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Republicans held the first primaries in Iowa, six election candidates, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney supports the lead run

Evening local time, the United States with a population of only 300 million and an area less than 15 million square kilometers of small states – Iowa, will attract the nation, and the world’s attention. The same day, the U.S. Republican Party will be held here first presidential election primaries, which opened off the 2012 U.S. presidential election. Complexity of the U.S. presidential election process, will continue for nearly a year. After pre-selection process in the complex, the most important national elections will be held in November this year.

field representative to the meeting

3 night, six from the Republican Party’s presidential candidate will receive about 120,000 Iowa Republican supporters of the out of the state’s 28 representatives to participate is expected to be held in August at the Republican National Convention. The National Assembly will elect representatives to the Republican presidential candidate, and Democratic presidential candidates for the presidency race.

Although I am not directly elected, but the six Republican candidates, as long as win the most delegates supported, it is considered to win the state primaries. The bottom to win support from voters, is the most critical of all this.

Currently, support for the three leading candidates are former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Paul, Texas Congressman and former Pennsylvania Senator Santo Salem. There is also the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, as well as Minnesota Rep. Bachmann election.

Former U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman has declared for the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign, but support for bottom, Huntsman has basically abandoned the Iowa campaign, fully prepare for the New Hampshire primaries.

Republican Party Democratic Party still hot

On the Republican side of intense pre-start, the Democrats remained silent. President Obama has sufficient time to prepare for the final battle, and the current Republican primaries, just as he provided a good opportunity to understand the opponent. The White House said on Tuesday, Obama will go to Ohio 4 local time, at a local high school speech on economic issues. Analysts believe that the 2012 development trend of the U.S. economy, whether Obama will be the key to re-election.

Like with the Republicans, Democrats also elected party in the state on behalf of the National Assembly, then elected by these representatives of the Democratic presidential candidate.

Election procedures

Democratic and Republican primaries in states across the country and the capital (or direct the election meeting to vote)

National Congress elected representatives of the two parties

National Congress held between the two parties to determine the presidential candidate

Both presidential candidates and launching a nationwide campaign

Voters across the country vote for president,

By the President

■ observation


From a historical point of view, thanks to the final to win the majority of the Republican presidential candidate in Iowa and New Hampshire come out on top, so the results of the two extra Hampshire raised concerns.

View from the current poll, Romney, Paul and Santos Haslem ranked top three in Iowa, no accident, then, the winner from the three men produced. Romney because it has experience in 2008 election, Governor experience, plenty of campaign funds and a strong campaign team, etc., are considered likely to become the Republican Party, However, several changes in its policies, accused of

76-year-old Paul is the Republican Party Santo Haslem in some extreme positions on social issues also, such as strongly opposed to homosexuality and abortion.

In terms of the overall situation on the Republican primaries, Gingrich may have finally won. As an experienced politician, conservative policy advocates, superior eloquence and high-profile, Gingrich election in the last two months have sprung up everywhere. But he’s also a heavy historical burden, such as the two marriages ended because of affair, he was led to the closing, when the Speaker was forced to resign and so on.

For Obama, not scandals, no major policy mistakes, with a strong campaign team and fundraising advantage, and killed Osama bin Laden, through the He re-election a lot of extra points. But not as weak U.S. economy long-term change, it will drag on Obama’s election. Nevertheless, the Republican Party of


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