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Huan white series

Monday, August 15th, 2011

The medical science class pure bright white Wei Zi dual Jing smooth Huan white series
Guided reading:The eastern female’s heart bottom always contains 1 concerning pure white and lustrous dream, however the sunlight of summer kiss a scar and closely upon heels and since then of autumn winter rigorous test but make the skin had no to pause for breath the slightest of opportunity.Calm accept the donation of great universe, but didn’t need for bask a spot, dark dumb, sensitive etc. layer after layer skin problem perplex, the Wei Zi dual Jing smooth Huan white series will take the answer that you find out to crack season circulation injury.feeling Shang

Wei Zi dual Jing smooth Huan white series July, 2011, the global medical science protects a skin leadership brand Wei Zi invites Wei, the Zi healthily protects skin the expert of the committee of experts and University of Peking one hospital skin section Zhong little quick doctor, shared a summer together with numerous vogue medium end early autumn concern the tallest fair desire-efficiently, precise”pure empty” various spot of in the meantime durable skin natural cover, and common witness Wei the Zi offers for the Asia’s female Qing feeling of dual Jing smooth Huan white series new product-dual Jing smooth Huan white thin spot essence the milk becomes available in the market and weigh the Huan becomes popular an Asian female of medical science class”pure bright white” new unrest!

Zhong in the house little quick doctor the seasonal Huan white repair and maintenance, fair not only is only a “white”

Is a local skin section authority expert, the Wei Zi healthily protects a skin expert Zhong of the committee of experts little quick doctor initiative to be present medium, one needle sees the blood ground fair key that pointed out the end of summer and early autumn:”Because the ultraviolet ray projects light upon the influence of waiting the factor, the skin in the end of summer and early autumn is being placed in to shield the weak appearance that the function weakens, various outside incitement factor more easily invades a skin and cause sensitive etc. problem, such as severity to blaze the degree of disease, then will cause after hair of the dye is calm and steady and form a new color spot.Therefore this fair key to season not the reconstruction of natural cover function that need to be deep in the skin to repress, downplay melanin, also need to pay attention to a skin surface layer.The formula that only gives attention to both these two standards then can be real to make the melanin metabolized to recover healthy level, sooner deeply bright white skin quality.”

Bring this pure bright white effect that is rated as to profit both parties of be from gathering of the Wei Zi laboratory strenuous effort development efficiently sex, safety with dulcify sex three heavy the Huan white magic is at fair science and technology of the whole body-”base cell deeply and deeply Huan white science and technology”.

Star composition Ceramide White?(The patent nerve Mao An)BE take Ceramide as prototype efficiently the Huan white factor, Ceramide(nerve Mao An) is a skin oneself to imply of repress the composition of melanin creation, can be well absorbed by the skin, and safety not stimulate, even if is a sensitive skin to also have peace of mind an usage.But the high close skin Huan white factor that is created by the Wei pretty face and hair not only can go directly to base cell the creation that stop the epidermis each melanin is from the source head, more help the fat of the Chong Ying skin periostracum cell, rise the effect of enhancing the epidermis natural cover function, the skin is placed in healthy appearance to present naturally lustrous, deeply bright quality.The match compares the common salicylic acid composition can be more moderate tiny shell horniness of lipid-soluble bitter Mao salicylic acid LHA, two big live compositions are close to combine, each essence wears deeply 100% epidermis layers and goes directly to base cell, from the source of skin, higher effect ground breaks up melanin cell, from inside but outside, continuously downplay, pare to fade an existing color spot, present deeply skin quality, reply deeply white brilliance.

The product is two big main products of manager, Ms. Chen Hua, , health bright white is perfect to combine

The inspiration comes from to the season skin problem continuously a research and to skin oneself the tallest respect, release will ascend the Wei Zi market department product manager, Ms. Chen Hua, emphasized to make a show of the Wei Zi dual Jing smooth Huan white series for everyone this time solemn and impressive release of health bright white perfect combination-the all new dual Jing smooth Huan white thin spot essence milk and the dual Jing smooth Huan white essence milk, with deeply and deeply base cell Huan white science and technology for core technique, weigh Huan sensitive the skin can as well own of pure bright white brilliance.utmost become Shang

For Asian female degree the body make to order of the all new Wei Zi dual Jing smooth Huan white thin spot essence milk, pass to two afresh dispensing of the big live compositionses, with 200% Ceramide White?And 500% LHAs the best comparison strong effect, precise”pure empty” bask spot, freckle, and Huang He Ban…etc. various spot.The tube type sprays the packing of mouth will to the color spot’s taking aim at become “a shot namely medium” more, 500% Huans white inspissation essences in multiple layers permeate and match with the finger tip spiral and even massage skill, taking effect can match in excellence real laser hairdressing etc. medical science means.

The Wei Zi dual Jing smooth Huan white essence milk that deeply is together recommended by dermatology boundary and vogue hairdressing field differs from former fair essence to stay to the user’s impression and gives attention to both depth to moisten and hydrates and bring a skin the quickly smooth white of in the meantime more repair and maintenance also enhance skin epidermis layer.The comfortable sex formula that doesn’t contain to quick sex antiseptic also solds well a champions essence milks to win more applauses for this every minute, even if is also a sensitive skin to has peace of mind an usage.

The eastern female is never in need of to beg to the thirst of pure white skin, we are to need an expert who knows real healthy pleasant impression more.Hold hands the Wei Zi dual Jing smooth Huan white series, take you control higher effect but moderate real medical science class”pure bright white” project.

The Wei Zi dual Jing smooth Huan white thin spot essence milk precise thin spot, all new become available in the market-the Wei Zi dual Jing smooth Huan white thin spot essence milk 15 mls

Revolution deeply and deeply base cell Huan white science and technology, 500% Huans white inspissation essences in multiple layers permeate, 100% wears deeply an epidermis layer, from the source of skin, stronger effect, precise”pure empty” basks spot, freckle, and Huang He Ban…etc. various spot.Be tested a confirmation by 8 weeks Asian female, the skin color bright degree raises 8%, the spot number improves 5%.Match with the dual Jing smooth Huan white essence milk, the Huan white effect shows Zhao more.Don’t contain gold fat antiseptic in Ni lake.

The Wei Zi dual Jing smooth Huan white essence milk lifts completely bright, the point recommends-the Wei Zi dual Jing smooth Huan white essence milk 30 mls

The core fair dint, realization new generation Huan white factor Ceramide WhiteTM and bitter Mao salicylic acid LHA successfully combine and go directly to base cell, higher effect ground breaks up melanin and adds a fat between periostracum cells in the meantime and enhances epidermis natural cover function and prevent°from humidity lost, the skin holds out for long time to deeply show health bright white brilliance.Be confirmed by Asian skin and sensitive skin test, give attention to both efficiently, safe and close skin of three heavy standard

make the skin more dry

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Precise hydrate 5 greatest chief culprits to make the skin more dry
Guided reading:Everyone knows that the skin aridity will make the skin rough and unbearable, even in rise skin to take off a makeup.So when the skin is short of water, our skin surface layer under exactly took place what?Why will make the condition of skin taken place the change of such fearfulness?On the time in the skin too very thirsty water shortage, the cell edge that hides under the skin will become very wrinkly because of being short of water, so by this time will seem to be very rough for the skin, the An sinks or seems to be pore bulky.And some time calculated to join to hydrate a product in the middle of protecting skin procedure everyday sooner or later, still can not improve dry condition as well.In fact result in the reason of dry skin’s having a lot, underneath we come right away and see in the daily life which situations will aggravate our skin of very thirsty, but again how effectively hydrate.Art cooperate

Want to be clean don’t be dry 1.Want to be clean don’t be dry

Take a shower|bubble soup

The skin that just once took a shower or once steeped hot springs will make you feel very water is smooth soft and tender, but take a shower the skin surface come in contact with of the humidity don’t go deep into skin first floor, you repair water.Contrary, bathing dew and water will absorb the oil of your skin surface for cent, in the surface humidity slowly dry, if don’t immediately add hydration frost for skin, that will make the skin more very thirsty.Specially want advertent BE, multifariously take a shower will let you of the skin too late produce a natural oil cent, everyone never lift “oil” color to change, the oil of skin oneself divides count for much, it can protect the humidity in the skin.

Foam body wash|wash noodles

The dry skin not only needs to choose to protect a skin article to hydration, connect body wash and wash noodles milk to all want caution choose.The person of dry sex skin had better not make the foam type washed noodles milk, because do the person of sex skin, skin or many or little water shortages that lack oil, if using this type of milk that wash noodles will wash the skin additional grease.Therefore the person of this skin had better make amino acids washed noodles milk.The foam doesn’t have to be too abundant, can clean all right.

Dry sex skin at choose to hydrate an article of still want carefully some compositions that will turn worse the skin dry condition in the meantime 2.These compositions carefully and below!Over-elaboration body

Dry sex skin at choose to hydrate an article of still want carefully some compositions that will turn worse the skin dry condition in the meantime.For example acetone and alcohol, the acetone is theer most familiar than to wash A water in.So you at use to wash A water sweeps AN oil future reunion and can’t discover a fingertip and nail two sides will be more and more dry, so definitely remember and use smooth hand frost and smooth A frost to protect a hand skin.The alcohol is being more very familiar than a lot of products, is particularly some disguise water and perfume.The perfume is various spice congestion and spray Tu Guo in the neck and the wrist perfume after, will also turn worse the aridity of skin.

3.The air condition house is a cause

At the OL of office over a long period of time, work’s the most distress is an air condition to the day by day hurting of the skin.Although the temperature lowers will reduce a skin oil rate, the temperature in the air conditioner building lowers 5 degrees each time, the degree of humidity in the air will reduce 20%, hence the skin will more and more be short of water.So repairing water at any time is very important, can prepare that a bottle of hydration sprays fog on the office desk, implying green tea essence and seaweed essence is all quite good choices, in addition to hydration can also be oxidized with anti-.Notice an usage to after spraying fog use clean hand or paper towel lightly press to press face and make the skin absorbed better.

The passenger compartment returns Sahara than the Sahara 4.The passenger compartment returns Sahara than the Sahara

The airplane flies at Gao Kong degree of humidity of opportune moment cabin can maintain below 10 and absolutely still have to be dry(the degree of humidity of Sahara Desert is 20) than the desert, therefore not only will cause thirsty tongue dry, more will make the skin dry.So must drink clear water more while taking the airplane, the suggestion along with took some hydration frost and hydration to spray trying out of fog to pack, so that he/she paints at any time and keep skin humidity.

Aging will also take you of humidity 5.Aging will also take you of humiditydesign in this website

Resisting a skin is aging, each MM wants for of the conflict is from cradle to the grave.The facial appearance is effectively aging to is an unavoidable natural phenomena, but passes maintaining of adequacy and nursing, but can decelerate a skin aging degree.The skin is aging the symptom first be dry but lose flexibility, along with the increment of the age, natural lustrous factor content within skin periostracum decrease, make callous water matched ability to descend, only is 75% of normal skin, hence this will aggravate the degree of skin aridity.So at ordinary times nursing we not only need to choose to be like Q10 to assist Mao the anti- oxidizes so of product, also want to choose some Vcs that are like left Xuan can help the collagen to increase like this rare composition, make the skin replied flexibility.

In addition to everyday indispensability of skin in addition to maintain homework, also want to eat to the food and choose plain to the nourishment.For example increase to enrich to contain an absorbing of collagen and flexible egg white food, eat soybean more to add a phytoestrogen, defer decrepitude.The most important of, drink water more, promise that the human body oneself has ample humidity

pox which to which wrong

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Civil spread of cure the special prescription of pox which to which wrong
Lead language:Came in summer, the companion wore scorching hot breeze, the skin all over the face oil problems, such as light, bulky pore and irritating pimple…etc. upsurges and becomes the best public enemy of the mms, how quickly destroy completely a pimple, return the United States of the face originally clean without blemish?We collected some special prescriptions that the folks cures a pox and saw which to which wrong!

Can washing face with the white vinegar improve a pimple?NO!

The white vinegar is a kind of natural disinfection, can kill to put out a germ, but unfortunate of BE, although the edible white vinegar has some resist a microbial function, but is the function that disinfects very weak.Far aer lot of than in common use household-use disinfection weak.And though the white vinegar can suppress germ, but can not help the occurrence of repressing the pimple.Someone thinks the white vinegar should sweep pore, but use white vinegar on the face, on the contrary will result in the incitement toward the account importance

Does the erythromycin eye drops cream have the effect to cure a pox?YES

The erythromycin eye drops cream belongs to antibiotics, is the outside of the in common use treatment pimple to use medicine, it can repress and reduce the skin hair bag sebum C sour rod bacteria amount within gland and reduce the chemistry factor that the white cell secretes to the incitement of skin, in the decrease sebum fatty acids content, this a few functions lower a skin together output because of but of blaze disease reaction, its anti- burning the function can also reduce a pimple of red burning disease.20 familiar finance

Can taking the birth control pill improve a pimple?

Birth control pill can the pimple on more effective clearance skin, but isn’t all birth control pills to the pimples and all see effectively product elucidation.The birth control pill has already regulated a function to the body hormone, therefore the skin grease that just aims at one of the reason of resulting in the pimple secretes of regulate.Unless other medicine are invalid to pimple, just the suggestion use birth control pill.The birth control pill may have already compared stronger side effect, and isn’t suitable for each female to use.Smoking, migraine, have other healthy problems, and the age had better not use the occurrence of this method holdout pimple over the 35-year-old female.The male cans not use a method like this, either.emigrant prior condition

Can wiping face with the ginger slice improve pimple and pox to print?

The ginger contains “oil Tong”, it has to very and goodly promote blood circulation effect.If the pimple is placed in inflammation appearance and directly paint the ginger on the contrary will stimulate blood circulation but make the wound reder and swollen ache.But if is the words that the pox prints, the pox of thin powder purple color prints really and can be promoted by composition”oil Tong” in the ginger to live blood subsequently an improvement;But dark brown and the pox of coffee color prints usage ginger ineffective.But, use ginger to wipe a pox to print an in danger factor.Don’t think that the ginger can live blood and then can used for all skins, the want to see a skin of accept ability, sensitive and bloody silk skin the taboo is this method.

Use vitamin E, does Tu Lian dispel if the pox can go?NO!

The vitamin E is an oil to dissolve sex material, directly the daubery is on the pimple too oil, also obstruct an ejecting of grease inside the pimple worthless scoundrel in the meantime.Moreover, the oil of vitamin E is very strong, the daubery also probably causes pore’s blocking on the skin.So, don’t suggest to directly maintain a pimple muscle with the vitamin E.Purchase the characteristics

Use to living the potato slice spreads a face, whether can get rid of a pimple?YSE

The potato is a very moderate plant.The Chinese medicine thinks that potato the improvement that eliminate inflammation, live blood and decrease swelling etc. effect, contribute to a pimple, spread the face over future reunion discovers that the face department remains without results powder, this is the starch that does to turn, and the starch can help to absorb the grease in the pore.Moreover, the potato is also contribute to improving a grease to lead prosperous because of implying abundant vitamin B.

Dry bubble row poison

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Dry bubble row poison+lymphoid lead to flow outside row poison well easily
Dry bubble row poison+lymphoid lead to flow, outside row poison well easy.In the class get the Rui wonderful great universe music in, the toxin out of the pure empty body, enjoy now like the breeze similar freedom.

A, 30 ℃ + you stem the bubble line up poison?fresh water pearl

Summer is an in the middle of the year the best row poisonous season, particularly keep on in 30 ℃ in the air temperature+of 78 months.Why not make use of a greatly good seasonal changes, steeping method acceleration in stem the body row is poisonous.In brief say, do a bubble row poison, a little bit be like to do salty vegetables, be use salt chase vegetable pickle once, force a humidity.But this time, we want to use a pickle skin of salt and force a body outside to the toxin in the skin.

Dry bubble row the poison is what

The weather is extremely hot in summer, stuffy in the bathroom, on the skin the electrolyte salt of Tu Gao’s density, can force to perspire water in the in a short time.Imagination once, if you pickle cabbage, is cabbage the bubble come quickly in brine, be still the salt Sa is on the cabbage quick.The answer is certainly the latter and also say stem bubble row poison of efficiency, unlike pour salt in Shanghai to do SPA in the bathtub to get inferior to, even at sultry of summer, is the effect better.The healthy person’s sweat and not enough health or metabolize the poor person’s sweat composition is different.The person’s sweat smoked for example in, imply the bad smell of nicotine tobacco, because nicotine water fuses one degree good, the member is small and can eject along with the sweat liquid, is a good row poisonous shortcut.

Come to dry bubble like this row poison

1, the general crowd stem steep a method:The skin has no wound and can’t have allergic crowd, can bathe a product with the sea salt of high comparison and directly paint the whole body is behind rub once.The edible thin salt that can use in home as well peaceably use of in body wash’s in hand heart after mixing, paint whole body, notice some body wash to join salt future reunion to lower sticky degree with sweep dint.

2, the young and delicate skin stem steep a method:Take a shower bathing completion first, then bathe sea salt product, or edible thin salt and body wash(also but noodles frost of lower fat fat) temper, after treating ten several 20 minutes, lightly hurtle water to rub.contest to publish

3, the gout crowd choose Xie salt:Gout of the pain order a joint at the feet department, will take place impatient red, swollen, hot, pain of situation, even pain to can not walk.The gout is the uric acid in the blood to lead Gao Suo to, when the uric acid presents supersaturation will form uric acid salt the crystallize precipitate each part at the body, especially joint.The uric acid salt crystallize surfeit, will cause serious gout.The peacetime can make use of to steep high density Xie salt(wet bubble) to help the uric acid to metabolize a stem bubble that body outside can also add Xie salt with the body wash method, decelerate sore frequency.

4, stem bubble row poison efficient:Everyone can first dispense with salt and body wash after getting into a bathroom the good stem steeps raw material and paint skin, light and softly massage once, make the skin had fever, then unload a makeup and wash face, shampoo hair, wait these steps all completion, also about wanted ten several 20 minutes, at this time, again rub a body up of contain salt bathing article, then hurtle, since save time again in brief.

5, dry bubble row the poison strengthen a method:Join hot water with the bowl and edible salt, add edible the salt is several near saturation arrive indissoluble, with the sponge dip a wet Cha time whole body.So can with Cha get even airtight can also keep salt from fallening off actually, and the saturation degree of salt can also raise.If also want to increase to line up poisonous effect, can pass to raise bathroom temperature to attain, the method is easy, be add an electricity warm air in the bathroom.

6, don’t use sugar and honey:The dry bubble method must be used electrolyte mineral salt, like sea salt, magnesium salt, iodine salt, and Xie salt…etc., then can force to perspire water and force a body of can dissolve a poison.But use mixture usages, such as sugar and honey…etc., can not attain to line up sweat to line up poisonous effect.

7, the dosage of the mineral salt:The weight is in the 40 kgs~the MM with 70 kgs, each time the dosage of the mineral salt is in the 20 gs~the 30 gs is all right already.

After lining up poison of love the muscle airtight language

1, make the skin had a brand-new look:At do a bubble be over, after having already flushed the salt on the body, this time is the best for face skin of go to horniness time.Because just got into a bathroom, the face horniness returned all of the not yet finisheds to soften, pore also all of the not yet finished opened.And stem after bubble end, pore already a great deal of sweat, the horniness is also very soft and whet a sand cream(frost) with the professional face at this time, or Huan skin product, can rise good effect.

2, deep sweep once:Oil and mixture skin, must much do in summer deep detergently spread face of film, because the air temperature goes up 1 ℃ each time, the skin grease secretes and then will increase 10%.This means that you of the skin is in 30 ℃ +of will become a big oil-field in temperature, so, take do a bubble each time the opportunity of row poison, do mud for the skin that the pore greatly opens deep effect for sweeping and spreading a face, willing have the good row poisonous pure fat.Record, spread a face to want at dry steep to line up the time that the poison draws to an end, spreading a face for time don’t longer than 15 minutes, after spreading facing being over, be late don’t give the skin Tu Hu Fu’s article, let skin be late carry on ego regulate.beautiful deluxe jewelries

BE use to a dry bubble to line up poisonous

In the some public SPA buildings, hydrotherapy building, it subsidiary free steam building in, usually will put some thick salts, let everyone freely take to use.These salt, don’t make you go to horniness, but let your is on the skin, again ask for help of steam, promote together body row the sweat line up poisonous.

2, 360 degrees lymphoid row poison gives dints most

The lymphoid system is a human body immune system for the sake of the surplus liquid and discard in the emissions body, and at whole body construct of the pipe network(similar blood vessel) is that the human body is the biggest also most to the row poisonous piping of dint.Break through lymphoid piping from bathroom to bedroom, from face to leg department, can chase body endotoxin quickly pure get empty.

The lymphoid row of inside in the bathroom poison

The nursing in the bathing, first essentials from used the hot water warm neck to start behind, don’t despise this action, it is can after raising of line up poisonous nursing effect.Because the hollow punishment cloth of empress neck wears a lot of afferent and lymphoid knots.Stimulate this position, can accelerate the fluxion of lymphoid liquid, raise metabolism.Together managing can certificate, stimulate body with the hot water while taking a shower other pour flattering position, can also have a same function.The underneath comes first to understand body importance to pour flattering position, then gets into to wash and brush to brush of row poisonous time.

1, start behind from the neck of shower, open the valve door of lymphoid row poison

The big piece district that goes to back behind from the neck, distribute bulky lymphoid tube, and have the brown fat cell that get rid of the fat piece ability, stimulate these places, can consumedly raise metabolism, help body to take out the discard out of the body.

2, enlargement water pressure, the incitement pours to fawn on

Shower of time, can spray a head through an adjustment or by hand press and suppress and generally spray the method of the head to strengthen water pressure, pour flattering position with the water pressure big water pillar incitement, can betterly promote lymphoid liquid circulation and fluxion.

3, the massage want toward the direction of heart

Whether you are the sea salt in the dry bubble method or not, still use body horniness product or rub a Zao towel, when the massage rubs body had better all from outside toward heart of position massage.Because the lymphoid liquid flies to and vein homology, all is toward the direction fluxion of heart, massage have the effect to consciously make the lymphoid liquid flown to heart can raise row poison.

4, take a bath of face row poison

Take a bath in summer, time had better not longer than 15 minutes, can make use of while greatly opening, the pore goes to horniness for skin, or glazed and deep sweep an emergency mask.Even what all not, just by hand and lightly tap a face skin, can help a skin row poison.Remember, drink one big cup white water before taking a bath, the hands don’t be carefree while taking a bath.

better essence vegetable

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Fine protect a skin just had better essence vegetable four greatly protect a skin skill
Essence vegetable at protect a skin article in certainly is an essence!Who all know “concentrated of is all essence of” truth, almost all essences plain products are that the capacity is littles but price Gao.Believe a lot of MMs all have this felling:The essence vegetable that needs to paint bean grain size is on the face, after slightlying more massage again, all humidities and nourishment seem to be all absorbed by the skin, the skin slips extremely delicate.So, which skills that protect a skin does the essence vegetable actually have?Come and small weave a to investigate unexpectedly!

1, Gao Jing Jian of deep hydratecompany establishes

Leading is 25 years old, especially over 30 years old, should value to wipe an essence vegetable, work well to hydrate measure.Although also exist natural hydration in the periostracum of skin NMF, but the hydration composition in the essence vegetable even has the ability of hydrating and make the skin often protected young and delicate.

2, the instauration skin equilibrium Tai

The modern female mostly undertakes a work life to wait layer after layer pressure and doesn’t as usual plus dietetically, atmosphere of pollution and mood up of annoyed etc., make the skin been placed in a kind of unbalance appearance of depth.But imply the essence vegetable of the carbon powder sour root ion then can promote the natural rebirth of skin cell, make the skin recovered perfect balance, can make the pressure skin improved.

3, perfect resist agingoutside company

Along with the projecting light upon of growth, ultraviolet ray of age and live the influence of pressure etc. factor, the fiber cell will lose the ability of synthesizing the new cell gradually, make the elasticity fiber split and make the skin held water power to lower, knot the Di organization encounter breakage, flexibility become bad and normal metabolism ability deceleration.

4, aim at a sexual airtight nasty nursing

When you of the skin appear a problem, on the other hand want to as far as possible drink the nourishment, humidity that the skin needs, enhance a skin natural resistibility;On the other hand, the essence vegetable that owns a high-tech chemical element will stimulate the repair and maintenance and renewal of accelerating the cell and arouse skin metabolism, let skin more the brightness is tight to.where how many