Peg out to unload

Peg out to unload the makeup in proper order skin to maintain a key
Last makeup to many females, essential to have.The most people useds for the disguise to a great deal of time, but lazy must unload a makeup.In fact this kind of way of doing is very disadvantageous to skin.But unload a makeup to maintain callous square one more, unload a makeup to make it well, the maintaining of beauty has already laid good foundation.Jewelry relations

The eye department unloads makeup DIY

The skin organization of eyes part is weaker, therefore the not proper usage generally sweep thing, should choose that the eye department appropriation unloads a makeup article, and match with to unload makeup technique most gentle and softly, just preventĀ°from the creation of crease.

Please watch for 1:00 in addition and also, if have already worn a contact lens and remember to must take out first before unloading a makeup, the grease of in order to prevent cosmetics made dirty a mirror slice.

1, unload the makeup article to the eye department of jot first.Pour in making up cotton.

2, put on disguise cotton lightly on the eyelids and make the cosmetics fused in cleansing oil, so can reduce friction, then wipe a clean cosmetics.

The lips department unloads makeup DIY

The lipstick especially done not shed off even wants to cautiously unload a makeup, if doing not use a lips department is appropriative of unload a makeup article, will cause a lips department aridity not already.

1, unload the makeup article to the lips department of jot first, pour in making up cotton.Variation combination

2, disguise cotton lightly from the outside lips go toward in the middle wipe clean.

The eyelash unloads makeup DIY

The eyelash is very near apart from eyes and unload the makeup immodest words and easily make the cosmetics fallen off eyes inside and cause unwell, so the action has to be careful lightly slow.Unloading the makeup article should still choose the eye department appropriation is good.

1, put one to bedew the cotton stick of unloading the makeup article first at up eyelash, another take a to make up cotton in eyes under place, however the Hou is used cotton stick carefully on the eyelash turn to move, let the cosmetics that the clearance drops to fall in making up cotton.

2, descend an eyelash to also unload a makeup in same way.

The face department unloads makeup DIY

Comes back from going out, must use cold frost or deep sweep milk and composition to moderately wash face thing, thoroughly sweep a skin.The skin, easily out-of-the-way powder dirt and dirty mark once made up, so should choose the Jie noodles that suits oneself skin quality thing, then can prevent skin from suffering from injury.

1, prepare first that a few slices make up cotton, is the tools and implements that sweeps a face department.Pour out about one sweeping of teaspoon milk’s in hand mind.

2, will sweep a milk to lightly wipe on the neck, cheek and forehead.

3, is started sweeping by the neck the disguise cotton, gradually move to lower jaw, the cheek, nose and nose lower part and ex- sum and eye department and make up cotton to use later on, should immediately throw , don’t repeat an usage.

4, take one crumb Gan clean disguise cotton, be stained with some disguise water and tap a Wu face department.This one step is suddenly count for much, can remove to sweep a remaining of milk thing and make the skin kept sour alkali equilibrium.Projecting light

5, sweeping of completion face department, and use a disguise water rap after, can use smooth skin frost to moisten a skin, such, skin of the humidity can maintain last long.

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