change hair style with the hair

Take to create 100 to change hair style with the hair
Fore the Korean soap opera that the son heat sows 《hunter in the city 》medium, leading lady’s the gold Nana’s”rabbit ear” bowknot hair took to draw on numerous eyeballs of powder silks.The tiny Da pulls of”rabbit ear” match an elegance meek long hair, charmingly feminine and not lose amiability.Be this year most the IN single article goes together with a decoration and differs from the other hair headdresses, such as hoop and hairpin…etc., the hair takes of diversification, plasticity, it can change you originally inflexible hair style, need not cut also similar can in a twinkling create makes person’s a pleasant change of atmosphere of effect, mold or amiability, or mysterious, or graceful and restrained etc. as different as chalk and cheese shape.

Create a lovely darling card to create a lovely darling card

The hair in quarter takes now very diversified, regardless is a material, still pattern, color, really make the person pick to spend an eye.When the bowknot runs into the hair that the gorgeous color fastens to take, can change the person the young girl of being the Jiao Qiao, the lovely index number signs to rise right away and re-collects the darling female’s manner.However, takes to the colorful hair of feast for the eyes, have of MM but don’t dare toward the hair wears, always feel oneself be like at pack delicate.In fact, each women has one side of his/her own amiability, need a colorful hair take and then can let you of the lovely flavor promote how many, and why should not be happy to do it?

With hair style of perfect combine with hair style of perfect combine

The magic that the hair takes still lies in with hair style of perfect match, can make the whole style produced tremendous variety, make use of can make you become the focus of whole field very even.Like the ground flower hair takes to match slightly medium long hair style of taking a degree, the sweet feeling is hundred percent, regulatory hurdlescan also increase Jiao Qiao for several cents.The inclined firm horsetail matches the traditional type single layer hair to take, can construct to revive old customs breeze, side bud head, more sarcastic can person.If is the hair style with there is fringe of hair, can go together with Chen book side hair to take, the modern feeling will be a lot of strong, just like active young girl in the upper-class society of New York.The hair hoop of the sarcastic and lovely type type the head take, Quan hair, keep hairs to all apply very much, have a liking for go to old little all proper.The color fresh gorgeous Jian Yue Shi’s hair takes and go together with top together fringe of hair, can put life into for depressed shape, see at will of shape, make the person at present a bright.

Polish an ingenuous modifier face of face type the type is ingenuous

Don’t despise this to look like unattractive hair take, it can also have the function to polish a face type, would have better effect to wearing to wear according to own face type.If is an infant a little bit fatty beautiful eyebrow, can choose bowknot, this kind of more stereoscopic hair takes, and make the hair wearing 1:00 after taking depend, counteracted a comb to comb the hair that the hair takes rear, make the hair of coping more fluffy, increase top of head height like this, invisibly creation make longer the effect of face type, can’t make the person excessively band together lovely the meat of Du Du on the face.If is the face type position that compares bigger beautiful eyebrow,highly relevant hads better not stick to make good while fastenning hair to take, can a little bit stay some hairs to hang in the forehead.If head the type is flatter, choose then that the thin hair takes the best.If head the type is sharper, choose the breadth hair takes, can mollify a long head type.But face type the longer beautiful eyebrow can take hair to wear in position near the forehead, can rise the effect of shortenning the face type like this

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