a displacement of 18

Panamanian cargo ship ( Kyodo )

BEIJING, Nov. 24 , according to Kyodo News, local time at 14:30 on the 24th or so , Panamanian-registered cargo ship length 176.5 m , a displacement of 18,866 tons ) in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan , Motomachi, 400 m offshore stranded . Vessel leakage did not occur , 24 Chinese crew members were no injuries.

Room Sea of Japan on the Security Department and other departments at noon dispatched two helicopters rescued the crew put down the ropes to a nearby park.

Room Sea , according to security sources, freighter at 0:40 backward and forward linkages of the first District of Coast Guard Headquarters ( located in Otaru ) , said As stranded near the scene when the wind is strong, Room Sea will ensure that a strong wind blowing to the shallow vessel .

The ship left the Port of Kobe at 20 , 24, originally planned in Tomakomai Port , after loading the rice at the port of Yokohama .


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