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See the reason recognize a composition to quickly fight a pox to palliate and cure origin
The skin care products is too”stuffy”, the skin can not breathe page 2: the excesssive usage defend to bask an article, the skin emits the pox page 3 because of being irritated: make a human pyramid sort daubery skin care products, cause pore to block page 4:unload makeup ill success, leave a heap of dirt page 5 in the pore:sweep excessively, cause to secrete more oils

Once walks from the awkward age of we, “stays youth not to stay a pox” slogan like this we shouted 10,000 times 10,000 times, but, the awkward age has been already led of we, seeming to be still didn’t overrun pimple, this unprogressive military watch tower.They are like to form into groups the bedbug that the dead ties up a lousy dozen and continue long not and extremely, the spring breeze blows and livings.So, you had to once think and only because never and with accuracy found out their sources for you!

The skin care products is too”stuffy”, the skin can not breathe

Cause pimple index number:★★★★

Condition 1, like to use over- sticky and ikky hydration essence, but this kind of is sticky and ikky because high mark son the gum is too many and make skin stuffy airtight, finally suppressed pimple.

Condition 2, used closeness to goodly nourish cream, isn’t that”gum” is stuffy, but”oil or wax” are stuffy.Similarly airtight, the pimple is followed.

How to do:Little use sticky sticky of essence!Usually look to have no oil of, the transparent gum similar sticky quality, all is with water maintain composition for bottom, again with high mark son gum to increase dense.Using to point stomach will be like the slippery agreeable touch of the pure sort for livinging an egg, this because the gum quality is excessive and make the oneself permeated sex low, use many also rub a scraps scraps.This kind of essence had better first have to help to permeate guided disguise water with the point while using.Gold rate achieves

The excesssive usage defends to bask an article, the skin emits a pox because of being irritated

Cause pimple index number:★★★★★

Defend to bask composition to contain 2 types, physical suntan lotion and chemistry suntan lotion.(elaborate on it is thus clear that 120 expect 《defend to bask number Ji especially 》)The principle that the chemistry defends to bask absorbs ultraviolet ray, again goes out through the lowest thermal energy conversion, the biggest weakness of this composition is stimulative bigger and easily cause sensitive, and the chemistry suntan lotion big part is lipid solubility, so the quality is sticky and ikky.Skin often because of excessively defend to bask, but cause a pimple.

How to do:Suggest to easily grow the oil of the pimple a muscle, don’t use is higher than spf 30| pas+++of Gao doubly defend and bask an article, more many because the number is more high and contain chemistry and defend and bask composition, the stimulative is more and easily more big to cause sensitive and pimple.Defend to bask spf 15| pas at ordinary times++of multiple enough, had better choose physical suntan lotion.(two oxidize titanium and butter of zinc)Beat umbrella more, wear hat more and wear the sun mirror.Remind once, used a sun block, returned to a house to want to immediately unload a makeup+wash face, 1 can not loaf on job!

Make a human pyramid sort daubery skin care products, cause pore to blockThe great gram

Cause pimple index number:★★★★

Maintaining a step is too many and use each time 6 kinds of above, cause skin’s bearing too many incitements that complicated compositions and radicle quality increased to the skin.But the product piled excessively and paint the quantity is excessive, and then block outward important contact passage of skin pore, cause a pimple thus.

How to do:The decrease protects skin step and dosage, jelly gum, gel and essence, this is all higher, don’t use in the meantime, although they don’t contain to the composition of pox, make a human pyramid the usage of sort can also force a pimple.

Unload makeup ill success, leave a heap of dirt in the pore

Cause pimple index number:★★★★☆

Condition 1:Unload the makeup wet tissue literally once wiped and felt that the makeups all unloaded, but, very sorry, the pore didn’t sweep.

Condition 2:Make up but lazy must unload a makeup, wash face just with the cleanser.

How to do:After going home every day, as far as possible at and at that time in order to next three step, unload makeup thoroughly, clean face.

1, paint the cleansing oil is at the dry face, the gentleness massages about 2 minutes on the face.(the skill has to be light and soft, too heavy easily foul stuff press the pore)

2, need make-up after floating and use the half wet towel or wash face a sponge to wipe off the cleansing oil of eye, lips department lightly, use Wen Shui again to lightly press, need a cleansing oil after emulsifying lotion-like in shape use water blunt drop.The Chinese gold

3, use to moderately wash the noodles milk washes face as usual, the massage still keeps keeping gentle and soft, hair border the line and chin etc. easily neglect of dead angle, uses Wen Shui blunt clean.

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