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Does the side Cape of cosmetics anticipate how to make use of again?
Protect a skin article, make-up article to occupy a not small comparison in the cost expenditure of the beauty-lovers.Face to continuously lift each kind of cosmetics of price, many the ladies of “dig a door” all figured out more thoroughly of operation method.This not, some sides that originally could abandon Cape the side anticipated, unexpectedly is given two lifes.
Foundation cream, essence liquid and lotion can make bb frost

In the female’s numerous skin care products, there is much”side the Cape anticipate” of surplus in the head quarter and used half of foundation creams, essence liquid and lotion usually is been idle in the corner by the host, here, 39 healthy nets shares to once re- combine the small secret of these”side the Cape anticipate” products with everyone.

“I see on the net these products are in fact the best raw materials of the creation BB frost, so moving back and forth for oneself is some kind of, discover really effective, the most important is can’t oil.”A certain fan ascended does the net friend of “side the Cape anticipate” DIY like this say.As long as after blending foundation cream, essence liquid and lotion well, is the best substitute of BB frost.However, the lotion wants to choose hydration, the color number of foundation cream has to be natural.So she home need not of the foundation creams all took out, the color number was deep, more lotion, the color number is shallow and add the lotion less.Just past summer, she was the BB frost makeup that depended on these DIYs to order himself/herself.exhibition building

Each kind of powder a round flat cake assembles a new powder a round flat cake

For controling oil and repairing a makeup, many females will have a piece of powder a round flat cake in the pack, but because of various factor, some females discover that the powder a round flat cake that just bought back is soon unsuitable for himself/herself and how did?That was to crush to pieces powder a round flat cake and re- combined a new powder a round flat cake.

The creation of powder a round flat cake is in fact very simple, needs old powder a round flat cake, great skin water all right.Crush to pieces first old powder a round flat cake well, then pour into great skin water, the side adds side agitation, great skin water need not add too many, as long as can well mix blend even then.Then re- pack the agitation good”powder paste” into powder a round flat cake a box in, after waiting for the great skin aquatic humidity and alcohol well vaporizing, you will discover, the powder a round flat cake of a cake of newness had finally come to completion.

Various powder a round flat cakes of color number can add together, the effect sometimes mixing like this is usually the most suitable to match his/her own skin.

Make nail polish with the eye shadow

At present, many girl’s sons all like to move back and forth he or she’s nail, but for the color of nail polish always have to pick a not good felling, can use an idle eye shadow manufacture in fact nail polish, the effect for coming out will be very astonishing.

Put the eye shadow powder to inside in a small dish first and crush to pieces it, then drop go into few and transparent nail polish, well mixture empress the even daubery is on the nail.This method is very simple, having is basic what color of eye shadow powder, can create what color of nail polish, and common need not of rouge, shadow powders can manufacture nail polish, connect the lips is also colourful to well make use of.

Moreover, some cosmeticses that led to expect can also make use of again.

Make up water:Disguise water of the great skin contains alcohol, can use to sweep mirror, dressing table, dining table, ceramic tile, and range hood…etc.;Hydrate of can use to maintain shoes, wallet, and skin sofa…etc..Derail a phenomenon a

Lotion:Nourishment nail, protect hair.Make up cotton to dip full lotion package on the nail with the small piece, dismantle after 15 minutes, can help the nail to grow and bright Ze;Put on lotion in delivering Shao after shampooing, can defend furcation, soft hair.

Noodles frost:In addition to wiping a hand and wiping feet, the commutability protect hair in delivering Shao vegetable;Using to nursing skin’s having effect is very good.Overdue noodles frost wraps in the skin purse, skin hand, shoes, skin sofa up, there is the function to maintain leather, and be applicable to the made of leather article in various color.Need to be advertent BE, don’t use have already increased white effect.

Perfume:Spray to act as a delightfully fresh in in the bathroom, room and car, or for wash the clothes increment for finishing aroma;Spray to be in making up cotton used for wiping the trace that the tape stays;Use to wipe a lamp, since canning go is dirty and have fever to help aroma to send forth through a lamp, and then have the joss-stick smokes of effect.

Lipstick:Can wipe silver jewelry, or repair skin to have.Lipstick is on the napkin and again and again wipe silverware or jewelry to become black place, have a brand-new look;Skin the lipstick that wear away to peep out white skin Chi behind, put on the up same color, recoating 1 F the egg was pure and then went.

Wash noodles milk:Can use to wash hands, wash feet, do to shave a beard cream, or when the detergent scrubs collar of dress, gusset and travels shoe etc..

Shampoo water:Can be a wool product to clean and collar of dress clean use.Because shampoo to have the hair the meek in water, can make sweater etc. the wool product is soft pure fragrance;Can also clean the clothes that collar of dress, hat, and Zhen towel…etc. and hair touch elbow.

Usually under the circumstance cosmetics’ protecting a quality period is 3 years.Kaifeng protects quality to expect behind short then 3 months, much then 2 years, total of to see solid of, the cosmetics of composition one protect a quality period to grow some, liquid of, composition complications of protect then a quality period is a little bit short.

The problem of cosmetics most that exceeds to protect a quality period is a microorganism to pollute, Kaifeng empress of the cosmetics and the air after getting in touch with for a long time, among them, the live composition may take place chemistry variety, will produce latent bane to the skin, therefore regardless comes up to say and all emphasizes that the cosmetics should be protecting to use inside the quality period from the safe angle, effective angle and usage comfortable feeling.

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