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Relax get rid annoying antidandruff

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Antidandruff absolutely charming men you are killers, dressed in their own assumptions Dunhill black suit tailored to fit the Date go far to walk cool, who can enter at the shoulder to see vague white “snowflakes”, simply Morrison had disadvantages.

Dandruff scalp cells are caused by normal metabolic process, is divided into dry and oily. If you do not wash hair the day it is greasy, then you are oily antidandruff (basically that your skin will be oily); and if you always see the white on the shoulders of small, then you are dry antidandruff.

Whether dry or oily, the way to reduce the antidandruff shampoo in addition to ground outside, but also the election of and the use of suitable shampoo, has also specifically targeted scalp care products, we give you summed up the antidandruff reduce the Small Tips, insisted on using, we can say goodbye antidandruff annoying!

About the hair you need to know

Shampoo to try not to smear on the scalp, which was give you a clean hair used (unless it is specialized products clean the scalp), and contact with the scalp will make it easier antidandruff breeding.

Do not shampoo just casually Chong Chong, must want running water, temples, ears and so on can easily be overlooked parts.

After pouring shampoo directly applied to the hair on it? NO! Water will be molded foaming shampoo hair up and then used, and the use of face cream, like truth, there is a bubble in order to achieve better cleaning results, is that simple.

Always remember to replace shampoo brand, and why? Just as you would usually for the same brand of toothpaste.

Wash your hair with warm water, water temperature overheating will stimulate excessive secretion of scalp oils and fats.

Improper diet may also result in excessive secretion antidandruff, less irritating things, not to drink the transition.

Lack of sleep, nervousness, fatigue can easily antidandruff secretion, to maintain a good mentality.

Seasonal conversion time than usual dandruff secretion will, therefore appropriate to increase the number ofit.

If antidandruff been to many hair-raising stage, recommend the use of medicinal shampoo, put it and the general turn of the use of shampoo, you can effectively reduce the antidandruff.

Experts deny cancer-causing dye

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

According to the Associated Press reported, although a lot of people are worried about hair dyes contain cancer-causing ingredients, hair dyes may increase the risk of cancer, but researchers in Spain through the past 40 years the research results of the overall assessment found that this concern is superfluous hair carcinogenic risk of minimal or even not carcinogenic.

States scientists on the hair line repeatedly whether cancer research

Now, the hair at all over the world become a trend, not only a woman dyeing, a growing number of men also joined the ranks of hair. However, hair will not increase the cancer controversy has not subsided. The latest research report will no doubt trigger a new round of controversy. The report is one-third of Europe and North America over the age of 18 women and hair of 10% over 40 years of age the hair of the health status of men conducted a survey on hair whether it will increase the cancer the risk of repeated research.

Hazardous substances were taken out, hair does not cause cancer are important reasons for

Researchers also careful analysis of the results of previous studies, they found that hair with increased risk of cancer there is no contact between. In some blood disease, lymphatic or bone marrow-related cancers, the prevalence of hair is only a slight chance to increase a bit. Hair dye composition of continuous improvement, a number of harmful substances were taken out, this may be hair trigger is no longer an important cause of cancer.

In the hair can be as little as possible contact with hair dye

American Cancer Society doctor think, the study has merit, but he also acknowledged that the results of this study will not give the controversy surrounding the hair ends. Those who worry that there is the risk of hair dye at the time of the person as little as possible contact with hair dye can, give their own hair when wearing gloves, the use of light colored hair dye.