gradually orientation

Use a cosmetics to want gradually and increase dosage to make a skin gradually orientation

Whether a little bit is a light repast surprised?Once listens to some foods can not match in disorder, originally, does the cosmetics also have so a to say?Be really don’t see not to know ah, round a view to come over quickly, open mental horizon.
If you once buys lotion, disguise waterarea housing foundation cream, scrub cream, and nourishment frost…etc. together, and use in the meantime, once causing bad reaction, can hardly check reason where.The most safe method is:The cosmetics that used first to once emulsify, that is since lotion, gradually increase other cosmeticses again.

Use old frost and new frost next day while changing to use nourishment frost, make a skin the orientation is gradually.

When the body condition is poor, don’t change to use a cosmetics.Should avoid changing to use a cosmetics in front and back week in menstruation, therefore of endocrine unbalance, easily cause allergic sex reaction.

Use when the spirit stabilizes.When the spirit stabilizes,color steatite the function of self-discipline nerve can also keep normal, so the secreting of condition, sebum of skin, and the circulations of blood all present a good condition, just don’t easily cause reaction.

Living environment change and season transformation don’t change to use.When own living environment has variety, should as far as possible avoid using a cosmetics.Many people like when the egress traveks and take the delicate sample of new-made article to use, this is very dangerous.

When the internal organs function hairiness gets sick, weak quotationshould avoid changing to use;Particularly is can not even change to use when the function of liver and kidney is out of tune.

When the holdout ability of the skin lowers, should avoid changing to use.Such as after suddenly and violently basking of the sunlight in summer, or cause a skin in winter dry, can not change to use.

Living special anomaly, avoid to change to use.Mean while there aring these circumstances the body contains poor condition, don’t change to use a lot of cosmeticses at a time.

Cause the allergy responds of the reason is a lot of, want the occurrence of avoiding the disease, have to usually keep good body condition, strictly guard to sleep well, eat well, excrete lucid these three greatest principles, market timethese is also the three greatest principles of hairdressing in the meantime.

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