it can be said a soldier was qualified

Biography: Ji Keke’s, like German people in Sichuan Liangshan, Yi, born in December 1987, joined the army in December 2005, December 2007 to join the party, the rank of sergeant, now a brigade of Jinan Military Region infantry squad leader. Enlisted six years, has won the contest three out of the military army and other 7 military over the first contest Contest winner, awarded a first 1, 2 awarded a third class, was recognized as the first military large youth model

Xinhua military: the army before, what are you doing?

Ji Keke’s: I have three sisters, a brother, a soldier before the sisters would have been married. Our house in the mountains, the mountains can only species of beans, sorghum, corn and potatoes, there is no source of income at home, in my mind, a child often enough to eat, eat two meals a day, every meal is only potatoes you can eat.

I finished primary school in Yi primary school, the home no money can make me go to school, when the body is also very poor parents, who need to support the family, so I started from the 13-year-old at home, at work.

Xinhua Military: At that time there is no understanding of the forces?

Ji Keke’s: I did not precede the troops in to contact with the outside world, there is no contact with Chinese, the concept of force is not.

Xinhua Military: So, you are through what channels to force?

Ji Keke’s: I have a cousin, he knows my family’s situation, he suggested that we arm the local minister let me go to the army. Later, armed ministers who understand the situation, to see my family situation is indeed very poor, I would agree with the military service. In fact, I think he did not, hears parents arranged.

Xinhua Military: What was it like when the troops arrived?

Ji Keke’s: My first feeling is do not know how to do, my language barrier, childhood health in the Yi village, there is no contact with people and things outside, everything feels very strange. To force the first night, I ate three bowls of fried rice attached, that rice is too delicious, and I have never eaten at home cooking.

Xinhua Military: How did you step by step to adapt to an unfamiliar environment and the forces of life?

Ji Keke’s: When I arrived in force less than 1.60 m tall and weighing only 50 kilograms, various conditions are no advantages, and even the communication and exchange with others is very difficult, so I’ll get ho squad leader, I do not know what is No way, I can only learn from scratch. Company commander, instructors are very concerned about me and my platoon leader and squad leader to help them buy the dictionary, I am on the front of the dictionary to write a word for word, followed by tape recorders, TV saying a word to read, I returned to the people newspaper , Qingzhan faithful to help me test it, slowly, I can communicate with his comrades for a Chinese, I am glad that we sorted out the communication and exchanges are very happy.

Xinhua military: Since when do you think he started slowly into force, we begin to keep up with the pace of it?

Ji Keke: from the beginning even under the recruits, when I can understand Chinese, and was also very good communication with you, and feel that they grow very quickly at that stage. In March 2007, I went to tour the training unit training, than the normal time to get up early every day for half an hour, start and a 5 km, and then normal training, physical fitness has come up this way, 400-meter run 1 minute 24 barrier can second.

Xinhua military: I heard you made a lot of

Ji Keke’s: I do not think a little bitter than I had at home, work, training that is not bitter, I used to at home, work after dinner, I think we should have enough to eat on in the army training, I beginning think so, no other ideas. To produce good results, certainly pay a little more than others.

Xinhua military: I heard that you have received a lot of injuries in training, you can also see how much body scars?

Ji Keke’s: Now can see about a dozen bar, training injuries are very common.

Xinhua military: the most serious injury is when?

Ji Keke: that in October 2007, when I was participating in an assessment, take the ladder at the time accidentally fell from a ladder on the Caikong down, elbows in, my comrades said they heard I was bones I was face is white.

Then I rest for a while, but now there is a bone in the arm, to write for too long will feel sour.

Xinhua Military: Why was so hard?

Ji Keke’s: We are working hard, I’m just one of them.

Xinhua Military: Now go back, how do you describe your experience of pain and suffering?

Ji Keke: the past is past, the difficulties and honor are the same, I have never eaten what I do not want to suffer, those who brought me a lot for me to change, but I would like to continue to struggle, to look ahead.

Xinhua Military: If you had not come to force the army, now you may be doing?

Ji Keke: If I have not a soldier, I should still work at home, never see the outside world.

Xinhua Military: For those soldiers like you, what do you suggest to them?

Ji Keke’s: I think no matter what, we should start small, start from scratch, if you can not do little things, do certainly not a big deal.

Xinhua military: what their future plans?

Ji Keke’s: I know all aspects of a lot worse, it can be said a soldier was qualified, but were later to be a soldier, a lot worse, I will make every effort to learn. Force trained me, as long as the troops need, I will stay in the army do it.


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