skin lubrication

Taomi Shui hand-washing can make the skin lubrication
Home often leaves shell eggs and rice water, these things if you are good at using, but they bora! Egg shell after simple processing, can be used to clean clothes, let the clothes washing water white; not only can clean the apparatus, but also can be used as hand material.
Using the rice washing waterLED lighting business
1 from the market to buy meat, sometimes will be stained with dust and other dirt, wash clean with water. If the hot rice washing two times, uses the clear water to wash again, dirt will be clean.
The 2 Chopping for a long time, will produce a stench taste. The chopping block into the rice water immersion time, season with salt to wash and rub, and then washed with hot water net, on the chopping block stench can be eliminated.
3 Tao Mishui bubble dry bamboo shoots, kelp, such as cuttlefish, namely easy swelled up, clean, and easy to cook, cook.
4 commonly used washing water wash, not only can decontamination, but also make the skin soft and smooth.
Using egg shell
1 the eggshell crushed, packed in a thin bag or stockings, into the pot with water for 5 minutes, the water washing clothes, especially white.
2 will be crushed eggshells into powder, into the ceramic ware, hot water bottle, glass bottle, add a little water, swaying, can go. If the oil is serious, into the egg can be filled with water is placed 1-2 days, shake the can.
3 fresh eggs soaked in water, will produce the protein and water mixed solution, use it to rub the glass or furniture, can increase the gloss.lamp indeed as expected
4 boiling water kettle with a thick layer of scale, hard besides, use it to cook two egg shell, can be removed.
5 washing eggshell water into the pot, contribute to the growth of flowers and trees. Will be crushed eggshells and put in the pot, which can maintain moisture, and can provide nutrients for flowers.
Chopsticks to air
Chopsticks and oral exposure to the most direct, most frequently, storage to ensure ventilation drying, and some people accustomed to the chopsticks after washing into the cupboard or airtight plastic chopsticks, chopsticks or in building a clean piece of cloth dust, these practices are not desirable. The best approach is the selection of stainless steel silk, permeability good chopstick canister, and nail it to the wall or placed in well-ventilated place.English calls

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