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Super in brief fair five kinds of water drink up spot
Face an irritating face department spot whether you have ever tried a lot of fair methods?In fact, several in brief small ways, can “drink” spot for you!The animal jewelry’s

Drink everyday 1 cup tomato juice can prevent and cure freckle

Drink everyday 1 cup tomato juice can prevent and cure freckle to drink everyday 1 cup tomato juice or usually eat tomato, have better function to the prevention and cure freckle.Because contain abundant vitamin c in the tomato, is praised as “the warehouse of vitamin c”.The vitamin c can repress the activity of Lao ammonia sour Mao inside the skin and effectively reduce the formation of melanin and make skin white thus delicate, the black spot fades away.

The big rice cucumber gruel prevention and cure dispels a spotKnot’s place

The big rice cucumber gruel prevention and cure dispels a spot to take a big rice 100 gram, the fresh delicate cucumber is 300 grams of, the refined salt is 2 grams of, and the ginger is 10 grams.Wash a cucumber clearly, go to skin and cut into thin slice to the heart.The big rice Tao cleans, the ginger washes clap clearly to ground.Fill with water about 1000 milliliters inside the pot, place fire up, descend big rice, ginger, the martial fire changes to use text fire to slowly cook to a rice after boiling lousy go into a cucumber slice at present, again cook to soup dense, go into a refined salt seasoning then.Two Wen Fu on the first, can lustrous skin, dispel a spot and reduce weight.

Often drink lemon juice, can white delicate skin

Often drink lemon juice, can the white delicate skin stir a lemon juice, add rock sugar to just the right amount drink.There is abundant vitamin c in the lemon, contain vitamin c in 100 grams of lemon juice can be up to 50 milligrams.In addition still imply calcium, Lin, iron and b clan vitamin etc..Often drink lemon juice, not only can white delicate skin, keep skin from blood vessel aging, get rid of face dye spot, and still have the function that prevent and cure the artery hardening.

Black fungus dispels in addition to black spot

Black fungus dispels in addition to the black spot takes black fungus 30 grams of, the red date is 20.Wash black fungus clearly, the red date checks and fills with water just the right amount and cooks half for around hour.One for each early everyday and after the dinner.Usually take a food, can retain youthful looks to dispel a spot, strongly built plentiful muscle, Be counteracted to the treatment face black spot, form thin.Black fungus in this recipe, 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》medium jot down it can go to noodles up the black spot.Black fungus can smooth skin, prevent°from the skin aging big Zao and medium benefit spirit, the Jian Pi smooth skin, have already helped black fungus to dispel in addition to black spot.

Clap a face by fresh carrot juice after washing face sooner or later everydaySecretion package

Clap a face to grind up fresh carrot with fresh carrot juice crowded juice, take 10-30 milliliters, sooner or later everyday after washing face, clap a face by fresh juice, tap face with the hand of Tu You plant oil after needing stem.Drink everyday in addition 1 cup carrot juice have already dispeled a spot function as well.Because the carrot implies abundant vitamin an at first.The vitamin a could convert into vitamin an in the body at first.The vitamin a has the function of slippery smooth and strong and healthy skin, and can prevent and cure skin coarseness and freckle

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