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LONDON, November 21 (Reporter Zhang Yue male Luo Jun ) British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, 21, announced that since the local time at 15:00 on the 21st , the British all financial institutions must stop any Iranian banks and their branches and transactions between subsidiaries or business dealings , including the central Bank of Iran . This is the first use of the UK financial sanctions against other countries means .

Osborne said that the recent International Atomic Energy Agency released a report , there is evidence that Iran’s ongoing nuclear weapons program , the behavior of the British national security and the international community poses a great threat the United Kingdom this approach is to prevent the Iranian regime with nuclear weapons. He said this approach echoes the Financial Action Task Force ‘s call for States to strengthen the protection of the financial sector , away from Iranian terrorism, money laundering and financing behavior.

British Foreign Office said in a statement , the Bank is involved in Iran’s nuclear program to provide financial services to individuals and groups . London is an important international financial center , cut the UK ‘s financial dealings with Iran Iranian banks will increase their use of the international financial system, nuclear project services difficult.

latest data show that from January to August, the volume of trade between Britain and Iran over the same period last year decreased by 46% . British government strongly discouraged trade with Iran , and Iran does not support any trade practices .

United States, France and other Western countries and Israel have accused Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons, but Iran has insisted its nuclear program is purely peaceful purposes.


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