water in brief fix

Make up cotton+great skin water in brief fix
The summer is scorching, want to the very thirsty skin and moisten once, but every day spread an emergency mask and is and harm originally, rather use make up water come wet spread!Absorb the satisfied disguise aqueous disguise cotton, can make the skin quickly been protected water to moisten in the in a short time, it is more likely to choose suitable disguise water according to each skin condition, make the skin satisfiedly drunk water!high level terrace

1, wet spread to make the follow-up maintained to absorb amazingly fast

Wet spread a disguise of water always the way of that day this OL beautiful muscle, super well-known skin in Japan maintains an expert Zuo Bo2 Qian Jin, be support wet spread of main current faction.Make up water wet spread can soften horniness, make the follow-up maintained the composition better absorption, the member small essence liquid, lotion can also at a stretch inhale!

2, in addition to hydrating, return ability the town certainly smooth a skin

Make up water wet spread have already eliminated inflammation in the meantime as well the town settles of the function , after pushing a pimple, use disguise water of whole day however plant pick wet spread the ability town certainly eliminates inflammation, be like imply “gold wisp Mei”, “plantain” and”burdock root” …the etc. composition is an all quite good choice, in the meantime insolation empress of hot very hot skin, can also through wet spread disguise water to smooth.

Wet spread of regulation

1, avert from the eye 週 quick weak skin

Because wet spread is tightly stick a skin and create permeating of closeness environment by the disguise cotton, expert emphasizes, because of on the market much disguise water how much still keep implying spice and alcohol composition, just didn’t°yet be completely clear for composition before the 瞭 , still should avert from slender eye 週 of sensitive skin, in order to prevent make disguise water smoked an eye, make eyes allergic.

2, Huan skin’s fastenning disguise water isn’t suitable for wet spread

Because wet time spreading disguise water contact skin is longer, IPSA hairdressing training chief Xiao Jia Jean the one who suggest to choose a more moderate composition, for example the herbage plant Cui and live spring for good.The one who contain salicylic acid, tartaric acid composition, will never can make wet spread an usage, will bring big incitement to skin of burden, had better also avoid implying disguise water of alcohol composition.

Solve the thirst of skin, still”wet spread” is the best

The summer is scorching, want to the very thirsty skin and moisten once, but every day spread an emergency mask and is and harm originally, rather use make up water come wet spread!The disguise cotton that absorbs satisfied disguise water can make the skin quickly been protected water to moisten in the in a short time, it is more likely to the basis is each skin condition and choose suitable disguise water, let the skin Gu Mao Gu Mao!spoiling LED

Wet spread a disguise water of 8 greatly and particularly

At wet spread, we can be divided into the three greatest areas piece to the face, T word, two cheeks and chin.The forehead is two, nose 樑 1, two cheek one for each, the half in the person, chin half, six slices of total make up cotton.

Point 2, the layering tore into 6 slices

The texture excellent disguise cotton, the plentiful smooth thickness can divide 6 F to tear off, therefore wet spread a cake of can overaly whole faceses, after slowly tearing off, with three greatest area piece for the principal axis continuously cover a skin.

Point 3, the moist degree is full

Moistenning the degree must enough have to want moist not the appearance of drop water, knead to have slight humidity to rush out is the best moist degree.

Point 4, notice the side Cape area piece

Please watch for a nose wing, forehead limit and mouth while sticking disguise cotton Cape ……etc., small area piece easily neglect, then can be all-directions to protect a skin of periostracum!

Point 5, as far as possible expand

Expand disguise cotton the elongation then can cover a whole face the district is possibly.

Point 6, the mineral spring spray fog to repair wet

If disguise cotton side the Cape raises because of doing not gradually arrive disguise water, cans spray fog to make up deficiency a moist degree with the mineral spring.

Point 7, 6 divide wet picked up

Spread talented individual to pick up, will make the skin humidity evaporated more seriously!At most spread for 5-8 minutes, if is a quick weak muscle then not longer than 5 minutes.At make up cotton to still have 6 divide wet picked up, spread in the joint skin of the neck or the coarseness.

Point 8, the follow-up maintain again add code

Wet the skin delicate white finishing spreading hydrate again, please must hurriedly do follow-up of maintain procedure, the periostracum satisfied water degree is the tallest at this time, absorption degree had better, lotion and essence liquid also please to irrigate a skin quickly and quickly, what skin care products all can the rapid murmur murmur drink!

Match good disguise cotton wet spread effect greater

If the disguise cotton didn’t pick well, not only the waste make up water, also make the skin absorption had a bad efficiency, it may be said compensated a madam and fold a soldier.The relationship with disguise water of making up the cotton is “water helps water for fish, fish” and make up cotton to pick make disguise water composition better to permeate so much, the skin absorb double!LED international

1, ductility

The texture good cotton quality disguise cotton, ductility Gao, is easy to pull an exhibition, layering after tearing off, single slice of can with ease overaly a half piece cheeks area.

2, grasp water power

Absorb water dint Gao, just can let disguise water to quickly permeate, after spreading up with not drip come is quasi-, then can ensure that each penny maintains factors to all enter into a skin inside.

3, cotton quality degree

The pure cotton disguise cotton contains certain thickness, the skin touches slippery delicate thin 緻 , and grasping water power and ductilitieses will be more enough.Suggest the disguise cotton that has to not have the car the side in the meantime, better tear off.

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