the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture

The end of the month, all levels of government in 2007 spent 1.2 trillion yuan in 2008 to spend 1.5 trillion yuan in 2009, spent 2 trillion yuan. This year, the financial sector had nearly two months in the remaining more than 3.5 trillion financial resources to determine the whereabouts.

Hunan businessman Chen originally wanted to expose a tender At the end of 2010 a tender procurement, the instrument was surprised to find the owner of Hunan Provincial Department of Finance, Department of Culture, provincial organs of government procurement centers spent 30 million yuan, the price of 15 million yuan to buy something.

But soon, a government official to another public Shui on a more spacious track. In a recent interview, the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture, the Director, Financial Planning, Ding Yu to ,

Hunan Chen has three government departments to court, accusing them of the purchase price in advance to set the lower limit is illegal; and this on the Some people worry that the end is approaching, the government departments to implement the budget be changed.

Despite the limit on the tender notice was put on a He is the most impressive set of speakers: Notice the minimum price is 1.9 million, and he quoted the price originally planned only 7,000 yuan.

bid compared to the failure of their dissatisfaction with the boss more willing to emphasize, in that tender products, spend twice the price.


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