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America’s As always, exercise set all sorts of One wonders whether America is afraid of?
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The United States is the most powerful country in the world today, it should be the safest countries in the world. The United States holds the world-class military, army armed to the teeth Hundreds of military bases in the world, with dozens of military allies, the pursuit of the so-called This capacity outside the United States, any other powers can not be wishful thinking. Even so powerful that the United States are afraid of other countries, I am afraid to sleepless nights.

Sort out what all these Some insight in the United States have realized the trend of the world is undergoing profound changes, aware of the international security environment is increasingly diverse, aware of the traditional and non-traditional security issues are increasingly intertwined, even though the national strength and then, alone it is difficult to calmly deal with the .

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The United States are most afraid of losing hegemony. Pursued by the United States is the logic of power The core of U.S. security strategy is to ensure the absolute security of its global hegemony. Gou suffering from loss of everything Zhiyi

The 21st century This world is no longer more missile carrier, more secure, nor is it military allies of the more security, but economic and social more developed and more secure all States to cooperate more closely and more secure. The safety net woven out of old ways of thinking, can only be full of loopholes.

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