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you rushed to have no

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Adult’s pox 7 greatest mistake area you rushed to have no
The awkward age contains pimple, the adulthood expects to have results to show person’s pox.Don’t say the pimple is more healthy and lined up poison for you, the pimple is a toxin.If you were healthy, toxin couldn’t eject a body by the form of pimple.Lead the awkward age still had in person wanting of the pimple harassment to notice, probably be because you of”I how how think” but harmed oneself, has 7 greatest mistakes area your mistake been already rushed?

Adult’s pox:Also call “empress puberty pimple”, many change with environment, pressure incitement, bad of living habit, day and night reverse of the daily timetable relevant, and much hair at the chin, lips Cape the U form area of the neighborhood.Adult’s pox often and pressure, sleep shortage, tired, Huang Ti Su secrete excessive, constipation etc. the mind and body metabolize badly germane.Adult the pox take place on the female body of all the rate is more than male high, the city female of 25-35 years old mixture skin stirs up adult’s pox most easily.For the formation reason of adult’s pox:BE on the other hand used the not appropriate and causable by cosmetics, LED optoelectronicssecondly the pressure of human body acceptance greatly and indirectly becomes the chief culprit that grows a pimple.

Adult’s pox 7 greatest mistake area

Mistake area 1, the naked skin can take leave the oil-field muscle mistake area 1, the naked skin can take leave an oil-field muscle

Living mistake area:Widespreadly thought to grow a pimple and then should keep daubery from moistenning the protecting of type skin article, even is what all not.”Naked skin” will turn worse skin humidity to run off, on the contrary will strengthen to the stimulative of the skin.

The skin is stimulated by mightiness, will secrete more greases to protect, the facial blotting tissue more absorbs oil more many is exactly this truth.

Correct way of doing:Should choose to have no oiliness ground refreshing hydration 啫 Li daubery, especially the grease secrete prosperous T area.

Mistake area 2, the sun block can not use mistake area more 2, the sun block can not much use

Living mistake area:The ultraviolet ray radiation of super burden will cause horniness’ having confusion metabolism and make the skin sour to turn, Lines of the palmtherefore cause pore to block the hair bag even is burning.The dye that will make the pox printed the scar of pox precipitates to aggravate.

Correct method:20 minutes before going out must paint sun block, hang quality clearness to defend to insolate index number commonness then.

Mistake area 3, absolutely can not make up mistake area 3, absolutely can not make up

Living mistake area:Old mama will often say:”Grow a pimple, will never want a disguise, will be infected.”In fact and otherwise.The naked makeup of moderation, work the simple attire is all OK of, as long as bear in mind to sweep a work to want thoroughly can.

Correct method:Because the make-up product of water Gao probably implies mineral quality, will stimulate a skin and block pore and to choose the product of natural composition while purchasing make-up.

Mistake area 4, by hand point a daubery concealer

Living mistake area:Lazy person one clan by hand and directly paints for the sake of the diagram convenience concealer to hide Xia, in fact so more easy kidney harm grows the place of pimple.

Correct method:Choose a small makeup to sweep, have to take the concealer deeper than skin color to carry on hiding Xia.

Mistake area 5, control a pox and then can say a religious festival mistake area 5, control a pox and then can say a religious festival

Living mistake area:The appropriation on the market controls the product of pox mainly is aim at a regulating of pimple nursing and weigh is controling oil,romance how do go to horniness.But adult’s pox mainly because spirit and endocrine cause, the disease nasty and disorderly hurl’s curing is what Yao is used.

Correct way of doing:Adult’s pox takes out a demand part daubery lotion or gel then, if pimple situation more serious, suggest out-patient service to cure.

The mistake area washes face mistake area 10 times in 6, 1 days 10 times in 6, 1 days to wash face

Living mistake area:It is far far not enough to only depend to sweep face and clean of multifarious will turn worse skin quality to secrete, let a pimple more without restraint.

Correct way of doing:Should choose to have no oil and moderately wash noodles milk, normal frequency Jie noodles then, Jie noodles behind choose nonalcoholic great skin water hydration.Keep skin from becoming dry become thin.

Mistake area 7, usually the usage whet the sand cream mistake area 7, usually use to whet a sand cream

Living mistake area:The skin horniness whets a sand product, to stimulating of skin over even will make skin damaged greatly.The emergency mask that still has already tored to pull a property at this time also not proper usage, will rip off inflammation.

Correct way of doing:Whet a sand cream to particularly carry on to T area to sweep, use nourishment hydration type emergency mask, moderately promote metabolism.

10 years old isn’t dreams

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Avert from a hairdressing mistake the area reduce an age 10 years old isn’t dreams
The hairdressing of many peacetimes habitually will imperceptibly make us older, as long as you avert from these mistake areas and rectify a false hairdressing habit, aren’t dreams for young 10 years, today we Luo’s row familiar 10 greatest hairdressings mistake area,China grass’s see you have these false habit.

Mistake area a:Don’t go to horniness

The age is more old, time cost for sheding off dead skin cell will be more long.In other words, the obscure skin color keeps on of time is more long.But as long as do a to arrive at the home a week two can easily recover the skin young sheen to the horniness.And still have an additional advantage be, after going to horniness, the anti- decrepitude product of each MMs can absorb better.

Mistake area two:Neglect a hand to maintain

Originally hand will reveal your body part of true age most class flower, diligently protecting a skin the fans is absolute will feel ashamed because of forgetting a hand nursing.Every two weeks, use to whet the sand product help hand, the skin cleans horniness.(use in the face department same product then)Want to paint to take to there is the hand cream to defend to insolate effect every morning in addition, or direct the face department defends to insolate to paint in hand carry on the back, use to imply vitamin AN or Q10 every evening of the product of compositions is tightly in hand to carry on the back to massage to keep a skin by resisting crease to.If the MMs have already had the problem of insolation spot, can also use in hand the fair product, can also see quite good effect.

Mistake area three:Need not sun block

The MMs may sometimes forget to brush teeth before sleeping, but we can never forget to do to defend to bask.All of most of the crease fine lines is BE caused by the insolation, so daytime need not defend to bask you have to pay for it.Want to bask a product with the defending of wide table on the face, is also can resist defending of UVA and UVB to bask a product in the meantime.Needs to spend several more seconds just every morning, can decelerate skin decrepitude very effectively.

The 6 greatest make-ups mistake area-make you old to annoy a horizontal autumn

Mistake area a:The foundation cream covers up a fine line

If make the foundation cream stayed around a fine line up, think that foundation cream’s covering up crease was very effective and gravely mistaken.Paint on the crease a great deal of existence that the foundation cream on the contrary only to make it conspicuous and exaggerate them more.Make up measure:Ascend over foundation cream after,new product meetinguse to be stained with to have disguise water of of the disguise cotton is gentle and soft on the face of press press.Can take to stay around the foundation cream on the fine line so, make the effect of end softer natural.

Mistake area two:Don’t draw informer

Arrive certain get age, outside eye Cape how much will start next hang, but informer and mascara can cover up this problem for you.Copies the worthy of a look line with the black eyeliner, become thin gradually at the outside eye Cape informer, can disguise seductive eyes effect that has already promoted a tight utmost effect fruit.Connect down, clip an eyelash with the eyelash, previous two mascara(Xian long+thick airtight), the eyelash like this will make the eyelid in a twinkling lifted to pull and make eyes been full of countenance.

Mistake area three:Use wrong lipstick

The lipstick of metal color or colourful iridescence’s lookinging at in the T on the stage may make the person pretty much move, but they say for the age largish MMs be not fit together too much.The better choice is:Use to take some Shan powder but isn’t a specially shining lipstick.

Mistake area four:Use cold tone eye shadow

The cold tone eye shadow that metal color fastens suits the kid of senior high school more.Because they will make you have a liking for to go to too and seriously also highlight your eye Cape fine line.Whereas, using those products with soft flashlight effect can make the MMs looked young and in high spirits.

Massage while protecting

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Massage while protecting a skin
A data survey result prove, the massage can make the effect increased 17% while being your usage to protect a skin article!17% means what, noodles frost of 400 dollars immediately increases in value 68 pieces;Take effect for 28 days and expect only for 24 days ……sound to sell at a discount to be worth than the market many, but why not expensive move bowels proper still does the nobody have?Too troublesome, take a lot of time, the skill is too professional, you have a heap of reason, actual you misunderstood massage, it is that the piece chokes the matter son that literally rubs punctually, so easy!

Everyone knows that massaging is beneficial but difficult to insist these to don’t do one the honor of concern I comprehend!

Small four:I feel that the massage is a specially professional piece matter, what acupuncture points lymphoid, my having no confidence don’t patiently fix as well!Efficiently economize

Editor:Who say that the massage is the technical ability that the professional then can do, in fact you are from the last primary school beginning and have already controled “1234 four white caves …… the round pare off eye socket” that the very professional massage method is an eye health care to hold and usually shout in big trumpet what of, is accelerating the tiny circulation of skin, help old discard a corneous metabolism, this set of do down much more professional than the massage parlor.Well-known hairdressing in Japan edits together a rattan smoked once say, quality and hand of skin got in touch with its time direct proportion.That’s right, the skin needs most of isn’t a silk doesn’t differ ground to seek quasi- acupuncture points and aim at lymph, but your hand starts getting in touch with it and dauts it, this is the trip of a massage of beautiful muscle.

Kitty elder sister:Each brand protects skin articles to all have a set of special massage skill, don’t know to use where grow simply need not!industry in succession

Editor:This is also the editor ever very confused of place, almost each brand had a set of belonged to his/her own massage method, also specially sought an expert, master and graduate school to make to order an exclusive massage set of road even while releasing each series, but you had to discover, became 100 up to thousand to massage none of method outside what time, lymphoid circulating, the acupuncture points point pressed, directions all from under highest, the strategies was all going against all aging phenomenons to carry on, you chose 1 kind should ten thousand become also definitely not wrong.Actually as long as use your felling comfort, relax of skill and face contact, is a good massage, even if you have no patiently illustrate whole of massages understand, still don’t hinder a skin to enjoy that to 17%ly increase in value service.

Sleeves:Massage have to definitely can be used to massage a cream, otherwise have been already pulled and dragged and hurt to the skin?

Editor:The cow Er teacher once introduced, massaging the cream would never be the only product that can use to massage, in fact a bottle of disguise water, noodles frost can carry on massage, principle be in the skin under the clean circumstance.Massage a cream because imply a more grease, more suitable for a long time and the skill complicated massage, but other product, suit more to in brief relax massage in 5 minutes.What you worry pulls and drags to hurt a skin, and not only is the reason of the massage, actually 80% skins pull and drag injury, all is come from 1 are eager to begging of heart, because hope to see right away a face department promote effect, but devote major efforts ground and regardless of skin feeling ground rub skin, this is to result in a harmful key sticking point.The initial principle of massage is skin felling comfort, regardless use what product, standard all use the comfortable feeling of the skin as to compute time to choose skill, everything is getting more.

Pill fork fork:My skin is specially thin, being like my skin like this already does the basic farewell massage?

Editor:If you wipe two times with the disguise cotton at ordinary times the skins will be red, be a very likely to be skin wall very thin person, but not isn’t suitable for massage and massage oneself is the contact of the hand and face, no one isn’t suitable for, only want to choose to suit own.The massage wants to take comfort index as a premise first, your felling skin has been already pulled and dragged and be suffused with red, a little bit lighter, or change to use to press to press, the palm warm up of method.Secondly insulating is in hand and the lying of of the face quality special importance, protecting the grease in the skin article is the best lubricant, can consumedly reduce for pulling and dragging skin under their helps.The third, you need caution to give repeated advice to outsider to your massage, strength for skill needs a face department to slightly transform good.

DIY the miraculous VC

Friday, August 26th, 2011

DIY the miraculous VC emergency mask is fair from now on lightly loose loose
Lead language:Fair is eternal topic, is also an Asian female to follow beautiful standard.Just so-called”a white hides three ugly” who don’t want to naturally own fair snow white skin.How fair?Emergency mask first hit, among them, the DIY type emergency mask is more fully subjected to close Lai.Still virtuousToday recommends a style of VC fair emergency mask for everyone and study quickly.

Recently, a”fair secret recipe” was subjected to not a few net friends of hot hold, use department Lin Pao Teng’s slice self-made emergency mask, fair, make the pore thin.

The VC fair emergency mask creation method VC fair emergency mask creates a method:

Raw material:Compressing an emergency mask is a ,market of light mineral spring a small bowl of, the vitamin C is just the right amount of.What I used is the most common white grain, 100 mgs of.The cow Er(tiny Bo) teacher says in the program young words only 50 mgs enough.

Way of doing:As long as pound into pulp vitamin C, pour into mineral spring deliquescence, then steep the compression emergency mask readying to to start in noodles in Shui-li come all right.

Modify a version:Recommend to once get stripe a version here, can in advance ready to the lemonade of lemon slice bubble system in the refrigerator!The lemon inside also has a lot of Wei Cs, also very fair.So replacing mineral spring with it should be aller right.

Special elucidation:The emergency mask must is pure to clean after working well.Because, the vitamin C in the emergency mask may don’t completely melt, if remain in the words on the face, not good to skin, will become Huang Huang, get just the opposite.

The way of doing is simple, the effect is strong,Quan’s invitation this also makes not a few people query a “department emergency mask wood” ability really and so magic?After all aspirin belongs to the category of medicine.We come right away to listen to an expert how to say now:

Department the wood can have already extended an afferent function and have the gathering to lower blood platelets, promote blood circulation of function, spoke from this aspect, usage department emergency mask wood after, will make the skin looked rosy, in the meantime because the humidity in the emergency mask after being absorbed by the skin, in the skin cell Chong Ying humidity, looking will be smoother and moisten.But this effect just temporarily phenomenon, the breeze blows insolation future reunion to soon recover original shape,business enterprise level the skin condition even will become whatter a mess.So, want a mm still oneself trying weigh, consider to cautiously act again.

change hair style with the hair

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Take to create 100 to change hair style with the hair
Fore the Korean soap opera that the son heat sows 《hunter in the city 》medium, leading lady’s the gold Nana’s”rabbit ear” bowknot hair took to draw on numerous eyeballs of powder silks.The tiny Da pulls of”rabbit ear” match an elegance meek long hair, charmingly feminine and not lose amiability.Be this year most the IN single article goes together with a decoration and differs from the other hair headdresses, such as hoop and hairpin…etc., the hair takes of diversification, plasticity, it can change you originally inflexible hair style, need not cut also similar can in a twinkling create makes person’s a pleasant change of atmosphere of effect, mold or amiability, or mysterious, or graceful and restrained etc. as different as chalk and cheese shape.

Create a lovely darling card to create a lovely darling card

The hair in quarter takes now very diversified, regardless is a material, still pattern, color, really make the person pick to spend an eye.When the bowknot runs into the hair that the gorgeous color fastens to take, can change the person the young girl of being the Jiao Qiao, the lovely index number signs to rise right away and re-collects the darling female’s manner.However, takes to the colorful hair of feast for the eyes, have of MM but don’t dare toward the hair wears, always feel oneself be like at pack delicate.In fact, each women has one side of his/her own amiability, need a colorful hair take and then can let you of the lovely flavor promote how many, and why should not be happy to do it?

With hair style of perfect combine with hair style of perfect combine

The magic that the hair takes still lies in with hair style of perfect match, can make the whole style produced tremendous variety, make use of can make you become the focus of whole field very even.Like the ground flower hair takes to match slightly medium long hair style of taking a degree, the sweet feeling is hundred percent, regulatory hurdlescan also increase Jiao Qiao for several cents.The inclined firm horsetail matches the traditional type single layer hair to take, can construct to revive old customs breeze, side bud head, more sarcastic can person.If is the hair style with there is fringe of hair, can go together with Chen book side hair to take, the modern feeling will be a lot of strong, just like active young girl in the upper-class society of New York.The hair hoop of the sarcastic and lovely type type the head take, Quan hair, keep hairs to all apply very much, have a liking for go to old little all proper.The color fresh gorgeous Jian Yue Shi’s hair takes and go together with top together fringe of hair, can put life into for depressed shape, see at will of shape, make the person at present a bright.

Polish an ingenuous modifier face of face type the type is ingenuous

Don’t despise this to look like unattractive hair take, it can also have the function to polish a face type, would have better effect to wearing to wear according to own face type.If is an infant a little bit fatty beautiful eyebrow, can choose bowknot, this kind of more stereoscopic hair takes, and make the hair wearing 1:00 after taking depend, counteracted a comb to comb the hair that the hair takes rear, make the hair of coping more fluffy, increase top of head height like this, invisibly creation make longer the effect of face type, can’t make the person excessively band together lovely the meat of Du Du on the face.If is the face type position that compares bigger beautiful eyebrow,highly relevant hads better not stick to make good while fastenning hair to take, can a little bit stay some hairs to hang in the forehead.If head the type is flatter, choose then that the thin hair takes the best.If head the type is sharper, choose the breadth hair takes, can mollify a long head type.But face type the longer beautiful eyebrow can take hair to wear in position near the forehead, can rise the effect of shortenning the face type like this

Solve skin change

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Solve skin change of season hard nut to crack
The many people thinks that”hydration is a quick anti- mother” means fierce wipe essence of liquid, but forget to add a grease, precarious sebum film’s infusing many humidities can not also lock again.The expert suggests that the change of season sensitive muscle should add a skin to originally have in the meantime of”natural moisturizing factor” and”fat”, attaining the illegitimate profit balance then can raise a bearing of skin to be subjected to sex, make the skin faced environment temperature the incitement of degree of humidity change have enough resistibility.As for in hydrating the choice of product quality, hydrate an essence liquid+lotion|frost has to match an usage, if chooses a bottle of lotion, get and have “hygroscopic power” and”shrinkage” two kinds of compositions, hydrate to just do completely.The hygroscopic power composition then includes Bo uric acid, amino acids and collagen;But the lock water composition then include the milk wood fruit oil, snow second fat and Cape Sha Xi.

Note!The interface live in the Jie noodles product although in addition to the dirt is effective,is the biggest enemy of sebum film.When the skin starts having slight stem to stretch tight feeling, please stop using a cleansing oil, change to use a makeup solvent|frost;If have already felt piercing, the Jie noodles article had better also change into the Jie noodles that doesn’t rise a bubble milk.

Care of Special:4 steps keep a healthy sebum film

When sebum film was damaged, the skin was like the sink that didn’t add a cover and poured much water to all stay not to live again.Replaces disguise water by lotion after washing face, according to”oil → water → oil” of the sequence carry on maintaining and add the grease of skin want for first, the follow-up 癒 treats more efficient.

Step 1:The disguise cotton that adjusts reason horniness environment to hydrate disguise water to match fiber delicacy lightly massages, can wipe out loose skin scraps, regulate skin water oil to secrete.Particularly be easily suffused with a red nose wing, Quan bone, can fold disguise cotton to strengthen to wipe.

Step 2:Artificial”plate a film” member’s leading big cream or Ning frost will impede the absorption of follow-up skin care products, choosing the quality is supple and be partial to the water-like in shape high function disguise water or lotion and maintains to set up a sebum film by artificial.

Step 3:The main function that promotes to grasp a water power essence liquid helps a skin to hold tight a great deal of hydration essence liquid that humidity choose to contain hygroscopic power compositions, such as Bo uric acid and amino acids…etc. and promote a grasping of skin water ability.

Step 4:The upper cover lock humidity worries the person of sticky and ikky feeling, can choose water Ning frost lock water of quality lightness and use to warm up a center of palm of hand pack to reply whole faceses after finishing wiping, acceleration hydration composition permeates.

SOS!The repair and maintenance gives first aid two songs

If the skin has already felt piercing and starts to erupt the symptom of small rash and mean the sebum film hurts not and lightly, must put on thicker solid protection dress for skin.The dermatologist suggests:The daytime along with takes the repair and maintenance cream of Vaseline quality, feel unwell with the cotton a little bit good up thin 1 F, the commutability damaged sebum film protection skin insulates incitement source;Nighttime after washing face, thick spread 1 F of hydration jelly film, and often spray to up live spring to reduce the heat slow, do to stretch tight, be suffused with a red alert and then can relieve after 20 minutes.lights manufacturer

“Lockout muscle” endows with to live a Part II:”Lockout muscle” endows with to live an article

Autumn is an ambiguous appearance transition season, still expressing for warmth in summer in the daytime, but arriving in the evening will also the cold breeze is blow gently.Unsteady weather”whet to match a period” will undulate the self-discipline system of skin.The skin again adapts to a day every day the hot night is cold for the sake of the ego protection, as time passes regulate system and then will be flexible and tired, the metabolism is gradually dull, how maintain to also disappear result, absolutely be like “clock lockout”.

Care of Basic:Metabolizing to line up is muddy, the skin balance has brilliance

Metabolize the dint poor lockout muscle, old discard cell, toxin and discard can not eject, will obstruct the exit of new-born healthy cell.Can not discard as usual old change a new result, is a skin of disequalibrium, various irritating skin condition such as pore bulky, the skin quality is rough, the An sink pimples to all appear one after another.Like the yoghurt can help to clean up a bowel way and create good absorption environment, after making up water, essence before, plusing together can help the pioneer essence of metabolism or rebirth liquid and make the skin care products able to permeate smoothly, can’t be jamed in the outside by the wastes in the skin cell.Because the best absorption temperature of pioneer essence is or so for 40 ℃ , the expert suggests to make use of a hands skin promotes absorption, the remenant essence liquid can also take to an eye week, make to maintain to develop the biggest effect.

Care of Special:Dredge lymph, promote a spirit blood to move a rate

The “spirit” circularly mainly pushes a hand inside the body, the “flow” is the life vein that it operates in the human body;If annoying inside the body isn’t enough or flows Chang not, the blood, water circle will also be held up and make the cell water shortage and skin color An sunk of blood clot physical endowment.The pressure is big or when the environment suddenly change will make the spirit circularly bad to cause “spirit Zhi”, the oxygen is hard to get into cell, the skin will lose sheen and flexibility.《The week of the Yi 》combine west of lymphoid massage and eastern”flavor therapy”, first won’t the good waste gas take out to go and endow with to live to maintain more effectively.

Way 1:The wet disguise cotton skin scraping is wet to spread a habitual person, can this recruit regard as wet spread of terminal station, continue the disguise cotton once using to go fetch a light painting face department, is first drawn to two cheeks by forehead, again is downwards once rowed a bridge of nose by the top, can dredge face circulation, activate a lockout muscle.

Way 2:Circulation for lymphoid acupuncture points to lines up poisonous change of season not dint, depending the acupuncture points massage can in aid of exclusion poisonous gas, the attention would not° until be like feather to lightly sweep of strength can’t make the lymphoid knot lived acupuncture points inflammation.

BOX:The hairdressing oil replaces a scrub cream

The ordinary people all are full of worry in uncertainty to”oil” and fear to moisten too much contrary to expectation.In fact and completely need not worry, mix a skin to the most universal of Asian, hairdressing oil autumn winter use at the right moment:The usage is in two cheek parts, after massaging in addition to the brightness raises, two cheeks will be also obviously rosy.Using the step can arrange after essence liquid, after massaging use noodles frost again.the lamp ordinary

SOS!The turning point intensively irrigates

Unload makeup, a massage still a not enough dint with the gold rule every day?So try the acidity Huan of the nutrient one breath”force into skin” skin, can not only loosen the link of moving the horniness, but also stimulate a leather collagen to increase to living, the skin metabolizes a lockout promises vitality with it.Need not worry a Huan skin the item is tedious, the latest Huan skin cotton slice usage be like and wipe make up water is similar in brief, once a week super easy.

“Bluntness muscle” enhances a Part III:”Bluntness muscle” enhances an article

“Bluntness muscle” is the existence of in fact opposite”sensitive muscle”, don’t represent peace.Maying rise a rash and be suffused with at any time is red, the sensitive muscle of Sao Yang, look like irritating, in fact as long as the double protects, skin meeting darling obedient.But the bluntness feeling muscle is like the person that never is on sick leave, the injury will accumulate an old disease gradually in normal times, while taking advantage o change of season exaltation the muscle physical strength be certainly necessarily going.

Care of Basic:Guard “have oxygen” complexion

Be like to join a fitness center, from run machine etc. Aerobic beginning;The exhausted appearance that relieves a skin, mighting as well choose can raise skin care products with the amount of oxygen, live an oxygen, effective stability free radicals for skin infusion and provide full inside energy.Drink water more or use to imply a red view a sky, ginseng, stab five to add moreover or the skin care products of the ethereal oil composition, can activate circulation as well, help the skin vitality get ready.In addition to wanting to add to live oxygen, even want to enhance defense dint.The radiation crisis that the air pollution, UV injury and electromagnetic wave even does for an occasion recently will increase the free radicals in the cell and decelerate skin cell renewal ability, let original pour the youth accounting to be subjected to threat more.The during daytime maintains medium join can insulate outside oxidize injury(like ultraviolet ray, pollution of the environment) of anti- oxygen composition, make skin not suffer from harm, put the speed that slow skin energy consumes.

Care of Special:Mind and body hairdressing, beauty twice

The Fang treats to maintain what to stress is lets by the flavor mood delectation, as long as the mood dulcifies, the brain will hatch a great deal of”the beautiful muscle nerve conducts material”, for example serum vegetable, nicotine An etc., then help the Fei inside the brain to secrete.The Fei inside the brain is the key that initiates skin metabolism, hydration, rebirth and anti- to oxidize etc. ability and work hard to manage to influence physiology, let to maintain effect upgrade to arrive half skin care products can not Qi and of comfortable and beautiful state.Because of”effect+1″, the Fang treats skin care products to contain high cost, so suggest from has essence liquid and cream that the 癒 treats repair and maintenance effect to commence most .The very red 癒 will treat to fasten to plant in the near future the Cui emergency mask also has the effect to dulcify mind and body, cream-like in shape or snow quality than slice-like in shape more moderate, when the low mood fall or thin before sleeping spread up, bring “eat dessert” for the skin the happy feeling of the sort.

SOS!Massage training muscle to bear dint

Be like in the physical strength to train in, amount of muscle will the or so muscle bear dint with tightly solid degree;The “strong” degree of the face department skin, also the ability reach by”the muscle trains”.The usage is tight with the result that the cream matches massage to up lift skill, equal to force “bluntness muscle” to exercise, let the elasticity of leather layer, tight with the result that the degree increases all the way, the skin knows that degree and absorption degree also consumedly promote to the feeling that maintains composition.the frugal electrical

Step 1:The massage cream that takes a cherry peach quantity, assign fore sum, chin and two cheeks, even put on to open.

Step 2:Lightly slip massage by drawing spiral signal in the sequence that everywhere follows “from under upwards, from inside go toward outside” respectively.

Step 3:Ear bottom, the lymphoid knot of chin is most intensive and clip by the index finger and the middle finger to glide this area, can decrease swelling and pull to lift.

Step 4:Eye a computer for a long time, the pressure gathers together in the eyebrows, index finger and middle finger to slide past eyebrows, to the Shu press very effectively.

Step 5:Point with the five fingers the stomach strength evenly taps softly whole faceses, until feel that the whole cheeks warms up.

exterminate you of black eye

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Next point the effort is real to exterminate you of black eye
“Panda eye” also divides different category”panda eye” to also divide different category

Although the black eye is all called a panda eye,in fact still keeps having differentiation.If the words scrutinized, the black eye can mostly is divided into two kinds of, 1 kind is to be suffused with green be suffused with blue, a little bit be like arm seamy side and particularly is a may be seen indistinctly elbow department seamy side vein;Another  skin color then is dark to sink and present brown dark brown.DVB-T ambulation number

Be suffused with green be suffused with a blue black eye of at the age lighter crowd, more occurrence’s this black eye and eye department skin didn’t relate to too greatly, but deep afferent problem result in.Become because of an is an eye department skin very thin, come together at this place of afferent and then many, but some person’s hairs thin blood vessel naturally more obvious, had a liking for to be like a black eye, this needs to think the hair thin blood vessel of the way constringency eyelids part;The another is more important of become because of be sit up, sleep shortage, eyestrain, smoke cigarette over a long period of time, physical endowment poor etc. cause eyelids of the vein blood decelerate Yu Zhi, or hair thin blood vessel broken, be like to fall an extravasated blood after beating, born black eye.If the eyelids part tiny circulation is blocked multifarious occurrence, the hair thin blood vessel also resulting in here extends to become thick and makes the black eye become normal.

The brown dark brown black eye is more to have relation with skin problem.It is the dye of eyelids skin to precipitate first.If the make-ups, such as informer, mascara and eye shadow…etc. unloads the words of makeup ill success, will form skin organization the dye permeate.Long-term eye department blood circulation not the Chang will also obstruct the normal metabolism of skin dye and form a black eye;Furthermore, eye department the skin is very thin very young and delicate, but while doing to defend to basking or bask after the nursing, usually is neglected, tanning sunburnses will aggravate a black eye;The decrepitude or aridity that still was an eyelids skin will also result in a black eye on the sense of vision.After being like to wash hands, the hand ratio of hand cream don’t have having a liking for of to go to bright Ze, pure white.If eyelids skin because decrepitude or lack a nursing but lose the felling of full bright Ze, so dark sink, flabby, the eye bag pluses the relations that the ray projects again all will at seeming cause a black eye.DVB-T gathers

Moreover, some inborn factors, if eye full circle the muscle is fatty thick, eye week skin of the skin color is deeper than close by part, the eye socket descend a side hollow, may become a becoming of black eye because of.Remarkable BE, the black eye also exposed a person’s healthy condition in the certain degree.For second health, liver falsely, sexual debility, anemic to speak, the black eye is one of the important symptoms and need to cause a value and adjust reason physical endowment in time.

Clean a black eye to the disease nursing to the disease nursing to clean a black eye

The black eye of different type also has a different nursing method, so the first essentials makes a becoming of pure black eye because of.If press black eye after pressing in a short while, the color became shallow, that was tiny circulate not Chang result in, need to try to promote blood circulation, including sleep and sport of promising the necessity and strengthen an eye the massage is for week;The color didn’t become shallow, may be a dye to precipitate to.Nursing want to notice an eye for week of unload a makeup and sweep, change to use to have fair and defend to insolate effect of eye benefits, sunlight severely go out usage the sun mirror and hide a parasol to avoid an eye the skin is hurt by ultraviolet ray for week.

If already born more obvious black eye, can solve with the way of medical treatment hairdressing.Before curing, doctor will according to becoming of black eye because of, eyelids skin condition etc. to decide to cure a way.

The radio frequency (RF) is to effectively dispel in addition to because of tiny circulate bad or decrepitude to of black eye, pass to heat to urge part organization the gum original fiber increase a blood that living, extend hair thin afferent help’s silt up unimpeded and tight to the skin of eyelids part, downplay a black eye, can also alleviate an eye in the meantime crease and eye bag is for accelerates

If the black eye is more because the hair thin blood vessel is bulky, the dye precipitate, can adopt colourful light the way of the delicate skin.Attain treatment sunlight according to needing to choose suitable treatment mode, the harm is as calm and steady as dye, improves the hair thin blood vessel extends, fair dispel a spot and recover a skin of effects, such as flexibility and sheen…etc..

For the hollow-eyed problem, generally suggest that the adoption injects Bo uric acid etc. the material carry on filling.

The Tips black eye prevents and cures small stick a private

■Carry on food to adjust a reason.The vitamin AN and vitamin E has been already nourished and protects a function to the eye muscle.Increase absorbing of vitamin A(like butter, animal liver, and carrot…etc.) and vitamin E(like kernel foods, such as walnut and sesame…etc.) in the food quantity;

■Strengthen an eye the nursing is for week.The choice reunites an eye the skin demanding eye benefits and eye film for week, such as hydration, fair, nourish, lift and pull, defend and bask, and insist an usage.The massage that usually carry on an eye for week, the conditioned words, can go to hairdressing organization and accept a specialized eye department nursing, give the eye department the skin to well nourish and smooth;

7 styles of emergency masks

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Change of season seasonal changes 7 styles of emergency masks make you keep off skin harassment
Lead language:Go into an autumn, the cool breeze starts slowly, clearness has repeatedly, but skin not necessarily now give noodles son.Need not fear and start in this change of season Yi, we recommend 7 styles of friendly emergency masks for you, let your Anne degree change of season seasonal changes.

The smooth drink to heart’s content nighttime of source water of悅 woointeraction link spreads

The source of悅 wood|the smooth drink to heart’s content nighttime of Origins water intensively nourish an emergency mask 300 dollars

Order to review:Butter fruit of implying the oil and almond check oil early be famously moisten treasure Dian, putting in this product can with lock water in the prison prison, ability companion skin water smooth one over the night, anything but cover.But its repair a water conservancy machine to make me concern more, seaweed in Okinawa does good most to familiar age sensitive stem”the public’s face” of the skin with red pomegranate.

Reach a person to use like this:I all generally will thoroughly sweep a skin by disguise water that hydrates series first and break through to absorb an outlet, then before this intensively nourishing of the over the night dinner, must choose most the essence of “season” beats bottom, because this is extremely good an assistance to absorb opportune moment.

The graceful Yang goes to horniness and purifies an emergency mask 2, can use every day of go to horniness frost

Graceful Yang|Avene go to horniness and purify an emergency mask 158 dollars

Order to review:Feels to be like in the face up one level frost, but have no noodles frost so greasy, special Gao Ling Tu’s composition can overaly and adsorb a grease, in still take to have very small grain, but these small grains come in contact with a skin very thin slippery, the fellings of some incitement all have no, finish cleaning face completely don’t draw tight.

Reach a person to use like this:Before doing an emergency mask can comfortable protect and live spring and spray fog and spray at the cotton of slice up, slightly wipe the position of the face grease yield Gao, this rightness of big oil-fields very the tube is used, refreshing time on the face will consumedly prolong.

The section Yan white mire in surname Amazon is clean to the emergency mask 3, sell out right goods are reasonable

Section Yan surname|Kiehl’s white mire in Amazon is clean 260 dollars is to the emergency mask

Order to review:The mud is very delicate, there is no grain, although just spread last of time, the skin was a little bit piercing, in a short while will disappear;Finish washing future reunion to have a grease grain to fall with the black head in hand inside, this kind of cans see of row dirty make me really surprised pleased 1.Probably because these land mines that conceal under the skin are exerted by 11 rows, the pressure wased big and then woulded be malicious to emit the circumstances of pimple, was also alleviated before.

Reach a person to use like this:After spreading white mire, I will bind previous clingfilm on the face again, then run one on board in running 10 minutes, perspire to even contribute to metabolism row poison, doing both things simultaneously the effect is better.

The orchid Zhi nighttime repair and maintenance lock water emergency mask 4, can’t the Ceng arrive the sleep emergency mask on the pillowsatisfaction will be higher

Orchid Zhi|LANEIGE the nighttime repair and maintenance lock water emergency mask 210 dollars

Order to review:Or the jelly quality in blue, the aroma is very fine.Three sleep emergency masks before comparing with, this style of at quickly stem and clearness top enter an one step again and soon take an on the face, need not worry sleeping because dishonesty and the Ceng go to pillow up, the hair is also not easy to glue on the face and spread a little bit thick can’t feel stuffy.The ability of feeling the repair contains exaltation, in a row spread after a week, the pore became tightly and actually not a few.

Reach a person to use like this:If when my skin appearance is very bad I will thinly plus 1 F again after the Tu Wan lotion in daytime, again put on to defend to bask, so the skin can’t do as well as flush for a day.

5, oil time a little push behind

Hope to think Li|Sisley clean Yan equilibrium emergency mask 760 dollars

Order to review:In the beginning use combine nothing important felling, not achievement however.But afterwards discover that time of the face last oil slowly pushed behind and musted wash a face in summer noon formely, eat at noon on the whole now of illegitimate profit very foot, on the face also still pretty refreshing, the makeup doesn’t spend as well.After unloading a makeup in the evening, the facial expression didn’t seem to be before to have the hair Huang’s felling and saw the composition just know, it can also regulate the brightness of periostracum, is the emergency mask that belong to persistence and then can see effect.

Reach human shape to use:Before using this emergency mask add a style to sweep a type of emergency mask effect will be better, I generally match sisley the moment clean Yan, then use this emergency mask.After washing out, use fragrance of flower water of the sisley and do next two sweep, the Jie oil completes and spends a film and repairs water with sisley again, emergency mask three swordsmans now fulfill the mission.

Fancl water lives a repair and maintenance emergency mask 6, make water whole day surrounded a face

Fang Kai Er|Fancl water live a repair and maintenance emergency mask 140 dollars|3 slice

Order to review:Or the FANCL house Be consistent to perfectly stick to match a degree, it really water, not sticky and ikky at all, the essence amount of is very strong, is I the baby when summer carries on a skin to help meet an urgent need, in the transparent quality containing is quickly sour to promote skin water smooth degree, make the skin moment full.Like its eyelid design, look after till eye week of in the meantime, can also close the eyes for a rest, lightly cover then quick temper of quelling one whole day.

Reach a person to use like this:5 minutes that the emergency mask is small to put at the refrigerator, take out an usage again, can not only repair water, but also can make you toss about noodles like this huge for a day get good slow.

The Wei Zi hot springs mineral hydrates an emergency mask 7, the gentleness quell various quick temper

Wei Zi|Vichy the hot springs mineral hydration emergency mask is 228 dollars|6 slices pack

Order to review:If drive bask false sex fine line, it can help meet an urgent need.Top and bottom two slices of designs, in fact just pack a dissimilarity, I generally use last spread a face, descend a slice to spread neck, in fine threads cool feeling, was like to eat ice watermelon in summer.In imply of seaweed essence, can sweep pore, make the pore been all not dirty.In fact leg and arm top can also use, if because doing Yang to grasp is a little bit red and spread the first half a hour a little bit red will disappear.Sometimes because sit up, the complexion isn’t quite right, I am the scrub cream to it to use in the morning.

Reach a person to use like this:I will expose pore essence crowded come up to sponge out it in the cotton slice, return like this ability tight to pore.Taiwan gets married those matter sonses

3 recruit to protect

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

3 recruit to protect to dye a very hot show hair to make you have peace of mind to enjoy beautynovel and unique wedding

Dye hair to have permanent wave have already become the domestic life political reform of the girls, but after the girl of not a few love of beauties will discover, dye as well very hot, the hair becomes weak and withered and even appears and takes off and discovers elephant.Today show hair after recommending 3 protect to dye very hot for everyone of small method, let you have peace of mind to enjoy a beauty.

1, stop having permanent wave, should choose while shampooing profession of protecting and delivering product.Usually comb hair with the comb, can promote blood all hope earnestly

2, the hairs just once doing are all very weak and suggested to do a set of nourishment nursing.Then while also wanting to prepare to protect to deliver a vegetable, shampooing each time the home is used.Periodically delivering a film will also do good.

3, have permanent wave Be getting more damaged behind, much notice on the food to put forth effort at ordinary times.horoscope of woman

Often eat rich food with the protein and vitamin A, B, like walnut, sesame, big Zao, carrot, green pepper, spinach, Chinese chives, and rape…etc..Drink water fruit more, like orange, persimmon, sweet almond etc..Animal liver, egg yolk and fish etc..The sea tangle, and laver…etc. contains the food that the iodine enriches.

goes to light light

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Must know that the small trade secret hoary head black head entirely goes to light light
Come to say to majority of love of beauty girls, how clean a black head and is the undoubtedly the most irritating problem, strawberry nose, very dirty make the person spoil appetite again.The sometimes really another person of unprogressive but again and again black head is helpless and push it and fear to harm skin organization, not crowded and then difficult see, much more especially long will make the face rough.

The small trade secret musted knowcool wisdom

No matter is black head still a hoary head, thoroughly kick out they and want to do first of be must cautiously unload a makeup while maintaining in the evening.Because the lipid-soluble super differential calculus son in the cleansing oil can completely wrap up sebum and grease stain, and fuse it, therefore, can purify a skin and clean and prevent°from a black head to some extent.Worthy of reminding BE, massaging with the cleansing oil can also rise the effect of cleaning the black head.Was the inning that sweeps a black head after taking a shower moreover, the usage contained ether to sourly sweep a product to fuse a black head while taking advantage o pore to open, then can use noodles and brush and wait lend support to the tool have already slowly brushed out black head.

But, if the black head goes to too multifariously and on the contrary hurts a skin very easily, but makes pore more bulky.Therefore, the hairdressing expert generally suggests to keep to go to for a month an of the frequency is all right already.But want to exterminate a black head to even need patience then, already the aging black head is been several divas by the clearance, the lately black head again grows out again, and the period of this metabolism needs to match with the daily nursing of special attention to be cured for good.So, oil skin want to develop to periodically go to to be corneous of habit, develop to carry on every week profession of deep sweep the habit of nursing.

DIY goes to a black head emergency maskthe newspaper

In addition to some strong dint absorb a black head on the market emergency mask, in fact, everyone can also begin a creation by himself[herself] purely natural moderate go to black head emergency mask, probably taking effect speed will be more slow, but at least win at natural and free from pollution, and don’t hurt a skin.

Potato milk emergency mask:Wash a potato clearly the skin squeeze juice, join milk and face powder in potato juice and mix blend into a paste;After the Jie noodles, spread on the face, after 20 minutes use Wen Shui to wash out, every week 2~3 times.Be applicable to stem, neuter gender and oil and mixture skin.This DIY emergency mask has very and goodly and repairs water with fair effect, the ameliorable skin aridity is dark to sink of phenomenon, recover water of skin smooth and pure white.

Sweet banana emergency mask:Spread banana after going to the skin pound into pulp paste-like in shape noodles, about wash to go after 15~20 minutes, once a week.Suit any type skin.This DIY emergency mask can effectively downplay to bask the dye that forms behind to precipitate and make the skin recovered lustrous bright white, and can moisten a stem skin, protect a skin to resist crease, repress the formation of melanin, make the skin face radiating healthBipolar transistor