two Meritorious Honor Liberation Medal and independent chapter .

Nanjing January 17 Xinhua Xinhua : the original Shijiazhuang High School Chun- San’s Army ( deputy military post ) , illness is invalid , on January 9 in Nanjing , died at the age of 95.

Chun- San’s seriously ill and died , the central leading comrades in different ways expressed sympathy and condolences .

Chun- Shan Shandong Laiyang people to participate in the Eighth Route Army in 1937 , joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1938 . Anti-Japanese War , he served with the club officers, advocates , business secretary , and even political director , officer , battalion political commissar of the brigade team directly under the Party branch secretary , regiment political division, deputy head and other staff, participated in regional anti- Soviet During the liberation war , he served as head of the division chief of staff and other staff, took part in the Soviet Union in the After the founding of New China , he served as Director , deputy division commander , division commander , Army deputy chief of staff , deputy commander , instructor , commander , deputy chief of staff of Military Command , Fuzhou , Kunming Military Region deputy commander of the Infantry School of Shijiazhuang and other senior staff participate in the Korean War , the revolutionary forces , modernization and regularization to make a contribution.

Chun- Shan is the fifth , the Sixth National People’s Congress . He was promoted to major general in 1964 , independence and freedom has won two medals , two Meritorious Honor Liberation Medal and independent chapter .


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