hairdressing liquid or cream of collagen, paints on the face after the Jie noodles in evening and lightly massages to complete absorption.企業公司工廠的環境風水注意事項

Effect:Usually discover when the morning gets up that the face is suffused with oil light, or two cheeks become dry wrinkly, if the hairdressing liquid that used a collagen in the evening can reduce this circumstance, can also defer skin decrepitude.

Four, do an eye film next day

Reason:The eye week skin is a person on the weakest part of the whole face, facing a computer not only suffers from ray radiation injury, but also experiences tired of trample upon.Consequently want to carry on a special nursing to the eye department.

Improve measure:Choose the eye film that has foundation hydration function, if still need to solve an other eye department problem, can also to the eye film that should choose other functions.Spread before sleeping eye up about after 20 minutes, use an eye remaining stays for week of the hairdressing liquid lightly massage an eye department and clean again.

Effect:After using once can feel eye for week the skin becomes delicate slippery, if use over a long period of time, can also availably anti-wrinkle, solve various eye the skin problem is for week.

Five, periodically go to horniness

Reason:The skin oneself also has an outstanding repair function, but after carrying on this kind of repair, the surface of skin will remain a lot of sebums and die skin, if don’t clean up and then will pile up in the surface to block pore in time, the skin looks coarseness is not already either.

Improve measure:Every 1-2 weeks, the usage goes to corneous Jie noodles milk or other products, the opposite department skin carries on with meticulous care going to a horniness processing.

Effect:After going to horniness, will obviously discover that the originally old and thick skin shed off and took but generation originally drive die skin overlay at in of delicate slippery skin.

Six, as far as possible little wear contact lens

Reason:The contact lens mostly uses the high mark sub- material manufacturing of, deeply the oxygen is ineffective and obstructed eyes to directly breathe oxygen in the certain degree and made cornea anoxia.Eyes high strain while plusing to toward a computer for a long time, the normal person winks every minute 20 many, but put on contact lens to toward a computer for a long time, winking of every minute number of times only have 45 times, toward a computer for a long time, eyes will become dry, deliver puckery, very uncomfortable.

Improve measure:The nursing liquid and mirror box that along with takes contact lens needs for a long time time of towarding the computer and dismantles contact lens, makes change mirror glasses and makes eyes deeply well ventilated.After sweeping hands again while needing to be gone out wear to wear contact lens.Although comfort and water bothering 1:00,change to eyes is bright

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