DIY the miraculous VC

DIY the miraculous VC emergency mask is fair from now on lightly loose loose
Lead language:Fair is eternal topic, is also an Asian female to follow beautiful standard.Just so-called”a white hides three ugly” who don’t want to naturally own fair snow white skin.How fair?Emergency mask first hit, among them, the DIY type emergency mask is more fully subjected to close Lai.Still virtuousToday recommends a style of VC fair emergency mask for everyone and study quickly.

Recently, a”fair secret recipe” was subjected to not a few net friends of hot hold, use department Lin Pao Teng’s slice self-made emergency mask, fair, make the pore thin.

The VC fair emergency mask creation method VC fair emergency mask creates a method:

Raw material:Compressing an emergency mask is a ,market of light mineral spring a small bowl of, the vitamin C is just the right amount of.What I used is the most common white grain, 100 mgs of.The cow Er(tiny Bo) teacher says in the program young words only 50 mgs enough.

Way of doing:As long as pound into pulp vitamin C, pour into mineral spring deliquescence, then steep the compression emergency mask readying to to start in noodles in Shui-li come all right.

Modify a version:Recommend to once get stripe a version here, can in advance ready to the lemonade of lemon slice bubble system in the refrigerator!The lemon inside also has a lot of Wei Cs, also very fair.So replacing mineral spring with it should be aller right.

Special elucidation:The emergency mask must is pure to clean after working well.Because, the vitamin C in the emergency mask may don’t completely melt, if remain in the words on the face, not good to skin, will become Huang Huang, get just the opposite.

The way of doing is simple, the effect is strong,Quan’s invitation this also makes not a few people query a “department emergency mask wood” ability really and so magic?After all aspirin belongs to the category of medicine.We come right away to listen to an expert how to say now:

Department the wood can have already extended an afferent function and have the gathering to lower blood platelets, promote blood circulation of function, spoke from this aspect, usage department emergency mask wood after, will make the skin looked rosy, in the meantime because the humidity in the emergency mask after being absorbed by the skin, in the skin cell Chong Ying humidity, looking will be smoother and moisten.But this effect just temporarily phenomenon, the breeze blows insolation future reunion to soon recover original shape,business enterprise level the skin condition even will become whatter a mess.So, want a mm still oneself trying weigh, consider to cautiously act again.

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