the United States only to participate and win a major war

The Voice of China There is no doubt, aircraft flying military power is a huge support. U.S. military spending has been staggering, but this situation will change in the year.

U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta and the Joint Staff of a Department of Defense announced today Xidengpuxi overall war strategy. Discussion on this strategy is said to have lasted for eight months, in addition to military sources, U.S. President Obama is

United States has revealed some information about who to test public opinion, an important aspect was to reduce military spending, the military also recommended the Government to change the war strategy, to give up caused enormous controversy. So, the upcoming The strategy document also contains important information about what? Whether the United States because of funding problems for their own

The strategic plan is the earliest proponents of the former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, he put forward last year, to complete the reduction of military spending in 2023 total $ 400 billion goal, the United States must work in unity out of the program. The target to cut military spending and the current Secretary of Defense Panetta President Barack Obama from the start this topic in September last year to meet up to 8 times, the focus of the upcoming strategic plan is – how to cut expenses, but also to ensure that the United States strategic interests. U.S. government official had said the Defense Department recommended reducing the U.S. military deployment in Europe, leaving only two combat formations, each group will include approximately 3,000 to 4,000 troops. An anonymous U.S. officials also commented that, as it has been brewing for years, this has a very high real possibility. Military Academy Foreign Military Research Department Director Fan Gao introduced in Europe, the United States are now deployed a total of 80,000 people, if you cut the deployment in Europe, the Far East is a new focus on the deployment of the United States.

Fan Gao: in March 2011 before it, in Europe, said the armed forces if it were math, there are 85,700 people, about 9400 people in the UK, 1,300 people in Belgium, 54,500 people in Germany, in Italy 9600 people, mainly because of the strategic focus shifted, so use it to put more troops in the Asia Pacific region, it reduced a lot in Europe, Asia-Pacific region not only reduced but not increased, for example, additional Air Force Base in Guam naval base and, New Marine Corps barracks, and so on, so to Guam as an important military base to be further expanded.

In addition to laying the groundwork for the eastward shift of strategy, recent U.S. military commitment in 2017 to cut $ 261 billion. How to achieve goals? U.S. officials said the U.S. military in strategic discussions and even suggested that the Government give up and win two wars simultaneously in national policy. Instead, the United States only to participate and win a major war, while maintaining the This was followed 25 years of U.S. military strategy is really in the traditional National Defense University, Professor Zhang that the U.S. war in Libya has tasted some sweetness.

Zhang Zhaozhong: the war from Libya to see if this process, the United States, mainly from the line to the second line, this way the United States feel very comfortable, in a second if it does not bear any risk, the victory after victory in the U.S. so you can pick peaches , after the failure can put the blame on France or other countries, so the next war in Iran, Syria on the war in question, if the outbreak, then I guess the United States will take similar action. The United States around the world that it no longer wants to play a role as firefighters, but it would like placed in various places so that they can charge their Pianjing first, then the United States to provide assistance to them in the back, so that America can reduce risk.

In addition, Zhang Zhaozhong that the Defense Department’s big move is to create a favorable atmosphere for the election of Barack Obama.

Zhang Zhaozhong: So this year’s election, he was mainly done for everyone to see, the Obama administration to do for everyone to see, mainly, one is to reduce unemployment, the unemployment rate is now 9%, and reduced to 7% see He can not be done. Another from the past as a major counter-terrorism strategy, and then adjusted to improve people’s livelihood, a strategy based in this area, as little as possible to intervene overseas affairs, defense budget cuts in this area such a strategy is to curry favor with voters respond to a major strategy . In general, we see a gradual contraction of the United States is to take a strategic, rather than an attack on all fronts, external aggression and expansion of such a strategy.

Of course, some of the media has been United States Department of Defense plans show dissatisfaction. Fox News will be the United States and the United States and Iran, together with the current tensions involved, said the U.S. proposal to Iran,

U.S. strategic adjustment of no deadlines, no commitment may be modified in the final seconds, the Pentagon’s strategic plan will eventually be how to implement, time to test everything.


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