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Extremely well developed in the automotive industry in Germany

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

With prices continued to rise in recent years, Moutai terminal sales price to achieve a Today, most people’s eyes, is not Moutai wine on the table, but a luxury. However, with so much noise loudly Maotai high margin difference is not significant mountain dew highway listed company, its gross profit margin has long been quietly approaching the Maotai!


Chongqing, the first three quarters last year, gross profit margin 89.14%

According to statistics, as of the end of 2010, China’s highway mileage has reached 74,000 km, after the United States, ranking second in the world. Experts predict that the

At present, the Shanghai and Shenzhen, a total of 19 highway companies. Data from the public, these companies sales margin alarmingly high: one, 50% of the gross common, 60%, 70% or even 80% can also be seen.

From 2011, three quarterly data, listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets 19 highway up to the company’s overall gross profit margin 59.27%, far exceeding the profits of the real estate industry accused of 30-40% gross margin.

Specifically, the Chongqing Road & Bridge is a high-speed plate margin in the championship. First three quarters of 2011, Chongqing Road & Bridge surprisingly reached 89.14% gross profit margin. The 2010 and 2009, gross profit margin is high in Chongqing Road & Bridge, were 88.26% and 86.64%. Such a high gross margin, gross margin even with the recognized high-end wine compares favorably. Moutai first three quarters of 2011 gross margin was 91.53%, to 66.01% Wuliangye, Shanxi Fen is 76.13%.

Highway in the A-share listed companies, the gross margin followed by investment in Chongqing Road & Bridge in Hunan, the first three quarters of 2011 gross margin was 73.23%. In addition, Fujian Expressway, Dongguan Holdings, Chutian high-speed, Anhui Expressway, Heilongjiang traffic, Hainan, high-speed, modern investment, Zhongyuan Expressway Shenzhen Expressway and the first three quarters of 2011 gross margins were above 60%, the lowest gross margin Guangdong Speed ​​also has 48.22%.


Why is the highway for both public utilities to charge?

High expressway highway margin reminiscent of the high fees. Earlier the State Council promulgated the Ministry of Transport, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other ministries, 5 May 2011 issued a notice has also stressed the

However, the authoritative statistics show that 95% of China’s expressway, highway, 65% are toll roads. Many of them, or extended charges, excess charges.

Both for public utilities, why pay? It is reported that roads and highways, including repayment of commercial highway. Road toll to pay off the loan repayment; operating road not only to recover the investment, but also to generate income. Before, Beijing Jiaotong University Beijing News quoted the words of the European State, public goods, providing the public with convenient services.

The Peking University professor Wang Xi received zinc had Xinmin Evening News interview that the construction. China’s situation is that both the government loan to build and then sell it, or the involvement of social capital must pay by the local Social capital came in, and what does it make money?

Stones from other hills

United States: only 8.8% of high-speed toll

In the United States, a total of over 90,000 km of highway, only more than 7800 kilometers of toll road, accounting for 8.8%. Driving on the highway in the United States, few can see the toll station, even the occasional road charges, the cost is very cheap, usually 2-20 dollars. The reason why costs low, because the highway has been built, it’s essential to maintain funding from the federal government’s tax revenue, state government only through some of the dilapidated old highway toll for the maintenance and upkeep.

Germany: more than 12 tons truck charges

Extremely well developed in the automotive industry in Germany, the state’s financial commitment to the territory of all highway construction and maintenance costs, the implementation of free bus, 12 ton cargo truck classification fee billing.

UK: Most high-speed free

And the world in many other countries, the vast majority of Britain’s motorway sections are not charged, only the individual bridges, tunnels, near Birmingham, and dozens of miles of private road charges.

Japan: charged at the standard national unity

In Japan, most of the highway according to mileage fees charged at the standard national unity. Among them, a variety of discount methods be called a major feature. Such as the mileage on the highway at 100-200 km between, beyond the 100 km section to 25% discount if more than 200 km, the excess may be 30% discount. In addition, the vehicle for installation of the ETC, the company issued in accordance with highway access time and frequency to give the toll discount system.


Organizers of the protest movement of the head of Hungarian unity Pete Konya said

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

To celebrate the official introduction of the new constitution , the Hungarian government held 2 ceremony at the National Gallery , State Opera House at night and in the evening . In the opera house on the street outside the tens of thousands of people gathered , they held demonstrations against the new constitution .

The event is organized by the opposition Socialist Party led by 44 left-wing parties and groups in organizations , and various other social opposition party Greens see also participated in the demonstrations. Protest lasted nearly five hours , protesters demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Viktor Orban .

This year beginning January 1 implementation of the new Hungarian constitution, including : the original constitutional name to limit the power ; since it provides from the fetus during pregnancy to protect the life , marriage only between men and women , due to an intentional crime and violent crime can be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole , etc. Opponents argue that too much emphasis on the new constitution Christian values ​​and national interests and undermine religious freedom in Hungary , ignoring the rights of individuals , and non-Christian believers , single-parent families , unmarried cohabitation , homosexuals and other minorities unfair social treatment; new constitution strengthened the control of the media , independent of the Government of the constitutional Court and the powers of the central bank to limit the expansion of government power , a threat to democracy in Hungary .

Organizers of the protest movement of the head of Hungarian unity Pete Konya said: must unite to restore the rule of law and of the Republic . U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the Zhou Zhixin Orban , to express their concerns for democracy in Hungary . Former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary马克帕尔莫said that if the Government does not change Orban , Hungary may lose EU membership .


is a brazen challenge to the Chinese world

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Diaoyu Islands is, is ancestral, we protest against Japan’s position and action! April and reports published pictures showing the anger of ordinary people in China feel.

Yoshihiko Noda, Japanese Prime Minister visit to China late last year, new prospects of bilateral relations which should be expected. However, several Member Ishigaki Japan on January 3, landed on China’s Diaoyu Islands to provoke an incident of illegal behavior, have made cast a shadow over the Sino-Japanese relations.

Associate Dean of International Studies, Tsinghua University, USSR on The purpose of this is Japan, Former Chinese Consul General in Osaka Wang Taiping accept the ambassadorial level,

Official support by the day of provocation

January 2 at night, Okinawa Ishigaki City Council Nakama equal four fishing boats from Ishigaki ride quietly sailed out of Hong Kong, China to 170 km outside of the Diaoyu Islands. The next morning, that several Japanese legislators in two batches Diaoyu Islands and stayed more than 2 hours after the boat left at noon.

Members of China for its provocative actions, no knowledge of the Japanese government assumed a look. But in fact, in Japan, members aboard fishing boats near the Diaoyu Islands before the Coast Guard officers had boarded for inspection, when those members claimed that . Disclosure of the photos show the Japanese side, members of an illegal landing of Japanese dressed in a full set of diving equipment, the instrument in his hand walking on the rocks is the Diaoyu Islands, did not like fishing; members landing in Japan, while Japanese patrol parked near the sea, there is nothing to stop not only the signs of hand, as in the escort. Members left the Diaoyu Islands, Japan, the Okinawa Prefectural Police Headquarters that he would want to

However, nowhere near enough like the Japanese side after the statement has been unable to compensate for the damage to bilateral relations, the Chinese government and people’s anger naturally follow.

Members illegal landing in Japan shortly after the news of the Diaoyu Islands, I boarded a Japanese sacred territory of Members, but the Diaoyu Islands, is a brazen challenge to the Chinese world, it is absolutely unacceptable. No.

New Year’s festive atmosphere, Japan-Japan relations in the most sensitive on the question to make provocative moves, obviously intended to pour cold water on bilateral relations. Associate Dean of International Studies, Tsinghua University, USSR on Chinese New Year holiday so important before and after the landing, the purpose is Another analysis that, on January 2 is the In addition, select the beginning of the Diaoyu Islands in 2012 New Year’s to stir up trouble, but also to the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan commemorate the 40th anniversary of the friendly atmosphere of cross-pour cold water on the horse.

To be alert to

Mayor Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture, Zhongshan Elan 3 interview questions Nakama equal, although human behavior is not appropriate, but he himself was like a In fact, Zhongshan Elan had landed on the Diaoyu Islands had the Japanese government to apply for a

Thus, Japan Member overwhelmed action.

From 1978, Japan began to make some members of Congress Sino-Japanese relations in these provocative remarks, but the Japanese government to meet the requirements of domestic hard-liners began to dispatch patrol vessels and aircraft in waters near the Diaoyu Islands to monitor Chinese fishing boats.

Over the next 20 years, the Japanese built a lighthouse on the Diaoyu Islands and other facilities, and an attempt to control illegal occupation In recent years, especially last year, Japan stepped up efforts to monitor the waters around the Diaoyu Islands.

Since July 2011, the Japan Coast Guard continue to claim that Chinese vessels’ illegal entry into the Japanese exclusive economic zone. Japan on the Diaoyu Islands waters wandering patrol often warned Chinese ships by radio

In addition, the Japan Coast Guard around the Diaoyu Islands waters began to add the guard positions, the nearest Department of Ishigaki MEPC also increased last year, a large patrol craft.

Han Guohai assassinated police after the incident, the Japanese side and follow the trend of echo to make Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Akira Ishihara stretch recently on openly declared that

Recently, for the waters near the Diaoyu Islands in China and patrol boats, the Japanese patrol and patrol aircraft used primarily to implement stiffer, in fact, built up around the Diaoyu Islands Consider themselves complete control in the hands of the Diaoyu Islands after the Japanese landing demonstrations became further moves to seize the Diaoyu Islands.

USSR have warned that landing is a serious act of provocation, but also on the negative impact on Sino-Japanese relations. USSR stressed that


According to Australia’s

Friday, December 30th, 2011

According to Australia’s

Venezuela Violence Monitoring Organization (The Venezuela Violence Monitor) said in 2011 , Venezuela ‘s 29 million population of 19,336 people were murdered , a daily average of 53 people murdered, the murder rate rose sixty-seven hundred thousandths , violence has a local

The organization said : rate has reached forty-eight hundred thousandths , about 1.4 million people were murdered.

Venezuela ‘s murder rate has more than its neighbors Colombia and Mexico , Colombia, in 2010 the murder rate thirty-two hundred thousandths , Mexico for the fourteen hundred thousandths .


Self-Defense Force and Coast Guard have stepped up security to prevent a North Korean refugees .

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in the afternoon 19 to cancel all trips , National Security Council held an emergency cabinet meeting as well . He ordered all government personnel in an emergency alert , avoid geopolitical risks affect the public ‘s trust in the country . He called on the people

Remain calm , the Government will maintain cooperation and the international community . Lee Myung-bak and U.S. President Barack Obama , Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda , and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev phone , close exchange of information.

South Korean military to enter the emergency state of alert , defensive status updates . South Korea has requested to increase surveillance and reconnaissance USFK Korean reconnaissance for number of times . Naval Operations Command have stepped up surveillance and exchange of intelligence with the U.S. Pacific Command .

Joint Chiefs of Staff went to the base near the Korean border to inspect the readiness of the military . North Korea ‘s military has not found transaction .

In Japan, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda presided over security in the 19 decided at a meeting Prime Minister ‘s Crisis Management Center additional countermeasures room, will China, South Korea and U.S. cooperation to cope with the situation.

Self-Defense Force and Coast Guard have stepped up security to prevent a North Korean refugees .

In Kim ‘s death spread around the U.S. bases in Okinawa, Japan, have a number of reconnaissance aircraft took off to the direction of North Korea .


deputy director of the Fang Baorui

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

I graduated in 1964 from Harbin Military Engineering Institute after the first assigned to the Department of Defense Research Institute in the sixth, after going to the opening of the original counties taking part in the clean team. The end of October 1965 back to the end of the four clean, I was assigned to work the whole room the whole group. Overall the whole group in the room upstairs, Building 2, Office of the Chief Engineer, Building 2 downstairs. After work, met a middle-aged man dressed in Zhongshan Fu, old comrades told me that he is the deputy chief designer in the Gu Songfen, when old comrades call him little care. Then know that this is the first design studio in the period we call him. Listen to old comrades, Gu Songfen is a He was responsible for aerodynamic work, so there is no direct contact with his.

Early 1976, I tune in to the overall aerodynamic chamber deputy director. Control room the first director of Germany is comrades, Comrade Li director, deputy director of the Fang Baorui, the sand is flat comrades. To room, room F-8 during the day I am responsible for the division of labor type work. F-8 aircraft during the day is China’s first self-designed high-altitude high-speed fighter aircraft, for various reasons, long-suffering, to have the design in 1979, only the basic shape conditions. The total was the total care of the person in charge of division run by the F-8 during the day he led the design of shape-based preparations. I organized a room for comrades to prepare the professional design shape file, he personally reviewed each report, and lead us to participate in technical review of the design will be finalized. As the principal leaders of the Air Force finalized the design differences of opinion, a very difficult meeting, daily fly in the white House, Shen meetings are open to the middle of the night, sometimes very severe fight, until December 28 before flight scheduled to commission by the Air Force deputy commander Cao laid down in the pregnant flight to be held in Shenyang Committee, the meeting has been open to December 30 until the end. I accompanied the care of the total, only participate in the scheduled flight Liaoning Mansion Commission held, at which the total care to do a report after the meeting, held in celebration banquet Shen Fei, Gu as pleased overall drank too much wine, I take it from SAC to return the car with him by the.

In 1978, the total care established under the leadership of the technical analysis group, I was the overall leader, obtained by analyzing the J-8 at 5 km altitude above the overall performance is better than the MiG -23,5 km strengths. Under his guidance, I drafted the analysis to the formal document submitted, the proposal put forward should not be measured, and imitation of organizational Lingzheng Guo, Bing comrades prepared a comparative analysis, more detailed and comprehensive analysis of major changes for the F-8 (change on both sides of the intake) do to prepare public opinion.

1979 F-8 during the day-type is formed, we have carried out major changes in F-8′s feasibility study. Project was approved in 1980, developed countries, aircraft named F-8 Ⅱ aircraft, care was always appointed to the National Defense Industry Office model designer. I began to assistant chief engineer of any type, he served as vice president of division model, the total completion of the program to help care demonstration, sampling design, prototyping, detailed design, testing, flight preparation, flight and other work.

In 1986 the total transfer Beijing Gu worked as deputy director of science and technology.

I summarize the work and care, under a deep friendship, he is my teacher, is my brother, it is my good friend. I learned from him how to behave, how to do things, how the scholarship, not an exaggeration to say that he is apart from my parents I grew up outside of the most influential person.


no longer protect the Japanese Embassy to try to seek refuge in the DPRK This is so has been 8

Monday, December 12th, 2011

8, because of Japan’s political arena , Reported that the Japanese Embassy to China to make a written guarantee : no longer protect the Japanese Embassy to try to seek refuge in the DPRK This is so has been 8, the Japanese foreign minister and chief cabinet secretary denied

into the embassy . The article said that the Japanese Embassy and Consulate is becoming defectors to go overseas , Off the North China will be treated as

8, the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura repair and Foreign Minister Ichiro Genba are denied . This is the official name of … Full >


Russia’s Northern Fleet spokesman Xie Erjia

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Moderator: Russian Navy this move attracted wide attention from the outside world, then Russia’s intention, is indeed related to the situation with Syria?

However, the Russian military commentators believe that Russia and the U.S. aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean price, Moreover, the Russian aircraft carrier battle groups to go to the main purpose is to cruise the Mediterranean with the Western allies to conduct joint military exercises.

6 announced that the fleet owned by the carrier battle group was composed of ships set sail that day, go to

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