Do you fall into the trap of the make-up?

Do you fall into the trap of the make-up?

Many women are respected make-up method, in fact, a lot is not correct. Do you know? The wrong way to make-up may make your pictures look more worse, especially in the cold winter that the painting becomes more concentrated the United States. Look at these, you are not guilty of such a mistake?

Trap One:like to impose heavy makeup that would make it even more the spirit of

There are a lot of beauty in the winter habits of heavy makeup, especially eye makeup every day Less. To make himself more spiritual, they have also concentrated depiction eyebrows again rough will also deepen the bold upper and lower eyeliner.

Sequelae: Actually, this is often just the opposite appears to, and not let you “more spirit” of the effects. The correct approach is to let their eyebrows as far as possible to maintain natural and suited to their personality; To make eyes look more God, eyeliner can be properly conducted on the “processing.”

The trap of the Second: In order to save, use a different color of lipstick

A lot of beauty in winter lipstick does not like to clean up has only used a color of lipstick. Think it easy to carry and relatively easy, of course, the most important thing is do not want to do.

Sequelae: lips easily in the winter, “overshadowed” the Oh! And generally dark winter clothes, will appear dull, then they would have in the color of lipstick more brain: the more prepared several lipstick to make the costumes, the coordination of the surrounding environment, and pay attention to use , will bring unexpected surprises

The trap of three: the rouge on the cheeks parts, so that their moving

To make color more healthy, natural rouge is unavoidable. Rouge on the cheeks to the site, let others quickly took note of their appearance touching.

Sequelae: the rouge on the cheeks parts will be given undue prominence to cheekbones, thus giving the feeling stiff stereotypes. If Blusher brush gently from the cheekbone to the temple Department through after very natural.

Trap Four: To make eyes more attractive, upper and lower lashes using mascara

Although the cold weather, but also to make their own dynamic Yes! Pretty big eyes Association to convey their inner passion now, so every time when make-up will not forget the upper and lower lashes are painted mascara.

Effects: the next painted eyelashes mascara, inadvertently let themselves into a “giant eye” Oh! In fact, as long as appropriate Tu eyelashes in the fluid is more lashes mascara, it will play a good stare the effects.

Trap Five: Other people will feel good to a certain brand perfume

Listen to a friend that she used the effect of a certain brand of perfume also good, are pondering what to buy their own brand of perfume do. This is under a lot easier, they buy a bottle of perfume that she used it.

Sequelae: Perfume is the best way to embody the identity and personal taste of the beauty, each person because of the physical structure is different from the effects of use may also be different. Therefore, in order to best suit their needs in accordance with the principle of selection, not just parroting.

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