3 recruit to protect

3 recruit to protect to dye a very hot show hair to make you have peace of mind to enjoy beautynovel and unique wedding

Dye hair to have permanent wave have already become the domestic life political reform of the girls, but after the girl of not a few love of beauties will discover, dye as well very hot, the hair becomes weak and withered and even appears and takes off and discovers elephant.Today show hair after recommending 3 protect to dye very hot for everyone of small method, let you have peace of mind to enjoy a beauty.

1, stop having permanent wave, should choose while shampooing profession of protecting and delivering product.Usually comb hair with the comb, can promote blood circulation.men all hope earnestly

2, the hairs just once doing are all very weak and suggested to do a set of nourishment nursing.Then while also wanting to prepare to protect to deliver a vegetable, shampooing each time the home is used.Periodically delivering a film will also do good.

3, have permanent wave Be getting more damaged behind, much notice on the food to put forth effort at ordinary times.horoscope of woman

Often eat rich food with the protein and vitamin A, B, like walnut, sesame, big Zao, carrot, green pepper, spinach, Chinese chives, and rape…etc..Drink water fruit more, like orange, persimmon, sweet almond etc..Animal liver, egg yolk and fish etc..The sea tangle, and laver…etc. contains the food that the iodine enriches.

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