8 recipe easily cleared skin problems

The arrival of the economic crisis, so a lot of MM are its own purse, for those prohibitively expensive skin care products. Now to my eight recipe recommend, MM can pass this DIY recipe for eight, at no cost sweep the issue of light skin, beauty turned up people!

Salt the smooth

For skin, massage is the best way to relax, while at the same time in the massage, massage oil to replace salt, but also a multiplier. Salt can not only anti-inflammatory sterilization, in the massage also can be used as a very soft particles. Many people are more sensitive skin, it is difficult to accept cream, and salt in massage will slowly some lubrication, it compiled a small smooth particles can not only remove the skin and will not damage the skin.

Yeast under the “grouper” program

Yeast, as if it has been quietly stay in the kitchen, waiting for the steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun sacrifice. Now, he came to the new jobs. After a summer sun of the skin test, will emerge more or less 12 naughty spots. And yeast have precisely the “spot” in. In the dry on a few drops of water,put on the spot, go wake up one day and then washed, not a month to see the effect you want.

Unhairing also use “conditioner”

Ago when shaving or hair removal, shaving water are used, is it? Well, from now on, switch to rinse it! It has more water than shaving and the lubricating effects of moisture, especially – it can make the pores after shaving rapid contraction, so that skin looks more smooth and delicate.

Spoon and “Goldfish” story

Test all the way through, still unable to escape the “goldfish” tease eyes? Well, there are two ways to help you. First, the original bed on a pillow into two, so that the head elevation can reduce the eye pressure; Second,placed in the refrigerator 10 spoon, spoon the next day to put these in the eyes a few minutes, the problem can be easily resolved.

In the face of “fried”

This is the deal with  scar another coup. In some painted in the face of egg yolk and let it be a night in the face until the next morning and then wash. Egg yolk are rich in vitamin A, and vitamin A are a natural rejuvenation agent.

Escape “smoked”

Although smoking is a bad habit, but not everyone is willing to quit it. Over time, the fingers will also get a touch of tobacco tones. Remove yellow fingers is the best way – the use of white teeth have the efficacy of toothpaste. Continuous use of 23 weeks, which will traces.

Nail care to set aside time

This is a homework Finally a very important part – armor, after all, you do not want to show the original gentle hands of women could full of vicissitudes. In that case, may wish to use a little cream mixed some olive oil, applied on the nail. After a few weeks, we will see significant results – especially when drought limits fingernails full and shiny on both sides of the “Spinibarbus” has not disappeared. This method is particularly applicable to those who often lose their luster Nail Polish painted fingernails.

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