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Ice-packing milk can eliminate inflammationGao in the sky

We all understand these steps:Use a sun block to avoid a sunburn, then again multifariously repeated usage.But sometimes, we will forget, or meeting in the sun asleep.Still probably, you participated in a game that hugs and kisses with sunlight, for example beach volleyball.

Is going to to the serious sunburn(for example, rise the red skin of pimple) the doctor cures there.But for a bit piercing, cause an unwell slight sunburn(have no water pimple), we inquired the spokesman of skin cancer foundation Francesca Fusco, got the following suggestion:

1, ice-packing milk

Convenient in a bowl with same quantity of milk, ice-cubes and water, create into cold milk, chase clean cloth permeance, then spread this cloth the part in the sunburn for five minutes.Repeat three times.

The fat of milk, protein and pH have a slow anti- to blaze effect to the skin.Moreover, the lower temperature can make afferent constringency, alleviate anasarca symptom.

2, take a slice of medicine

Department the wood has anti- burning effect, can inhibit to cause red and swollen chemistry material in the skin.

3, use rayDon’t wear loose soft shoes

The LED treatment method makes use of a moderate light wave technique the help decrease blaze disease cell.

The only weakness:You have to look for a treatment in doctor’s office-and the price isn’t thin(or is as expensive as perfect aloe gum than Noxema smooth skin frost at least)

4, the daubery has been refrigerated of perfect aloe gum

The aloe is a kind of plant that has a strong anti- to blaze a function.Put it into refrigerator, will give to make the effect double because of the ice-cold temperature.

5, drink humidity

The whole weekend bathes in the sun, water is a key-particularly at you already the sunburn is after.like barefooted

The liquid uses and re- adds body to the water cooperation of body because of sunlight to lose of humidity to pass importance.Dislike to drink water?The mint ice that can drink point more to have no caffeine tea, add enough anti- oxidizing agent for you in the meantime.

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