the older generation man-portable anti-chemical rockets and launchers The same time

On the afternoon of February 3 , the compartment of the assembly Institute of Chemical Defense of a certain type of anti-chemical rockets of performance indicators at a testing ground for organizations to be tested. The first rocket from the launch vehicle roared out to the target bull’s-eye in the middle of a few hundred meters away , the next few rockets also not from a bullet hole through the bias or partiality .
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In order to meet the

Receiving mission , set all the wisdom of the room , and began the arduous innovation and research . They focus on improving the launch vehicle , the older generation man-portable anti-chemical rockets and launchers The same time, through the increase of man- effective range of the transmitter and to improve the rocket launcher hit rate , making the man- rocket launcher in the launch vehicle encountered an impassable terrain , obstacles , and still have a strong ability to rocket launchers .

To adapt to a variety of combat missions needs , Cui Jianlin , deputy director of the room led by the The fuse in finding the target sighting devices , automatic calculations to explode the timing , location , and through the effective control of the implementation of accurate detonated greatly enhance the accuracy and range of applications of this type of anti-chemical rockets .

They also made ​​many trips to learn from Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units , after hundreds of tests , breaking multiple bottlenecks : developed a new type of ammunition to overcome the technical difficulties of the rocket engine fuel in low temperature combustion is incomplete ; a new type of incendiary agent , not only high combustion temperature , but also with the entire areas of arson performance , improve the combat capabilities of rockets


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