about 700 million yuan

World Wide Web reporter Zhong Weidong reports , Japan’s Kyodo News , February 22 , sources said 22 of the Japan-US relations , Japan’s defense ministry has sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Defense mentioned prices if the United States F -35 fighters , the Japanese side may be canceled procurement plan , expressed concerns about price increases . The Japanese side also asked the U.S. to modify the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) procurement method . The current approach for the United States changes in price according to the judgment . In December last year , the Japanese government decided to purchase the latest U.S. stealth fighter F – 35 as the Air Self-Defense for the next major fighter .
Kyodo News said the development was lagging behind the U.S. military delays in the procurement , the F -35 delays in production . The Japanese government ‘s decision to purchase F – 35 price is not yet clear , this approach is bound to invite criticism . the

report also said that the letters of the inscription date on the 13th of this month , U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense sent by the Province, manager of Japan ‘s defense equipment Secretary De Les Kendall . Germany to the price of the F- 35 that , He also explained that the F -35 if the prices will stimulate discussion in the Japanese Diet , the procurement plan will be

Germany also urged the U.S. to change the current procurement methods . According to FMS, Japanese companies as the U.S. corporate subcontractors to participate in the procurement plan , the Japanese side FMS also provides that the United States has a price and delivery date of the final decision . German to Japanese companies as soon as possible to assemble the F-35 fuselage and the engine and the production of parts .

Japan 2012 Budget plans to purchase four F – 35 , each frame of the valuation of about 8.9 billion yen (about 700 million yuan ) . Japan’s defense ministry said the price The U.S. government announced the 2013 fiscal year defense budget is displayed in the middle of this month , the F- 35 pre-sale price has soared to about $ 153 million ($ 1 billion yuan ) .


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