Japan Tsuyama

Japan Tsuyama , Okayama Prefectural Police Headquarters Police Department 29 that the police already has Tsuyama City jewelry store theft case investigation. Verified , in the case of theft , stolen property , including watches and other 1150 products , as well as in the safe storage of 430 million yen in cash , stolen property worth a total of 60 million yen.

Theft occurred at 2:15 on December 23 . Thieves trailer truck crashed into the bucket directly Tsuyama City jewelry store According to police analysis, the thieves entered the shop window glass will be cut open , the window of the stolen jewelry , watches and many other commodities advanced , safe and easily took the cash away. Police investigators found a shop in the car park wall to open holes for criminals trucks .

When the theft occurred, in charge of the jewelry store ‘s security guard company that is the line called the police , alarm 5 minutes later , police arrived on the scene , the offender has disappeared . Tsuyama police officers participated in the survey analysis , this case should be more than a huge theft conspiracy planned theft. Police are currently transfer to see the store surveillance video .


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