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water in brief fix

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Make up cotton+great skin water in brief fix
The summer is scorching, want to the very thirsty skin and moisten once, but every day spread an emergency mask and is and harm originally, rather use make up water come wet spread!Absorb the satisfied disguise aqueous disguise cotton, can make the skin quickly been protected water to moisten in the in a short time, it is more likely to choose suitable disguise water according to each skin condition, make the skin satisfiedly drunk water!high level terrace

1, wet spread to make the follow-up maintained to absorb amazingly fast

Wet spread a disguise of water always the way of that day this OL beautiful muscle, super well-known skin in Japan maintains an expert Zuo Bo2 Qian Jin, be support wet spread of main current faction.Make up water wet spread can soften horniness, make the follow-up maintained the composition better absorption, the member small essence liquid, lotion can also at a stretch inhale!

2, in addition to hydrating, return ability the town certainly smooth a skin

Make up water wet spread have already eliminated inflammation in the meantime as well the town settles of the function , after pushing a pimple, use disguise water of whole day however plant pick wet spread the ability town certainly eliminates inflammation, be like imply “gold wisp Mei”, “plantain” and”burdock root” …the etc. composition is an all quite good choice, in the meantime insolation empress of hot very hot skin, can also through wet spread disguise water to smooth.

Wet spread of regulation

1, avert from the eye 週 quick weak skin

Because wet spread is tightly stick a skin and create permeating of closeness environment by the disguise cotton, expert emphasizes, because of on the market much disguise water how much still keep implying spice and alcohol composition, just didn’t°yet be completely clear for composition before the 瞭 , still should avert from slender eye 週 of sensitive skin, in order to prevent make disguise water smoked an eye, make eyes allergic.

2, Huan skin’s fastenning disguise water isn’t suitable for wet spread

Because wet time spreading disguise water contact skin is longer, IPSA hairdressing training chief Xiao Jia Jean the one who suggest to choose a more moderate composition, for example the herbage plant Cui and live spring for good.The one who contain salicylic acid, tartaric acid composition, will never can make wet spread an usage, will bring big incitement to skin of burden, had better also avoid implying disguise water of alcohol composition.

Solve the thirst of skin, still”wet spread” is the best

The summer is scorching, want to the very thirsty skin and moisten once, but every day spread an emergency mask and is and harm originally, rather use make up water come wet spread!The disguise cotton that absorbs satisfied disguise water can make the skin quickly been protected water to moisten in the in a short time, it is more likely to the basis is each skin condition and choose suitable disguise water, let the skin Gu Mao Gu Mao!spoiling LED

Wet spread a disguise water of 8 greatly and particularly

At wet spread, we can be divided into the three greatest areas piece to the face, T word, two cheeks and chin.The forehead is two, nose 樑 1, two cheek one for each, the half in the person, chin half, six slices of total make up cotton.

Point 2, the layering tore into 6 slices

The texture excellent disguise cotton, the plentiful smooth thickness can divide 6 F to tear off, therefore wet spread a cake of can overaly whole faceses, after slowly tearing off, with three greatest area piece for the principal axis continuously cover a skin.

Point 3, the moist degree is full

Moistenning the degree must enough have to want moist not the appearance of drop water, knead to have slight humidity to rush out is the best moist degree.

Point 4, notice the side Cape area piece

Please watch for a nose wing, forehead limit and mouth while sticking disguise cotton Cape ……etc., small area piece easily neglect, then can be all-directions to protect a skin of periostracum!

Point 5, as far as possible expand

Expand disguise cotton the elongation then can cover a whole face the district is possibly.

Point 6, the mineral spring spray fog to repair wet

If disguise cotton side the Cape raises because of doing not gradually arrive disguise water, cans spray fog to make up deficiency a moist degree with the mineral spring.

Point 7, 6 divide wet picked up

Spread talented individual to pick up, will make the skin humidity evaporated more seriously!At most spread for 5-8 minutes, if is a quick weak muscle then not longer than 5 minutes.At make up cotton to still have 6 divide wet picked up, spread in the joint skin of the neck or the coarseness.

Point 8, the follow-up maintain again add code

Wet the skin delicate white finishing spreading hydrate again, please must hurriedly do follow-up of maintain procedure, the periostracum satisfied water degree is the tallest at this time, absorption degree had better, lotion and essence liquid also please to irrigate a skin quickly and quickly, what skin care products all can the rapid murmur murmur drink!

Match good disguise cotton wet spread effect greater

If the disguise cotton didn’t pick well, not only the waste make up water, also make the skin absorption had a bad efficiency, it may be said compensated a madam and fold a soldier.The relationship with disguise water of making up the cotton is “water helps water for fish, fish” and make up cotton to pick make disguise water composition better to permeate so much, the skin absorb double!LED international

1, ductility

The texture good cotton quality disguise cotton, ductility Gao, is easy to pull an exhibition, layering after tearing off, single slice of can with ease overaly a half piece cheeks area.

2, grasp water power

Absorb water dint Gao, just can let disguise water to quickly permeate, after spreading up with not drip come is quasi-, then can ensure that each penny maintains factors to all enter into a skin inside.

3, cotton quality degree

The pure cotton disguise cotton contains certain thickness, the skin touches slippery delicate thin 緻 , and grasping water power and ductilitieses will be more enough.Suggest the disguise cotton that has to not have the car the side in the meantime, better tear off.

eliminate inflammation

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Ice-packing milk can eliminate inflammationGao in the sky

We all understand these steps:Use a sun block to avoid a sunburn, then again multifariously repeated usage.But sometimes, we will forget, or meeting in the sun asleep.Still probably, you participated in a game that hugs and kisses with sunlight, for example beach volleyball.

Is going to to the serious sunburn(for example, rise the red skin of pimple) the doctor cures there.But for a bit piercing, cause an unwell slight sunburn(have no water pimple), we inquired the spokesman of skin cancer foundation Francesca Fusco, got the following suggestion:

1, ice-packing milk

Convenient in a bowl with same quantity of milk, ice-cubes and water, create into cold milk, chase clean cloth permeance, then spread this cloth the part in the sunburn for five minutes.Repeat three times.

The fat of milk, protein and pH have a slow anti- to blaze effect to the skin.Moreover, the lower temperature can make afferent constringency, alleviate anasarca symptom.

2, take a slice of medicine

Department the wood has anti- burning effect, can inhibit to cause red and swollen chemistry material in the skin.

3, use rayDon’t wear loose soft shoes

The LED treatment method makes use of a moderate light wave technique the help decrease blaze disease cell.

The only weakness:You have to look for a treatment in doctor’s office-and the price isn’t thin(or is as expensive as perfect aloe gum than Noxema smooth skin frost at least)

4, the daubery has been refrigerated of perfect aloe gum

The aloe is a kind of plant that has a strong anti- to blaze a function.Put it into refrigerator, will give to make the effect double because of the ice-cold temperature.

5, drink humidity

The whole weekend bathes in the sun, water is a key-particularly at you already the sunburn is barefooted

The liquid uses and re- adds body to the water cooperation of body because of sunlight to lose of humidity to pass importance.Dislike to drink water?The mint ice that can drink point more to have no caffeine tea, add enough anti- oxidizing agent for you in the meantime.

Peg out to unload

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Peg out to unload the makeup in proper order skin to maintain a key
Last makeup to many females, essential to have.The most people useds for the disguise to a great deal of time, but lazy must unload a makeup.In fact this kind of way of doing is very disadvantageous to skin.But unload a makeup to maintain callous square one more, unload a makeup to make it well, the maintaining of beauty has already laid good foundation.Jewelry relations

The eye department unloads makeup DIY

The skin organization of eyes part is weaker, therefore the not proper usage generally sweep thing, should choose that the eye department appropriation unloads a makeup article, and match with to unload makeup technique most gentle and softly, just prevent°from the creation of crease.

Please watch for 1:00 in addition and also, if have already worn a contact lens and remember to must take out first before unloading a makeup, the grease of in order to prevent cosmetics made dirty a mirror slice.

1, unload the makeup article to the eye department of jot first.Pour in making up cotton.

2, put on disguise cotton lightly on the eyelids and make the cosmetics fused in cleansing oil, so can reduce friction, then wipe a clean cosmetics.

The lips department unloads makeup DIY

The lipstick especially done not shed off even wants to cautiously unload a makeup, if doing not use a lips department is appropriative of unload a makeup article, will cause a lips department aridity not already.

1, unload the makeup article to the lips department of jot first, pour in making up cotton.Variation combination

2, disguise cotton lightly from the outside lips go toward in the middle wipe clean.

The eyelash unloads makeup DIY

The eyelash is very near apart from eyes and unload the makeup immodest words and easily make the cosmetics fallen off eyes inside and cause unwell, so the action has to be careful lightly slow.Unloading the makeup article should still choose the eye department appropriation is good.

1, put one to bedew the cotton stick of unloading the makeup article first at up eyelash, another take a to make up cotton in eyes under place, however the Hou is used cotton stick carefully on the eyelash turn to move, let the cosmetics that the clearance drops to fall in making up cotton.

2, descend an eyelash to also unload a makeup in same way.

The face department unloads makeup DIY

Comes back from going out, must use cold frost or deep sweep milk and composition to moderately wash face thing, thoroughly sweep a skin.The skin, easily out-of-the-way powder dirt and dirty mark once made up, so should choose the Jie noodles that suits oneself skin quality thing, then can prevent skin from suffering from injury.

1, prepare first that a few slices make up cotton, is the tools and implements that sweeps a face department.Pour out about one sweeping of teaspoon milk’s in hand mind.

2, will sweep a milk to lightly wipe on the neck, cheek and forehead.

3, is started sweeping by the neck the disguise cotton, gradually move to lower jaw, the cheek, nose and nose lower part and ex- sum and eye department and make up cotton to use later on, should immediately throw , don’t repeat an usage.

4, take one crumb Gan clean disguise cotton, be stained with some disguise water and tap a Wu face department.This one step is suddenly count for much, can remove to sweep a remaining of milk thing and make the skin kept sour alkali equilibrium.Projecting light

5, sweeping of completion face department, and use a disguise water rap after, can use smooth skin frost to moisten a skin, such, skin of the humidity can maintain last long.

If, you in the big four

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

The love, is love, the thing to do, have done. This time, do not want, where not to go to have a look around you, brothers and sisters, immediately, will be separated, break it up, don’t fight, who bullied you despise you, forgive them. There is a white hair old professor’s name, he has to you for your encouraging or approving smile, you have to remember his name, write a letter to him, tell him he is in your inside the University ‘s most respected teacher, wish him good health, no byline, you need not, but whether you or the be of noble character and high prestige teacher, will be to the letter, mind. Even doing nothing, in the dorm stay quiet, smoking, chatting, brag, crazy, or.
You thanked your friends? They cried for you laugh, don’t forget, you lost love, the brothers handed you a bottle of beer, know you are crying, pretending not to see, to accompany you, drunk … … Don’t forget, your birthday, dormitory sisters together, didn’t tell you, suddenly give you a big surprise … … Don’t forget, thank them, you have no time, if it does not say, later, because of, meet next time, may be ten years, may be fifteen years, Environmental protection may also, never seen … …
If you are a boy, don’t go anywhere, and dormitory brothers play poker mahjong ( don’t * * * *, and don’t let dormitory found ), to the playground to play football, it’s warm blood man a cause ( basketball likewise ), played, and brothers to drink, don’t drink, drink to that what he wanted to say, do, is not spit, talking voice is not high, dizzy have caused you and you are not fighting it, preferably, other things are not important, and the brothers troubles, about one does not love you girl, about looking for more work done is not something about the boss may, just when the University due to not understand each other once nearly come to blows … … She said, time is past, then look back, dormitory, is already empty, brothers, were gone, the remaining, only around the beam on the laughing singing or bitterly, you, also on the left … …
If you are a female, in the dormitory stay, let the roommate’s beautiful teach you makeup, later can be used. And the sisters opened slumber party, everyone is so familiar, about unrequited love boy, about the imprint is engraved on my heart. The injury, have a look DVD, tell jokes, want to do bit of thing was too scared to do it now, for example, I smoke, you greedy, want one, I give you up, tell you: don ‘t pumping yeah, just this once! Some of the girls ( which may only one or two formal smokers ) in the hallway or inside the dormitory, say nothing, when looked at butts out. I smoked, but, I know you probably think of the smoke. You know I know, you know, I won’t say anything. Or again, and good friends go to the playground to stroll, the open window, perhaps show music, can be used as a campus radio so loud, sit in the downstairs flower bed, you have four, you don’t need to care about what others think, perhaps the boy upstairs in your request for you to repeat playing” grass”, may also be from upstairs down the rope, help you to play” metalica” manic voice or listen to a would be full of excitement. Beyond, you don’t have to say anything, just listen. Last night, then do some formerly not matter: sisters and drink some wine, but remain awake, deliberately campus policeman before otherwise is passesdestroying your bottle. One night, disposed on each one of the sisters, a last look at your dorm, sun just, that is your memories of a lifetime. Then in your car to pass by the school gate when you save all the whole basket rose into the air … … You are the youth section of the nostalgic true sacrifice … …
When it was time to leave, I know the time is short. Cherish every minute you have now gradually passing time.Thunder

Summer air conditioning

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Summer air conditioning room skin care method
In the hot summer days, anyone want to hide in the air-conditioned room, enjoy the cool wind sends bright moments, but you know” the air conditioning room” is the archenemy of skin? It can make the skin moisture away from the intangible, leading to makeup, skin dryness, and large pores and other problems. So often in the air-conditioned room OL, don’t overlook moisturizing the skin to the ring, and remember the following countermeasures, keep skin moist degree!
One, the air conditioning room temperature and humidity relations
The air-conditioned room temperature of each low 5 degrees, the humidity in the air will be reduced by 20%, so if you can, air temperature not too much, just than the outdoor temperature about 5 degrees can be, let the humidity is maintained for at least 50%, make you and keep your skin in the most gentle and comfortable state.
Two, cold syndrome on 3 may
1 skin, balance water and oilChina coastal scramble
Frequent cold room, hot and cold temperature in alternatively, fragile skin becomes not know what course to take, not only makes the oil secretion disorders, come down for a long time, can cause the skin to become” outside of dry oil” type, difficult to maintain the original state of health.
In 2, the burst dermatitis
When the skin is cold wind, will appear red and swollen, itchy, let a person cannot help being caught with the hand, thus cause peeling or marks. This situation often occurs on often in cold condition skin, is likely to cause the air conditioner filter unclean, so that bacteria, coupled with the skin for a long time by cold wind pumping water, causing” dry skin irritation” problem.
3, air conditioning disease
In the absence of fresh air under the office work, not only affect the skin, even may cause symptoms and cold or heat stroke similar air conditioning disease, joint ache, limb weakness, attentional decline phenomenon.
Internal and external moisture resistance to dry you know three, inner and outer moisture resistance to dry you know?
Inherent moistureLED grain efficiency
In 1, the most simple internal moisture law course is to drink plenty of water, let the body and skin to absorb water, on the new supersedes the old. And detoxification has a very big help. Suggest drinking 8 glasses of water every day more, make the body absorb enough moisture.
2, pay attention to drink plenty of water way, never to be the body dry before drinking, because at this time to add moisture to late. For often forget to drink OL, can use the way of drinking straw, to maintain the body and skin of water storage.
3, coffee and tea is to have a diuretic effect, but they will make the skin becomes dry, should drink less. And every day do not ingest more than 1 cup.
External resistance to dry
1, conditional word, in the desk set near a electronic humidifier, automatically replenish the moisture in the air.
In 2, producing a bottle of moisturizing spray, for the skin. Spring water spray have very good Shu Min, sedation, but not water, moisturizing, transient soothing after skin will be dry, still, need to constantly make spray. Relatively speaking, added hyaluronic acid, aloe essence, rose water and other components of the mist, moisturizing effect will last longer. Every 2 hours for the skin moisturizing spray, spray, with finger tapping, through skin absorption capacity better tepid.
3, coated with moisturizing cream before, remember to essence base, so that it not only can make moisturizing ingredients can more readily penetrate skin, it can make water lock effect is better, the skin moisture lock. If it is dry skin words, suggested the use of containing hyaluronic acid, collagen and other moisturizing ingredients, which can sustain keratinocyte health, prevent skin moisture loss.
In 4, an office based skin care products, every day at noon or skin feels dry time, wash away, or use the wet towel to face up dust, moisturizing lotion, moisturizing cream and the sunscreen products — can be omitted or skin care used by a lot of essence. If you are prepared to work overtime at night, and more in a day plus a” wet meal”.LED industry
5, in addition to the attention of face skin moisturizing work, don’t forget the body skin, such as brothers, the lips are often exposed to the outside, remember to regularly sprayed with moisturizing body lotion or balm.
Air conditioning room” Blush” phenomenon, how to deal with the four air conditioning room” Blush” phenomenon, how to deal with?
1, do not stay up late. Although the summer day night, but the Chinese still advocated in the summer to late, recuperate and build up energy. In order to health, in order to be beautiful, don’t stay up late again.
In 2, the full moisturizing. If it is easy redness of the skin, should be long-term use no spices, no alcohol, no ( irritant ) antiseptic skin care products. Can also be used for skin of red Shu Min essence milk as a moisturizing cream with moisturizing cream, or when the isolation frost use, can effectively reduce the skin by external stimulation after allergic reactions, reduces redness.
3, if is the skin of red blood, red blood wire repair essence can be used for local repair, it can strengthen the wall of blood vessels, inhibit capillary vessel dilatation, make partial thin epidermal thickened gradually, enhance the protection force. Want the special attention is, with the use of other products also must ensure the safety, no stimulation, but not in any way to horny, including the use of clay, scrub or has the effects of cleaning products and massage cream.
4, sunscreen every day, try to reduce UV skin damage. The best selection of pure substance rationality sunscreen sunscreen and sunscreen, the stimulation of the skin to a minimum.

Share youth to protect a skin method

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Lightly familiar Jiao water is as usual delicate to share youth to protect a skin method of television drama 《the big Tang female cruise to press 》what to relate is the ruling period of Wu Ze Tian, the imperial government corrupt official is corrupt and treat human life as grass, the female cruises to press Xie Yao Huan with lend he or she’s sensitive to the case and keep the personality of Zhao, uncover the story of a pillar Yuan case.For why plays that play, Jiao means, “because this person’s thing is a historical strange woman, and the tang dynasty is the history period that I like very much this ages and plus oneself love to see detective story, girl of television be an officer of also quite a little, all come right away to try.”led lighting design

Jiao recent years the lord offend to clap hinterland television drama and movie and in 100 favours take time to Buddha mountain in April, this year attendance protect a skin brand activity, she again and again earns renminbi to she’s recent years, the income greatly increases, and the mood is very excited.80 rush three behind of Jiao, the nursing maintains to pretty much pay attention to at ordinary times and pay attention to fair defend to insolate and deep sweep, although there is some eye bag on the pure white face, don’t influence as well the delightfully fresh nature of Jiao.

I am all-directions to defend to insolateled grow lights

Protect skin brand in the Buddha mountain activity in, the Jiao protect skin insight in the on the stage sharing.She says:”I usually all want to clap outdoor scene and all isn’t afraid of to tan a skin, because I do to defend to insolate time meticulous.My all-directions sun block particularly definitely drinks a great deal of water and juice in summer, natural and beneficial skin.”

Keep a skin to sweep

The Jiao was candid in saying that his/her own skin looks delicate don’t  depend those exorbitant price skin care products, but depend a day of protecting of long backlog skin good habit.Keep the skin to sweep this possibly the key unload a makeup to use Jie noodles again behind every day very the milk wash two times of faces, moreover pure black head, also want to insist to the horniness, every week 1-2 times had better.led home lighting

Milk is fair

Wanting skin white is temporary young and delicate, Jiao says sooner or later every day two cups low fat milk essential to haves, in addition to drinking, wet milk and pearl powder paper film after mixing agitation spreads a face, the effect of the fair bright skin is also very outstanding, and since economic and convenient.Musting insist is just effective.

Heat an emergency mask to give first aid tired permit

Want to repair a dark dumb skin, the Jiao think to heat an emergency mask to give first aid.When the skin appears a dry dark dumb circumstance, the Jiao has make first aid effect double of good method, that is an emergency mask heating.The emergency mask that using the hot water won’t open over-wrap bag soaks about around 3 minuteses and spreads a face again after, essence after heating more easy drive skin absorption, effect nature more outstanding.

The soap bubbles dispels a pox12 volt led lighting

Want the pimple has no Zong, the Jiao thinks that the soap bubbles is very effective.Because the skin is some to be partial to oil and plus often ascend makeup, the face of Jiao ascend to occasionally also come out a pimple, if appear this kind of condition, the small secret of Jiao is to use a soap to tee off a foam in Wen Shui, after use a foam to wash face, specially want to sweep the position of growing the pimple, spray fog and low quick smooth skin article just with the mineral spring after washing clearly.Directly wash face with the soap to cause skin excessively dry very easily, so want to use the foam of soap.

It’s face radiating health to exercise every day

Want the skin healthily has brilliance, the Jiao thinks to insist every day that sport is count for much, perspire in sport is exactly for whole body the skin do to deeply sweep a row at a time poison, and sport after bathe again wipe skin care products, increase a lot while willing also compare a peacetime usage for the absorption of nourishment composition.Jogging and have dancing of strength is the Jiao like most of way.led lighting automotive

composition to quickly

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

See the reason recognize a composition to quickly fight a pox to palliate and cure origin
The skin care products is too”stuffy”, the skin can not breathe page 2: the excesssive usage defend to bask an article, the skin emits the pox page 3 because of being irritated: make a human pyramid sort daubery skin care products, cause pore to block page 4:unload makeup ill success, leave a heap of dirt page 5 in the pore:sweep excessively, cause to secrete more oils

Once walks from the awkward age of we, “stays youth not to stay a pox” slogan like this we shouted 10,000 times 10,000 times, but, the awkward age has been already led of we, seeming to be still didn’t overrun pimple, this unprogressive military watch tower.They are like to form into groups the bedbug that the dead ties up a lousy dozen and continue long not and extremely, the spring breeze blows and livings.So, you had to once think and only because never and with accuracy found out their sources for you!

The skin care products is too”stuffy”, the skin can not breathe

Cause pimple index number:★★★★

Condition 1, like to use over- sticky and ikky hydration essence, but this kind of is sticky and ikky because high mark son the gum is too many and make skin stuffy airtight, finally suppressed pimple.

Condition 2, used closeness to goodly nourish cream, isn’t that”gum” is stuffy, but”oil or wax” are stuffy.Similarly airtight, the pimple is followed.

How to do:Little use sticky sticky of essence!Usually look to have no oil of, the transparent gum similar sticky quality, all is with water maintain composition for bottom, again with high mark son gum to increase dense.Using to point stomach will be like the slippery agreeable touch of the pure sort for livinging an egg, this because the gum quality is excessive and make the oneself permeated sex low, use many also rub a scraps scraps.This kind of essence had better first have to help to permeate guided disguise water with the point while using.Gold rate achieves

The excesssive usage defends to bask an article, the skin emits a pox because of being irritated

Cause pimple index number:★★★★★

Defend to bask composition to contain 2 types, physical suntan lotion and chemistry suntan lotion.(elaborate on it is thus clear that 120 expect 《defend to bask number Ji especially 》)The principle that the chemistry defends to bask absorbs ultraviolet ray, again goes out through the lowest thermal energy conversion, the biggest weakness of this composition is stimulative bigger and easily cause sensitive, and the chemistry suntan lotion big part is lipid solubility, so the quality is sticky and ikky.Skin often because of excessively defend to bask, but cause a pimple.

How to do:Suggest to easily grow the oil of the pimple a muscle, don’t use is higher than spf 30| pas+++of Gao doubly defend and bask an article, more many because the number is more high and contain chemistry and defend and bask composition, the stimulative is more and easily more big to cause sensitive and pimple.Defend to bask spf 15| pas at ordinary times++of multiple enough, had better choose physical suntan lotion.(two oxidize titanium and butter of zinc)Beat umbrella more, wear hat more and wear the sun mirror.Remind once, used a sun block, returned to a house to want to immediately unload a makeup+wash face, 1 can not loaf on job!

Make a human pyramid sort daubery skin care products, cause pore to blockThe great gram

Cause pimple index number:★★★★

Maintaining a step is too many and use each time 6 kinds of above, cause skin’s bearing too many incitements that complicated compositions and radicle quality increased to the skin.But the product piled excessively and paint the quantity is excessive, and then block outward important contact passage of skin pore, cause a pimple thus.

How to do:The decrease protects skin step and dosage, jelly gum, gel and essence, this is all higher, don’t use in the meantime, although they don’t contain to the composition of pox, make a human pyramid the usage of sort can also force a pimple.

Unload makeup ill success, leave a heap of dirt in the pore

Cause pimple index number:★★★★☆

Condition 1:Unload the makeup wet tissue literally once wiped and felt that the makeups all unloaded, but, very sorry, the pore didn’t sweep.

Condition 2:Make up but lazy must unload a makeup, wash face just with the cleanser.

How to do:After going home every day, as far as possible at and at that time in order to next three step, unload makeup thoroughly, clean face.

1, paint the cleansing oil is at the dry face, the gentleness massages about 2 minutes on the face.(the skill has to be light and soft, too heavy easily foul stuff press the pore)

2, need make-up after floating and use the half wet towel or wash face a sponge to wipe off the cleansing oil of eye, lips department lightly, use Wen Shui again to lightly press, need a cleansing oil after emulsifying lotion-like in shape use water blunt drop.The Chinese gold

3, use to moderately wash the noodles milk washes face as usual, the massage still keeps keeping gentle and soft, hair border the line and chin etc. easily neglect of dead angle, uses Wen Shui blunt clean.

Super in brief fair

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Super in brief fair five kinds of water drink up spot
Face an irritating face department spot whether you have ever tried a lot of fair methods?In fact, several in brief small ways, can “drink” spot for you!The animal jewelry’s

Drink everyday 1 cup tomato juice can prevent and cure freckle

Drink everyday 1 cup tomato juice can prevent and cure freckle to drink everyday 1 cup tomato juice or usually eat tomato, have better function to the prevention and cure freckle.Because contain abundant vitamin c in the tomato, is praised as “the warehouse of vitamin c”.The vitamin c can repress the activity of Lao ammonia sour Mao inside the skin and effectively reduce the formation of melanin and make skin white thus delicate, the black spot fades away.

The big rice cucumber gruel prevention and cure dispels a spotKnot’s place

The big rice cucumber gruel prevention and cure dispels a spot to take a big rice 100 gram, the fresh delicate cucumber is 300 grams of, the refined salt is 2 grams of, and the ginger is 10 grams.Wash a cucumber clearly, go to skin and cut into thin slice to the heart.The big rice Tao cleans, the ginger washes clap clearly to ground.Fill with water about 1000 milliliters inside the pot, place fire up, descend big rice, ginger, the martial fire changes to use text fire to slowly cook to a rice after boiling lousy go into a cucumber slice at present, again cook to soup dense, go into a refined salt seasoning then.Two Wen Fu on the first, can lustrous skin, dispel a spot and reduce weight.

Often drink lemon juice, can white delicate skin

Often drink lemon juice, can the white delicate skin stir a lemon juice, add rock sugar to just the right amount drink.There is abundant vitamin c in the lemon, contain vitamin c in 100 grams of lemon juice can be up to 50 milligrams.In addition still imply calcium, Lin, iron and b clan vitamin etc..Often drink lemon juice, not only can white delicate skin, keep skin from blood vessel aging, get rid of face dye spot, and still have the function that prevent and cure the artery hardening.

Black fungus dispels in addition to black spot

Black fungus dispels in addition to the black spot takes black fungus 30 grams of, the red date is 20.Wash black fungus clearly, the red date checks and fills with water just the right amount and cooks half for around hour.One for each early everyday and after the dinner.Usually take a food, can retain youthful looks to dispel a spot, strongly built plentiful muscle, Be counteracted to the treatment face black spot, form thin.Black fungus in this recipe, 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》medium jot down it can go to noodles up the black spot.Black fungus can smooth skin, prevent°from the skin aging big Zao and medium benefit spirit, the Jian Pi smooth skin, have already helped black fungus to dispel in addition to black spot.

Clap a face by fresh carrot juice after washing face sooner or later everydaySecretion package

Clap a face to grind up fresh carrot with fresh carrot juice crowded juice, take 10-30 milliliters, sooner or later everyday after washing face, clap a face by fresh juice, tap face with the hand of Tu You plant oil after needing stem.Drink everyday in addition 1 cup carrot juice have already dispeled a spot function as well.Because the carrot implies abundant vitamin an at first.The vitamin a could convert into vitamin an in the body at first.The vitamin a has the function of slippery smooth and strong and healthy skin, and can prevent and cure skin coarseness and freckle

20 lately recruit

Friday, July 8th, 2011

20 lately recruit to break skin care products not to dint of evil curse
Owned a lot of skin care products bitterness bitterness to protect a skin, still kept disappearing an amendment?Don’t disappoint, this regroups for battle with first hand and fresh hairdressing beautiful move, make the perfect skin that you leave without the dead angle nearer one-step.

The chicken tail bartender wet method chicken tail bartender wet method

Hydrating a work to also be like to make chicken tail wine is similar, as long as you add a rightness to anticipate and hydrated effect can immediately the layer Be tired to add.Be in fashion in the United States now for example this recruits:Mix aloe juice with a few lotus lotus Ba You together, at the skin, daubery’s a short moment behind flush with the cold water rap.Both of the mixture is like superficial 1 F of skin natural cover, effectively insulate the environment of skin and dry water shortage.In the daytime, the skin feels draw tight in the air condition environment, dry, paint at any time, is delicious hydration chicken tail wine of the very thirsty skin.

Under the freezing point of under the skin”protecting is fresh” freezing point of the skin”protecting is fresh”

Face department and the body SPA building that Ole Henriksen conducts in Los Angeles are the public praise red stores that the super star love patronizes, he teaches to us an at home can also carry on of skin nursing secret recipe:”Small small one system ice space can easily let you of HOME SPA even has results to show an effect.”The method is easy:Putting apple juice infusion system ice space into refrigerator is frozen.Become the juice ice-cubes of solid empress to gentle and softly spread on the skin, keep the malic acid in juice in deep freeze to there is geezer anti- decrepitude effect.You will feel that the skin were like to experience a mini tight skin orthopedics Shu!

As long as you defend to bask, don’t false noodles as long as you defend to bask, don’t false noodles

Whether you also has same career, while sun block is rising to insulate ultraviolet ray, all shield good complexion and refreshing skin after, the face was like to wear mask.Try this small method:After adding 1-2 drops of lighting liquid(liquidilluminator) mixture in the sun block of about one teaspoon paint again, immediately help you get away from dreary have no light of greasy false side.

Make the nursing oil ordered a bright skin to make the nursing oil ordered a bright skin

The life of busyness always has a liking for the skin the ash Be dark to have no light, enriching glossy facial appearance not only shows vitality more the visual effect, but also is natural”make-up article” of the plain Yan fancier.Try to join to contain the nursing oil that jasmine extracts in the middle of protecting skin system everyday, choose in a week that 3-4 nights avert from an eye for week before sleeping, painting the skin is at the whole face.Jasmine extract has an abundant anti- to oxidize ability, ability effective improvement skin color, and be full of the sheen of young girl sort the skin.Even if you are an oil a skin, similar can trust an usage, even actress MollySlims also doesn’t want to put it away.

Keep off sweet cutthroat

Seem the everyones all know a sugar and skin healthy relation, but you whether really divide little sugar did this matter put into action?The sugar is one of the chief criminal who disturbs hormone and inducts a pimple, the food is much sugar was like to get sweet cutthroat of gentle and soft one knife.Even if is a staple food, nutritionist also suggests to as far as possible eat low-carbs food more, for example without sugar black bread etc..

Hide an easy concealment text of text body the body is easy

Go to different situation, want to temporarily cover a text body?The method is easy.Sweep text body and the skin district of surroundings first, then use small of the disguise brush and dip and take highly hide the foundation cream of the Xia effect daubery the part is at the text body, then use in the foundation cream of face department and lightly cover up then with the peacetime.

Hold tight beeswax depilation the inning hold tight beeswax depilation inning

If you want to try to lose hair beeswax, might as well choose autumn winter this best opportune moment.At this time, wear the sleeveless packs of the season have been already ended, this grows an excesssive stage had better control.As long as since September or October, insist periodically doing beeswax depilation monthly, till the time in summer, you need to handle some small armpit hairs for all right.

Make to order your body to hide a Xia milk to make to order your body to hide a Xia milk

The extravasated blood, scar formation on the body skin allows of no to neglect.They will slowly become the brown spot that is darker to sink than the color of original skin.The hairdressing expert’s suggestion BE, measure a body to make to order the most suitable match to ownly hide Xia of product, precipitate each a cake of the dyes all cover up.Concrete way of doing BE, mix the body milk of ancient bronze work lotion and daily usage, wipe in the part of having the minor faults.Do like this, also have additionally surprised pleased send-you will own a Buddha of imitate to just be kissed a sort by the sunlight of gold color skin.

quickly quasi- malicious repair

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

The quickly quasi- malicious repair basks “close a male face” behind
The skin that basks behind not only has fever, flushes, will even result in spot spot’s ordering and last long down, the skin will suffer from the injury that can not converse etc..To not make the skin hidden time bomb, the most important is to work well to bask to repair behind of work, but work well to bask behind repair, the point wants to understand the degree of sunburn again.

Nasty do after basking 1, bask behind nasty do:Quickly reduce the heat, in great quantities repair water, moderate sweep

Quickly reduce the heat:No matter how the degree of the sunburn is, and at that time all want to reduce the heat for skin inside.Let the whole individual of the temperature decline down first and hurtle Wen Shui Zao(avert from a face department), or drink one cup cold drink quietly and blow breeze.In great quantities repair water:Bask the skin needs most behind of be in great quantities drink humidity, decline “fire” by water.After”drink”ing foot and living spring, pure water, and soft skin water…etc. to make skin town quiet, the condition nature of swollen and inflamed can fade away greater half

Moderate sweep:If there is still make-up on the face remain, that says for the skin of sunburn, but double incitement, your demand thoroughly sweeps this time.The skin should even be used after basking moderate Jie noodles product, rise a bubble how much will have some stimulative, so general need not foam too abundant of product.(the amino acids rises bubble of excepted)

Repair after basking:A lot of brands after all releasing exclusively bask repair a product, you need their help very much this time, because all of them are the demands that aims at to bask after the skin to develop to develop of, can not only nicely smooth a town to settle a skin, but also can help the repair of cell oneself, keep creation from basking a spot.

Slowly do after basking 2, bask behind slowly do:Rapid ice-packing, nourish an emergency mask, fair thin spot, deep repair

Rapid ice-packing:Hydration’s spraying fog is good, the cool water, ice-cubes spreads a face also good, the common purpose is cold to spread to reduce the heat.But if the apace cold heat replaces, willing stimulate the skin of sunburn is already.Should wait until skin and body temperature first to stabilize normal level, again come to reduce the heat for the skin of sunburn.

Nourish an emergency mask:The having to smooth the repairing of function surface film can certainly help a skin sooner repair, but, if you of the face still just red and swollen hurts, that had better give it any additional incitement and burden and waited symptom to fade away to do again not late.

Fair thin spot:Drive sunburn after, probably you of the first reaction is a skin to become black, but, the appearance of skin is very unsteady this time and whether how sunburn degree is or not, all probably produces not bearing of the mightiness to be subjected to reaction to the fair composition and probably immediately feel hurts and incitement, so, canning not definitely become nervous after basking is fair.

Deep repair:The skin been suddenly and violently basked may make you double to love, very anxious to use all deep repairs to all come up to make up.But, the just like nursing patient needs simple elegance food similar, if eat and drink too much at one meal every day, excessive nourishment will bring excessive burden to body.The skin of sunburn equally can not bear so many nourishments, because skin after being damaged, the cell basically can not absorb.

Take the seat a quickly malicious quasi- repair sunburn to the number the skin take the seat a quickly malicious quasi- repair sunburn to the number skin

When you of the skin temperature starts going up, the trouble of sunburn not only only feels scorching hot so simple, symptoms follow, from short date of water shortage dry, arrive the color spot that the ultraviolet ray results in with aging, each enough make to protect skin heart to slice of you don’t already have a headache.The underneath after aiming at a dissimilarity to bask the symptom lets you”take the seat to the number”!

Symptom a:The water shortage explodes skin symptom a:The water shortage explodes skin

Skin symptom:The skin loses sheen and draws tight aridity after basking, the hand is rough, and the part appears skin scraps and uses to protect a skin article to contain piercing feeling.

The method of SOS:

Repair an emergency mask after basking is basks for the aridity the skin repairs behind water of choose so much, if there is in hand no this product, can use disguise the cotton gradually moderate disguise water, spread in the skin dry place.The choice of disguise water wants with moderate is heavy, if spread to make up water to then have to be specially careful with the fair type, if choose to properly and surely kill two birds with one stone, but the radical fair composition may also aggravate a skin the aridity is to the sensitive.The skin aridity will give a makeup to even paint the sun block bring trouble, one hydrates essence to work out these problems on the biggest degree.Use before the bottom makeup and the sun block, or mix an usage with bottom makeup, contribute to on the dry skin to create to as far as possible and perfectly defend to insolate effect and makeup.

Symptom two:Red and swollen sensitive

Skin symptom:The skin becomes itchy to flush and feels scorching hot and seem to get a fever, the companion contains some intensively small pimples, severity will appear erythema, dropsy, even water pimple wait allergic symptom.

The method of SOS:

Many bask to repair products to all join to reduce the heat a town to settle composition behind, bring a fresh and cool felling for skin.The in hand head didn’t exclusively bask behind repair and maintenance thing of time, will protect a skin article to put into refrigerator to after refrigerating the room use again everyday, also have similar effect.

The sensitive that prevents inflammation and further incitement from bringing at this time is also very important and as far as possible avoid wiping face with the rough fabric, decrease hand to skin of need not touch to touch, the appropriate usage implies anti-virus eliminate inflammation the hairdressing of composition of article, for example aloe juice of the dilution etc., can lower skin inflammation to be suffused with red and several rates.

Symptom three:Crease, the pore bulky symptom after basking three:The crease, pore is bulky after basking

Skin symptom:After basking face department skin flabby become thin, the pore is bulky, the part of skin flimsiness is like eye Cape and mouth Cape, along with the facial expression variety, easily appear a fine line.

The method of SOS:

Generally speaking, the fine line can pass to repair water to get part to alleviate after basking, but this solution of usually is a superficial phenomenon.For have already gone deep into the fine line of periostracum the following, alleviate and the creation of the prevention more serious condition, the anti- that wants to solve a skin first oxidizes a problem.The irradiation of ultraviolet ray makes the skin produced a great deal of free radicals and accelerates cell to oxidize and bring flabby, be suffused with problems, such as Huang and fine line…etc., imply anti-s, such as vitamin C and derivatives…etc. to oxidize a composition product, can the creation of effective Zu shot free radicals, and and have fair effect.

The repair and maintenance is under the sunlight and the free radicals damaged skin cell, adds a collagen and wins Mao through a hairdressing article etc. material, make the skin recovered tight to flexible, is the second step that the processing basks after the fine line.This compares to while cleaning body disease and strengthens immunity dint and”eat tonic food” in good time, makes the skin recovered vitality and weighs to get a freshman.