Some analysts pointed out

League of Arab States (LAS) Mission operations in Syria is not over, disclosure requirements of the proposed military intervention in Syria has been released.

Arab League Secretary General Arabi, 15, said the Arab League ministerial meeting this week to discuss Qatar may be submitted prior to the Arab League to send troops to the Syrian proposal. This is also the Arab League for the first time hinted that it might intervene militarily against Syria.

Qatar initiated the

Emir of Qatar (that is, the country’s national leader) and Defense Minister and Armed Forces Hamad Bin Khalifa al-Thani 15 in the CBS broadcast of the program stunned: Syria sent troops to support the Arab League, to prevent genocide!

Asked Hamad became the first Syrian Arab leaders to send troops. But he did not say how the military intervention in Syria, the Arab will be effective.

15, said a representative of the Arab League, Arab League has not yet received any official proposal to send troops stationed in Syria, saying both Arab and non Arab countries are neither agreement on military intervention in Syria. However, Al Jazeera, Qatar 16 Arab League Secretary General Arabi quoted as saying that the Arab League’s foreign ministers will formally discuss

Arabi 16 in Bahrain, said: discussion

According to the agreement with Syria, the Arab League, Arab League mission will continue until the 19th of this month, will observe the round up than the first official report submitted by the Arab League. Arab League will be held 19 or 20 members of the Ministerial Committee and the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting to discuss the report and assess whether Syria has complied with the commitment of the Arab League initiative and the Arab League to reach the latest position on Syria. Analysts pointed out that the full report is essential, directly related to the future direction of the situation in Syria.

Statement by Al-Jazeera, Hamad’s the occasion.

Last December, the Syrian government agreed to the Arab League Since then, the Arab League’s more than 200 national observers from entering Syria, and soon made a very positive on the Syrian government’s observations. This allows the Syrian opposition and considerable dissatisfaction in some countries, the United States and even accused the Arab League mission

But then a few days, there were several classification of domestic terrorist attacks, the situation rapidly deteriorated: two observers’ left out of anger killed, several injured in a foreign reporter … … the United States and Syria, this characterization of the opposition, said: >

In this context, has a huge influence on the Arab League in Qatar Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim said the Arab League Mission in Syria . Subsequently, the U.S. media suggested that broadcast the Arab League heads of state of Qatar

Some analysts have pointed out that the classification of the Arab League since its presence in the domestic security situation deteriorating, there are some forces are trying to show through violence (or even terror) means Syria political situation will further muddy the water. Therefore, the Arab League mission, how to maintain objectivity in the Syrian position on the issue submitted to the guidance of a real report, remains a challenge.

United States and Europe pressing harder and harder
League dilemma

Although no one can measure this week’s Arab League ministerial level how the qualitative Syria, but for the Arab League, whether or not to send troops in Syria, will face a serious consequence.

Tunisian President Marzuki 16 point out how serious the consequences would be: Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia will be affected, the entire region could be as explosive as this is our concern and related parties.

Some analysts pointed out, if you do not send troops to the Arab League in the new Middle East will be worried about the influence of the pattern completely lost, because the Libyan war has to end by the NATO intervention in the new League lost its leading position in the Arab world.

Arab League Mission 19 this month submitted its first report on Syria observation. The United States and other Western countries, undoubtedly the most willing to see a one-sided condemnation of the regime of Bashar report.

United States and Europe had told Arab League criticized the activities of the Mission, and even threatened to This makes the Arab League are struggling because of the Arab League would like to resolve its internal framework of the Syrian crisis, to avoid external intervention in Arab affairs again. But the United States and Europe clearly do not intend to give this opportunity to the Arab League and rights.

Therefore, the Arab League now have to consider the However, once the troops really, they must fall Arabia fratricidal infamy.

Internal and external pressure surge Syria at stake

Throw in Qatar

In China, this month, before the classification of government has been Today, the Department of Defense Inspector General Hamad Mohammed had defected earlier this month, the night of 15 members Imad announced in the Arab television station from the Government. Analysts pointed out that senior government officials of President Bashar centrifuge is a major blow to the beginning.

The international community, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-15 in Beirut, Lebanon to further pressure to the Bashar regime, said: : stop the violence, stop killing your people!

Dongbing information stroboscopic multiple gearing up

Although NATO spokesman denied that NATO Romero 13 countries are secretly planning joint military action against Syria, but the Russian National Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev previously disclosed, according to Russia to obtain intelligence, and part of NATO Arab countries have started to prepare for military intervention in Syria, the United States, Syria and the British special forces have been sneaked into contact with the opposition, to assess what weapons and equipment they need to get support, and began to consider the classification of the northern region to open NATO aircraft and other forces of the situation.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gantz 10, told parliament that Israel is the downfall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Alawi refugees Bay Ruge Lan Heights preparation. Gantz said:

Gantz also said that Israel should be taking action against Damascus for Israel, do hedge the fight.

16 is once again the Iranian government issued a warning: If Assad regime was


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