autumn scraps

Wen Shui shampooes to effectively resist a dry causable head of autumn scraps
A, will shampoo water to pour in hand, just a little fill with some water to carry on it to roll to a foam abundant put on hair again.As far as possible don’t directly will shampoo water to pour hair up, sweep like this of effect the far rather anterior operation method is effective,LED downstream suffers want to more effectively get away from scurf, have to first from shampoo and start grasping since.

Two, use Wen Shui to shampoo the best.Cool water’s shampooing can hardly attain a detergent purpose first, secondly will cause the dizzy phenomenon of having a headache.But lead hot of water easily stimulate skin of head and make the skin of head secreted an excessive grease.The sebum is excessive the cell that will make to shed off attach on the skin of head together, aridity after become thin ground scurf.So suggest to use Wen Shui to shampoo, 40 degrees are or so and the best.

Three, go to shampooing of scraps effect water had better change once a year.The friends of easily long head scraps isn’t difficult to discover, has some the scraps shampooes water just start using still doer execution, time grew ignore use, its reason was a skin of head to suggest to replace once a year towards shoulding shampoo marine products to born immunity, so.

Four, keep good sleep, regulation food and good mood ability also effective decrease scurf.Various bad habit will cause endocrine out of tune, influence skin of head normal metabolism and finally cause a scraps creation.So the good life is habitually necessarily also one of homework that gets away from a scraps to do.

Five, go to the scraps small special prescription:

They are all a little bit civil to go to scraps of the special prescription probably isn’t anyones to all try out, according to personal circumstance choice a kind of still more suitable ownly try and see how effect is.

One clear water+Chen CuLED big screen suddenly

The clear water of about one kilogram exchanges into a 150 ml vinegar, mix evenly clear water and clear water by hand, every week probably 3 times, the persistence can attain over a long period of time good to scraps effect.Not only go to scraps Yang and can also reduce hair furcation problem.

2 onionses go to scraps

Choose a comparison fresh onions, onions juice is enough abundant after promising to pound into pulp.Use to pound into pulp tool to after pounding into pulp the onions wrap with the clean gauze well, use to wipe massage skin of head, let onions juice ability the full function is at the skin of head.24 shampooed with the clear water in childhood, not only can go to scraps, equally can also Yang.

3 beers go to scraps

The method and clear water adds Chen Cu’s method similar, join just the right amount of beer in the clear water, hybrid and even, shampoo with beer water, probably can feel the scurf obvious decrease for half month.

4 water shampooesLED factory

Fresh ginger the slice puts in the canteen and wait water to burn hot after slice the slice that get and use to burn good ginger water to shampoo, use to get can effectively go to scraps to wiping skin of head.

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