Organizers of the protest movement of the head of Hungarian unity Pete Konya said

To celebrate the official introduction of the new constitution , the Hungarian government held 2 ceremony at the National Gallery , State Opera House at night and in the evening . In the opera house on the street outside the tens of thousands of people gathered , they held demonstrations against the new constitution .

The event is organized by the opposition Socialist Party led by 44 left-wing parties and groups in organizations , and various other social opposition party Greens see also participated in the demonstrations. Protest lasted nearly five hours , protesters demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Viktor Orban .

This year beginning January 1 implementation of the new Hungarian constitution, including : the original constitutional name to limit the power ; since it provides from the fetus during pregnancy to protect the life , marriage only between men and women , due to an intentional crime and violent crime can be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole , etc. Opponents argue that too much emphasis on the new constitution Christian values ​​and national interests and undermine religious freedom in Hungary , ignoring the rights of individuals , and non-Christian believers , single-parent families , unmarried cohabitation , homosexuals and other minorities unfair social treatment; new constitution strengthened the control of the media , independent of the Government of the constitutional Court and the powers of the central bank to limit the expansion of government power , a threat to democracy in Hungary .

Organizers of the protest movement of the head of Hungarian unity Pete Konya said: must unite to restore the rule of law and of the Republic . U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the Zhou Zhixin Orban , to express their concerns for democracy in Hungary . Former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary马克帕尔莫said that if the Government does not change Orban , Hungary may lose EU membership .


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