hydrate to be fair

The hands autumn also needs to repair water to hydrate to be fair
Arrived in autumn, the weather also slowly started becoming dry.The MMs will start changing to protect a skin article, cosmetics, but a lot of MMs more what to pay attention to is the nursing of face department and neglected the nursing of brothers.The in fact lanky nursing is also equal of importance, at dry of autumn in, never make own hand looked like bark similar rough!Underneath with small the plait see autumn together should how own hand, let to look more beautiful.changes a hot machine

A, wipe hand frost

Wipe hand cream in 3 minutes after washing hands, imply the hand cream of the milk wood fruit oil, beeswax and lactic acid composition, can lock to moisten, keep the softness of hand, preventĀ°from sheding skin.

Two, defend to pour a sting

If you of the nail easily living to pour a sting, develop to massage an agnail habit with the smooth skin oil at any time.If have already appeared to pour a sting, don’t by hand tore, shear dead skin, the bubble softens horniness in the hot water and finally wipes hand cream.copper of need estimate

Three, go to horniness

Every week goes to horniness for hand and makes hands more delicate.The hand that extrudes a dollar coin size whets a sand cream, hands to crumple for 2-3 minutes, again meticulous roll finger of joint and nail surroundings skin, finally Wen Shui blunt clean.If the heel contains hard skin and wears to bathe gloves to rub, or whets with the pumice dozen.

Four, wash handsBrazil can be

Wash hands the hand sanitizer that must use Wen Shui and weak acidity.

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