quickly quasi- malicious repair

The quickly quasi- malicious repair basks “close a male face” behind
The skin that basks behind not only has fever, flushes, will even result in spot spot’s ordering and last long down, the skin will suffer from the injury that can not converse etc..To not make the skin hidden time bomb, the most important is to work well to bask to repair behind of work, but work well to bask behind repair, the point wants to understand the degree of sunburn again.

Nasty do after basking 1, bask behind nasty do:Quickly reduce the heat, in great quantities repair water, moderate sweep

Quickly reduce the heat:No matter how the degree of the sunburn is, and at that time all want to reduce the heat for skin inside.Let the whole individual of the temperature decline down first and hurtle Wen Shui Zao(avert from a face department), or drink one cup cold drink quietly and blow breeze.In great quantities repair water:Bask the skin needs most behind of be in great quantities drink humidity, decline “fire” by water.After”drink”ing foot and living spring, pure water, and soft skin water…etc. to make skin town quiet, the condition nature of swollen and inflamed can fade away greater half

Moderate sweep:If there is still make-up on the face remain, that says for the skin of sunburn, but double incitement, your demand thoroughly sweeps this time.The skin should even be used after basking moderate Jie noodles product, rise a bubble how much will have some stimulative, so general need not foam too abundant of product.(the amino acids rises bubble of excepted)

Repair after basking:A lot of brands after all releasing exclusively bask repair a product, you need their help very much this time, because all of them are the demands that aims at to bask after the skin to develop to develop of, can not only nicely smooth a town to settle a skin, but also can help the repair of cell oneself, keep creation from basking a spot.

Slowly do after basking 2, bask behind slowly do:Rapid ice-packing, nourish an emergency mask, fair thin spot, deep repair

Rapid ice-packing:Hydration’s spraying fog is good, the cool water, ice-cubes spreads a face also good, the common purpose is cold to spread to reduce the heat.But if the apace cold heat replaces, willing stimulate the skin of sunburn is already.Should wait until skin and body temperature first to stabilize normal level, again come to reduce the heat for the skin of sunburn.

Nourish an emergency mask:The having to smooth the repairing of function surface film can certainly help a skin sooner repair, but, if you of the face still just red and swollen hurts, that had better give it any additional incitement and burden and waited symptom to fade away to do again not late.

Fair thin spot:Drive sunburn after, probably you of the first reaction is a skin to become black, but, the appearance of skin is very unsteady this time and whether how sunburn degree is or not, all probably produces not bearing of the mightiness to be subjected to reaction to the fair composition and probably immediately feel hurts and incitement, so, canning not definitely become nervous after basking is fair.

Deep repair:The skin been suddenly and violently basked may make you double to love, very anxious to use all deep repairs to all come up to make up.But, the just like nursing patient needs simple elegance food similar, if eat and drink too much at one meal every day, excessive nourishment will bring excessive burden to body.The skin of sunburn equally can not bear so many nourishments, because skin after being damaged, the cell basically can not absorb.

Take the seat a quickly malicious quasi- repair sunburn to the number the skin take the seat a quickly malicious quasi- repair sunburn to the number skin

When you of the skin temperature starts going up, the trouble of sunburn not only only feels scorching hot so simple, symptoms follow, from short date of water shortage dry, arrive the color spot that the ultraviolet ray results in with aging, each enough make to protect skin heart to slice of you don’t already have a headache.The underneath after aiming at a dissimilarity to bask the symptom lets you”take the seat to the number”!

Symptom a:The water shortage explodes skin symptom a:The water shortage explodes skin

Skin symptom:The skin loses sheen and draws tight aridity after basking, the hand is rough, and the part appears skin scraps and uses to protect a skin article to contain piercing feeling.

The method of SOS:

Repair an emergency mask after basking is basks for the aridity the skin repairs behind water of choose so much, if there is in hand no this product, can use disguise the cotton gradually moderate disguise water, spread in the skin dry place.The choice of disguise water wants with moderate is heavy, if spread to make up water to then have to be specially careful with the fair type, if choose to properly and surely kill two birds with one stone, but the radical fair composition may also aggravate a skin the aridity is to the sensitive.The skin aridity will give a makeup to even paint the sun block bring trouble, one hydrates essence to work out these problems on the biggest degree.Use before the bottom makeup and the sun block, or mix an usage with bottom makeup, contribute to on the dry skin to create to as far as possible and perfectly defend to insolate effect and makeup.

Symptom two:Red and swollen sensitive

Skin symptom:The skin becomes itchy to flush and feels scorching hot and seem to get a fever, the companion contains some intensively small pimples, severity will appear erythema, dropsy, even water pimple wait allergic symptom.

The method of SOS:

Many bask to repair products to all join to reduce the heat a town to settle composition behind, bring a fresh and cool felling for skin.The in hand head didn’t exclusively bask behind repair and maintenance thing of time, will protect a skin article to put into refrigerator to after refrigerating the room use again everyday, also have similar effect.

The sensitive that prevents inflammation and further incitement from bringing at this time is also very important and as far as possible avoid wiping face with the rough fabric, decrease hand to skin of need not touch to touch, the appropriate usage implies anti-virus eliminate inflammation the hairdressing of composition of article, for example aloe juice of the dilution etc., can lower skin inflammation to be suffused with red and several rates.

Symptom three:Crease, the pore bulky symptom after basking three:The crease, pore is bulky after basking

Skin symptom:After basking face department skin flabby become thin, the pore is bulky, the part of skin flimsiness is like eye Cape and mouth Cape, along with the facial expression variety, easily appear a fine line.

The method of SOS:

Generally speaking, the fine line can pass to repair water to get part to alleviate after basking, but this solution of usually is a superficial phenomenon.For have already gone deep into the fine line of periostracum the following, alleviate and the creation of the prevention more serious condition, the anti- that wants to solve a skin first oxidizes a problem.The irradiation of ultraviolet ray makes the skin produced a great deal of free radicals and accelerates cell to oxidize and bring flabby, be suffused with problems, such as Huang and fine line…etc., imply anti-s, such as vitamin C and derivatives…etc. to oxidize a composition product, can the creation of effective Zu shot free radicals, and and have fair effect.

The repair and maintenance is under the sunlight and the free radicals damaged skin cell, adds a collagen and wins Mao through a hairdressing article etc. material, make the skin recovered tight to flexible, is the second step that the processing basks after the fine line.This compares to while cleaning body disease and strengthens immunity dint and”eat tonic food” in good time, makes the skin recovered vitality and weighs to get a freshman.

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