Who is the king of moisture

It is precisely because of the advent of super-dry season, moisture effort to do more leak! King of moisture this winter will be awarded to it! Which only really suitable for my skin? Pick-to-use skin care products to allow you the same steps MOISTURE more beautiful than the others!

TIPS: Wet cotton than the direct effect of moisture will have a pat!

Ultra-moisturizing lotion encountered the oil-prone T-word may be too skin nutrition, but in the dry wet cotton can be! End Shikishima hand massage to enhance the penetration and absorption of moisturizing ingredients!

* Refreshing relief Toner

Skin-specific problems or full-face Hydropathic maintenance, it depends on the makeup of these fresh water point, so that the skin problems you can feel at ease with moisturizing lotion.

TIPS: Wet refreshing the entire face is not worried about over-nutrition

There are problems such as the site of the acne on his forehead or nose next to large pores, with a refreshing wet wipe lotion. Grazed along the face of the sub-ching torn cotton sheets changed, the need to relieve Hydropathic site, easier to paste the ping skin!

* Infiltration type help absorb Toner

Already in the market for a long time tamping infiltration type make-up water, not only in the emulsion after the use of it, and now a lot of make-up water before the introduction of the use of infiltration type, to help open the pores door allows you to layer more moisture!

Toner ago

TIPS: In the emulsion after the procedures, together let skin permeability changes also brighten

Will be in the palm of the hand emulsion, thick enough about 5-10 minutes after the cheek, and then make-up water-soaked cotton, graze cheeks will erase emulsion, and finally to palm heat can help make-up water and emulsion more in-depth penetration.

TOP 2, emulsion

Biased water moisturizer have migraine-like, all kinds of infiltration to varying degrees, whether it is water which is a good helper sealed the election for their own emulsion or cream so that this winter is full of shiny faces, like flu.

* Thick enough emulsion type

No matter what kind of lotion, skin doctors in the maintenance will be very concerned about the amount of time, especially when super-cold days of the need for moisture a day sooner or later, with the continued use of the size of 50 smear + massage the whole face and neck to ensure ultra-moisturizing skin!

TIPS: MOISTURE of the emulsion layer thick enough to allow a sense of ultra-lasting skin moisturizing

Remember! Let’s face emulsion cover about 3-5 minutes after, to use pulp shells point massage to allow emulsion can absorb! Emulsion amount not to provinces, and more can also be rubbing his neck or hands!

* Run-fire type very cream

Do not think that ultra-nourishing cream is dedicated Mature mother-class, the new development will not be too thick texture, moisture level of people are very pleasantly surprised! Winter use in the local dry skin will not dry to the peeling.

TIPS: to strengthen the dry edge moisturizing massage can scale new heights

In addition to pat hand massage to help absorb moisture, but also should remember that small drawcircle massage dry way, the neck can not be omitted!

TOP 3, Essence

* A sense of the essence of super-water

Moisturizing effect of the double Beautiful Skin ingredients most concentrated, there is a small amount of water greatly effectiveness, select Gel water flu zero grease the most suitable young skin! As long as I gently rubbed chapped skin should allow the restoration of water flu卻無從忘記你 | 生活的那片藍天 | 亦是如此,感慨之餘 | 把詩歌用來娛樂 | 誠摯地祝福 | 杞香慢慢飄散 | 心靈自由才會幸福 | 享受著心靈的安詳 | 生活充滿幸福韻味 | 遠去恍如一生追夢.

TIPS: from the dry start to the entire face, moisturizing flu redouble!

Pulp pads with light point, such as dry eye, the essence of the remaining pulp evenly covered hands, and even to the whole face.

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