Summer air conditioning

Summer air conditioning room skin care method
In the hot summer days, anyone want to hide in the air-conditioned room, enjoy the cool wind sends bright moments, but you know” the air conditioning room” is the archenemy of skin? It can make the skin moisture away from the intangible, leading to makeup, skin dryness, and large pores and other problems. So often in the air-conditioned room OL, don’t overlook moisturizing the skin to the ring, and remember the following countermeasures, keep skin moist degree!
One, the air conditioning room temperature and humidity relations
The air-conditioned room temperature of each low 5 degrees, the humidity in the air will be reduced by 20%, so if you can, air temperature not too much, just than the outdoor temperature about 5 degrees can be, let the humidity is maintained for at least 50%, make you and keep your skin in the most gentle and comfortable state.
Two, cold syndrome on 3 may
1 skin, balance water and oilChina coastal scramble
Frequent cold room, hot and cold temperature in alternatively, fragile skin becomes not know what course to take, not only makes the oil secretion disorders, come down for a long time, can cause the skin to become” outside of dry oil” type, difficult to maintain the original state of health.
In 2, the burst dermatitis
When the skin is cold wind, will appear red and swollen, itchy, let a person cannot help being caught with the hand, thus cause peeling or marks. This situation often occurs on often in cold condition skin, is likely to cause the air conditioner filter unclean, so that bacteria, coupled with the skin for a long time by cold wind pumping water, causing” dry skin irritation” problem.
3, air conditioning disease
In the absence of fresh air under the office work, not only affect the skin, even may cause symptoms and cold or heat stroke similar air conditioning disease, joint ache, limb weakness, attentional decline phenomenon.
Internal and external moisture resistance to dry you know three, inner and outer moisture resistance to dry you know?
Inherent moistureLED grain efficiency
In 1, the most simple internal moisture law course is to drink plenty of water, let the body and skin to absorb water, on the new supersedes the old. And detoxification has a very big help. Suggest drinking 8 glasses of water every day more, make the body absorb enough moisture.
2, pay attention to drink plenty of water way, never to be the body dry before drinking, because at this time to add moisture to late. For often forget to drink OL, can use the way of drinking straw, to maintain the body and skin of water storage.
3, coffee and tea is to have a diuretic effect, but they will make the skin becomes dry, should drink less. And every day do not ingest more than 1 cup.
External resistance to dry
1, conditional word, in the desk set near a electronic humidifier, automatically replenish the moisture in the air.
In 2, producing a bottle of moisturizing spray, for the skin. Spring water spray have very good Shu Min, sedation, but not water, moisturizing, transient soothing after skin will be dry, still, need to constantly make spray. Relatively speaking, added hyaluronic acid, aloe essence, rose water and other components of the mist, moisturizing effect will last longer. Every 2 hours for the skin moisturizing spray, spray, with finger tapping, through skin absorption capacity better tepid.
3, coated with moisturizing cream before, remember to essence base, so that it not only can make moisturizing ingredients can more readily penetrate skin, it can make water lock effect is better, the skin moisture lock. If it is dry skin words, suggested the use of containing hyaluronic acid, collagen and other moisturizing ingredients, which can sustain keratinocyte health, prevent skin moisture loss.
In 4, an office based skin care products, every day at noon or skin feels dry time, wash away, or use the wet towel to face up dust, moisturizing lotion, moisturizing cream and the sunscreen products — can be omitted or skin care used by a lot of essence. If you are prepared to work overtime at night, and more in a day plus a” wet meal”.LED industry
5, in addition to the attention of face skin moisturizing work, don’t forget the body skin, such as brothers, the lips are often exposed to the outside, remember to regularly sprayed with moisturizing body lotion or balm.
Air conditioning room” Blush” phenomenon, how to deal with the four air conditioning room” Blush” phenomenon, how to deal with?
1, do not stay up late. Although the summer day night, but the Chinese still advocated in the summer to late, recuperate and build up energy. In order to health, in order to be beautiful, don’t stay up late again.
In 2, the full moisturizing. If it is easy redness of the skin, should be long-term use no spices, no alcohol, no ( irritant ) antiseptic skin care products. Can also be used for skin of red Shu Min essence milk as a moisturizing cream with moisturizing cream, or when the isolation frost use, can effectively reduce the skin by external stimulation after allergic reactions, reduces redness.
3, if is the skin of red blood, red blood wire repair essence can be used for local repair, it can strengthen the wall of blood vessels, inhibit capillary vessel dilatation, make partial thin epidermal thickened gradually, enhance the protection force. Want the special attention is, with the use of other products also must ensure the safety, no stimulation, but not in any way to horny, including the use of clay, scrub or has the effects of cleaning products and massage cream.
4, sunscreen every day, try to reduce UV skin damage. The best selection of pure substance rationality sunscreen sunscreen and sunscreen, the stimulation of the skin to a minimum.

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