Solve skin change

Solve skin change of season hard nut to crack
The many people thinks that”hydration is a quick anti- mother” means fierce wipe essence of liquid, but forget to add a grease, precarious sebum film’s infusing many humidities can not also lock again.The expert suggests that the change of season sensitive muscle should add a skin to originally have in the meantime of”natural moisturizing factor” and”fat”, attaining the illegitimate profit balance then can raise a bearing of skin to be subjected to sex, make the skin faced environment temperature the incitement of degree of humidity change have enough resistibility.As for in hydrating the choice of product quality, hydrate an essence liquid+lotion|frost has to match an usage, if chooses a bottle of lotion, get and have “hygroscopic power” and”shrinkage” two kinds of compositions, hydrate to just do completely.The hygroscopic power composition then includes Bo uric acid, amino acids and collagen;But the lock water composition then include the milk wood fruit oil, snow second fat and Cape Sha Xi.

Note!The interface live in the Jie noodles product although in addition to the dirt is effective,is the biggest enemy of sebum film.When the skin starts having slight stem to stretch tight feeling, please stop using a cleansing oil, change to use a makeup solvent|frost;If have already felt piercing, the Jie noodles article had better also change into the Jie noodles that doesn’t rise a bubble milk.

Care of Special:4 steps keep a healthy sebum film

When sebum film was damaged, the skin was like the sink that didn’t add a cover and poured much water to all stay not to live again.Replaces disguise water by lotion after washing face, according to”oil → water → oil” of the sequence carry on maintaining and add the grease of skin want for first, the follow-up 癒 treats more efficient.

Step 1:The disguise cotton that adjusts reason horniness environment to hydrate disguise water to match fiber delicacy lightly massages, can wipe out loose skin scraps, regulate skin water oil to secrete.Particularly be easily suffused with a red nose wing, Quan bone, can fold disguise cotton to strengthen to wipe.

Step 2:Artificial”plate a film” member’s leading big cream or Ning frost will impede the absorption of follow-up skin care products, choosing the quality is supple and be partial to the water-like in shape high function disguise water or lotion and maintains to set up a sebum film by artificial.

Step 3:The main function that promotes to grasp a water power essence liquid helps a skin to hold tight a great deal of hydration essence liquid that humidity choose to contain hygroscopic power compositions, such as Bo uric acid and amino acids…etc. and promote a grasping of skin water ability.

Step 4:The upper cover lock humidity worries the person of sticky and ikky feeling, can choose water Ning frost lock water of quality lightness and use to warm up a center of palm of hand pack to reply whole faceses after finishing wiping, acceleration hydration composition permeates.

SOS!The repair and maintenance gives first aid two songs

If the skin has already felt piercing and starts to erupt the symptom of small rash and mean the sebum film hurts not and lightly, must put on thicker solid protection dress for skin.The dermatologist suggests:The daytime along with takes the repair and maintenance cream of Vaseline quality, feel unwell with the cotton a little bit good up thin 1 F, the commutability damaged sebum film protection skin insulates incitement source;Nighttime after washing face, thick spread 1 F of hydration jelly film, and often spray to up live spring to reduce the heat slow, do to stretch tight, be suffused with a red alert and then can relieve after 20 minutes.lights manufacturer

“Lockout muscle” endows with to live a Part II:”Lockout muscle” endows with to live an article

Autumn is an ambiguous appearance transition season, still expressing for warmth in summer in the daytime, but arriving in the evening will also the cold breeze is blow gently.Unsteady weather”whet to match a period” will undulate the self-discipline system of skin.The skin again adapts to a day every day the hot night is cold for the sake of the ego protection, as time passes regulate system and then will be flexible and tired, the metabolism is gradually dull, how maintain to also disappear result, absolutely be like “clock lockout”.

Care of Basic:Metabolizing to line up is muddy, the skin balance has brilliance

Metabolize the dint poor lockout muscle, old discard cell, toxin and discard can not eject, will obstruct the exit of new-born healthy cell.Can not discard as usual old change a new result, is a skin of disequalibrium, various irritating skin condition such as pore bulky, the skin quality is rough, the An sink pimples to all appear one after another.Like the yoghurt can help to clean up a bowel way and create good absorption environment, after making up water, essence before, plusing together can help the pioneer essence of metabolism or rebirth liquid and make the skin care products able to permeate smoothly, can’t be jamed in the outside by the wastes in the skin cell.Because the best absorption temperature of pioneer essence is or so for 40 ℃ , the expert suggests to make use of a hands skin promotes absorption, the remenant essence liquid can also take to an eye week, make to maintain to develop the biggest effect.

Care of Special:Dredge lymph, promote a spirit blood to move a rate

The “spirit” circularly mainly pushes a hand inside the body, the “flow” is the life vein that it operates in the human body;If annoying inside the body isn’t enough or flows Chang not, the blood, water circle will also be held up and make the cell water shortage and skin color An sunk of blood clot physical endowment.The pressure is big or when the environment suddenly change will make the spirit circularly bad to cause “spirit Zhi”, the oxygen is hard to get into cell, the skin will lose sheen and flexibility.《The week of the Yi 》combine west of lymphoid massage and eastern”flavor therapy”, first won’t the good waste gas take out to go and endow with to live to maintain more effectively.

Way 1:The wet disguise cotton skin scraping is wet to spread a habitual person, can this recruit regard as wet spread of terminal station, continue the disguise cotton once using to go fetch a light painting face department, is first drawn to two cheeks by forehead, again is downwards once rowed a bridge of nose by the top, can dredge face circulation, activate a lockout muscle.

Way 2:Circulation for lymphoid acupuncture points to lines up poisonous change of season not dint, depending the acupuncture points massage can in aid of exclusion poisonous gas, the attention would not° until be like feather to lightly sweep of strength can’t make the lymphoid knot lived acupuncture points inflammation.

BOX:The hairdressing oil replaces a scrub cream

The ordinary people all are full of worry in uncertainty to”oil” and fear to moisten too much contrary to expectation.In fact and completely need not worry, mix a skin to the most universal of Asian, hairdressing oil autumn winter use at the right moment:The usage is in two cheek parts, after massaging in addition to the brightness raises, two cheeks will be also obviously rosy.Using the step can arrange after essence liquid, after massaging use noodles frost again.the lamp ordinary

SOS!The turning point intensively irrigates

Unload makeup, a massage still a not enough dint with the gold rule every day?So try the acidity Huan of the nutrient one breath”force into skin” skin, can not only loosen the link of moving the horniness, but also stimulate a leather collagen to increase to living, the skin metabolizes a lockout promises vitality with it.Need not worry a Huan skin the item is tedious, the latest Huan skin cotton slice usage be like and wipe make up water is similar in brief, once a week super easy.

“Bluntness muscle” enhances a Part III:”Bluntness muscle” enhances an article

“Bluntness muscle” is the existence of in fact opposite”sensitive muscle”, don’t represent peace.Maying rise a rash and be suffused with at any time is red, the sensitive muscle of Sao Yang, look like irritating, in fact as long as the double protects, skin meeting darling obedient.But the bluntness feeling muscle is like the person that never is on sick leave, the injury will accumulate an old disease gradually in normal times, while taking advantage o change of season exaltation the muscle physical strength be certainly necessarily going.

Care of Basic:Guard “have oxygen” complexion

Be like to join a fitness center, from run machine etc. Aerobic beginning;The exhausted appearance that relieves a skin, mighting as well choose can raise skin care products with the amount of oxygen, live an oxygen, effective stability free radicals for skin infusion and provide full inside energy.Drink water more or use to imply a red view a sky, ginseng, stab five to add moreover or the skin care products of the ethereal oil composition, can activate circulation as well, help the skin vitality get ready.In addition to wanting to add to live oxygen, even want to enhance defense dint.The radiation crisis that the air pollution, UV injury and electromagnetic wave even does for an occasion recently will increase the free radicals in the cell and decelerate skin cell renewal ability, let original pour the youth accounting to be subjected to threat more.The during daytime maintains medium join can insulate outside oxidize injury(like ultraviolet ray, pollution of the environment) of anti- oxygen composition, make skin not suffer from harm, put the speed that slow skin energy consumes.

Care of Special:Mind and body hairdressing, beauty twice

The Fang treats to maintain what to stress is lets by the flavor mood delectation, as long as the mood dulcifies, the brain will hatch a great deal of”the beautiful muscle nerve conducts material”, for example serum vegetable, nicotine An etc., then help the Fei inside the brain to secrete.The Fei inside the brain is the key that initiates skin metabolism, hydration, rebirth and anti- to oxidize etc. ability and work hard to manage to influence physiology, let to maintain effect upgrade to arrive half skin care products can not Qi and of comfortable and beautiful state.Because of”effect+1″, the Fang treats skin care products to contain high cost, so suggest from has essence liquid and cream that the 癒 treats repair and maintenance effect to commence most .The very red 癒 will treat to fasten to plant in the near future the Cui emergency mask also has the effect to dulcify mind and body, cream-like in shape or snow quality than slice-like in shape more moderate, when the low mood fall or thin before sleeping spread up, bring “eat dessert” for the skin the happy feeling of the sort.

SOS!Massage training muscle to bear dint

Be like in the physical strength to train in, amount of muscle will the or so muscle bear dint with tightly solid degree;The “strong” degree of the face department skin, also the ability reach by”the muscle trains”.The usage is tight with the result that the cream matches massage to up lift skill, equal to force “bluntness muscle” to exercise, let the elasticity of leather layer, tight with the result that the degree increases all the way, the skin knows that degree and absorption degree also consumedly promote to the feeling that maintains composition.the frugal electrical

Step 1:The massage cream that takes a cherry peach quantity, assign fore sum, chin and two cheeks, even put on to open.

Step 2:Lightly slip massage by drawing spiral signal in the sequence that everywhere follows “from under upwards, from inside go toward outside” respectively.

Step 3:Ear bottom, the lymphoid knot of chin is most intensive and clip by the index finger and the middle finger to glide this area, can decrease swelling and pull to lift.

Step 4:Eye a computer for a long time, the pressure gathers together in the eyebrows, index finger and middle finger to slide past eyebrows, to the Shu press very effectively.

Step 5:Point with the five fingers the stomach strength evenly taps softly whole faceses, until feel that the whole cheeks warms up.

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