the County Department of Education is there for the record

BEIJING, November 16, electric , Lanzhou (Zhang said positive) 16 night , Qingyang City, Gansu Province Lu of the Secretary for Education Building telephone interview with reporters said the nursery school bus from the town of Yulin County Doctor is kindergarten, are private private kindergartens , the County Department of Education is there for the record , the majority of car accidents in children from rural areas .

Lu of Dong said , three days before the school bus accident , Qingyang City Board of Education , County Education Bureau are found during inspections , the kindergarten school bus overload condition exists , has Kindergarten ordered for rectification . Kindergarten is bent , is still overloaded transport children .

of Dong Lu said , Qingyang as the old revolutionary base areas and poor areas, financial limitations , in recent years as the basic universal nine-year compulsory education and basically eliminate illiteracy among the most investment concentrated in the compulsory education stage , before this year , the investment in pre-school and high school is still insufficient. According to Lu

introduction of Building , Qingyang City currently has more than 40 public kindergartens , others are Closely supervise , at present, only the regulation of private pre-school education , yet there is no investment in education , resulting in part of the private owners to make money , not Department of Education to listen to the administrative directives , school bus seriously overloaded .


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