arbitrary arrests

Nov. 29 – According to the of summary executions, arbitrary arrests , enforced disappearances, torture , including sexual violence and other violations of human rights violations against children ‘s behavior. Report that occurred in different locations in Syria ‘s human rights violations have constituted crimes against humanity.

Investigation Committee concluded that the evidence collected : Syrian troops and security forces committed serious human rights violations . The Committee considered: Syrian troops and security forces in the suppression of peaceful demonstrations against civilians committed crimes against humanity, these offenses include the implementation of different locations in Syria, murder , torture , rape and other serious crimes of sexual violence . The Committee also concluded : Syria massive and systematic human rights violations in the country if not the highest level officials agree is impossible. Under international law, Syria, countries deal with these violations of human rights , and shall ensure that perpetrators are punished and victims compensated .

Commission called on the Syrian government to immediately stop human rights violations are continuing and have an independent and impartial investigation. Committee for the Syrian government still does not allow the Commission to investigate into the country expressed regret .

Syria since March for alleged human rights violations occurred in the behavior of the Independent International Commission of Syria from the end of September to mid-November, with the cooperation , including the Arab League and Organization of Islamic organizations in all areas , including , non-governmental organizations, human rights defenders , reporters and experts at the meeting. Committee within the meaning of human rights abuses 223 victims and witnesses to the conversation , including civilians and security forces and army defectors .


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