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gradually orientation

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Use a cosmetics to want gradually and increase dosage to make a skin gradually orientation

Whether a little bit is a light repast surprised?Once listens to some foods can not match in disorder, originally, does the cosmetics also have so a to say?Be really don’t see not to know ah, round a view to come over quickly, open mental horizon.
If you once buys lotion, disguise waterarea housing foundation cream, scrub cream, and nourishment frost…etc. together, and use in the meantime, once causing bad reaction, can hardly check reason where.The most safe method is:The cosmetics that used first to once emulsify, that is since lotion, gradually increase other cosmeticses again.

Use old frost and new frost next day while changing to use nourishment frost, make a skin the orientation is gradually.

When the body condition is poor, don’t change to use a cosmetics.Should avoid changing to use a cosmetics in front and back week in menstruation, therefore of endocrine unbalance, easily cause allergic sex reaction.

Use when the spirit stabilizes.When the spirit stabilizes,color steatite the function of self-discipline nerve can also keep normal, so the secreting of condition, sebum of skin, and the circulations of blood all present a good condition, just don’t easily cause reaction.

Living environment change and season transformation don’t change to use.When own living environment has variety, should as far as possible avoid using a cosmetics.Many people like when the egress traveks and take the delicate sample of new-made article to use, this is very dangerous.

When the internal organs function hairiness gets sick, weak quotationshould avoid changing to use;Particularly is can not even change to use when the function of liver and kidney is out of tune.

When the holdout ability of the skin lowers, should avoid changing to use.Such as after suddenly and violently basking of the sunlight in summer, or cause a skin in winter dry, can not change to use.

Living special anomaly, avoid to change to use.Mean while there aring these circumstances the body contains poor condition, don’t change to use a lot of cosmeticses at a time.

Cause the allergy responds of the reason is a lot of, want the occurrence of avoiding the disease, have to usually keep good body condition, strictly guard to sleep well, eat well, excrete lucid these three greatest principles, market timethese is also the three greatest principles of hairdressing in the meantime.

autumn scraps

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Wen Shui shampooes to effectively resist a dry causable head of autumn scraps
A, will shampoo water to pour in hand, just a little fill with some water to carry on it to roll to a foam abundant put on hair again.As far as possible don’t directly will shampoo water to pour hair up, sweep like this of effect the far rather anterior operation method is effective,LED downstream suffers want to more effectively get away from scurf, have to first from shampoo and start grasping since.

Two, use Wen Shui to shampoo the best.Cool water’s shampooing can hardly attain a detergent purpose first, secondly will cause the dizzy phenomenon of having a headache.But lead hot of water easily stimulate skin of head and make the skin of head secreted an excessive grease.The sebum is excessive the cell that will make to shed off attach on the skin of head together, aridity after become thin ground scurf.So suggest to use Wen Shui to shampoo, 40 degrees are or so and the best.

Three, go to shampooing of scraps effect water had better change once a year.The friends of easily long head scraps isn’t difficult to discover, has some the scraps shampooes water just start using still doer execution, time grew ignore use, its reason was a skin of head to suggest to replace once a year towards shoulding shampoo marine products to born immunity, so.

Four, keep good sleep, regulation food and good mood ability also effective decrease scurf.Various bad habit will cause endocrine out of tune, influence skin of head normal metabolism and finally cause a scraps creation.So the good life is habitually necessarily also one of homework that gets away from a scraps to do.

Five, go to the scraps small special prescription:

They are all a little bit civil to go to scraps of the special prescription probably isn’t anyones to all try out, according to personal circumstance choice a kind of still more suitable ownly try and see how effect is.

One clear water+Chen CuLED big screen suddenly

The clear water of about one kilogram exchanges into a 150 ml vinegar, mix evenly clear water and clear water by hand, every week probably 3 times, the persistence can attain over a long period of time good to scraps effect.Not only go to scraps Yang and can also reduce hair furcation problem.

2 onionses go to scraps

Choose a comparison fresh onions, onions juice is enough abundant after promising to pound into pulp.Use to pound into pulp tool to after pounding into pulp the onions wrap with the clean gauze well, use to wipe massage skin of head, let onions juice ability the full function is at the skin of head.24 shampooed with the clear water in childhood, not only can go to scraps, equally can also Yang.

3 beers go to scraps

The method and clear water adds Chen Cu’s method similar, join just the right amount of beer in the clear water, hybrid and even, shampoo with beer water, probably can feel the scurf obvious decrease for half month.

4 water shampooesLED factory

Fresh ginger the slice puts in the canteen and wait water to burn hot after slice the slice that get and use to burn good ginger water to shampoo, use to get can effectively go to scraps to wiping skin of head.

skin lubrication

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Taomi Shui hand-washing can make the skin lubrication
Home often leaves shell eggs and rice water, these things if you are good at using, but they bora! Egg shell after simple processing, can be used to clean clothes, let the clothes washing water white; not only can clean the apparatus, but also can be used as hand material.
Using the rice washing waterLED lighting business
1 from the market to buy meat, sometimes will be stained with dust and other dirt, wash clean with water. If the hot rice washing two times, uses the clear water to wash again, dirt will be clean.
The 2 Chopping for a long time, will produce a stench taste. The chopping block into the rice water immersion time, season with salt to wash and rub, and then washed with hot water net, on the chopping block stench can be eliminated.
3 Tao Mishui bubble dry bamboo shoots, kelp, such as cuttlefish, namely easy swelled up, clean, and easy to cook, cook.
4 commonly used washing water wash, not only can decontamination, but also make the skin soft and smooth.
Using egg shell
1 the eggshell crushed, packed in a thin bag or stockings, into the pot with water for 5 minutes, the water washing clothes, especially white.
2 will be crushed eggshells into powder, into the ceramic ware, hot water bottle, glass bottle, add a little water, swaying, can go. If the oil is serious, into the egg can be filled with water is placed 1-2 days, shake the can.
3 fresh eggs soaked in water, will produce the protein and water mixed solution, use it to rub the glass or furniture, can increase the gloss.lamp indeed as expected
4 boiling water kettle with a thick layer of scale, hard besides, use it to cook two egg shell, can be removed.
5 washing eggshell water into the pot, contribute to the growth of flowers and trees. Will be crushed eggshells and put in the pot, which can maintain moisture, and can provide nutrients for flowers.
Chopsticks to air
Chopsticks and oral exposure to the most direct, most frequently, storage to ensure ventilation drying, and some people accustomed to the chopsticks after washing into the cupboard or airtight plastic chopsticks, chopsticks or in building a clean piece of cloth dust, these practices are not desirable. The best approach is the selection of stainless steel silk, permeability good chopstick canister, and nail it to the wall or placed in well-ventilated place.English calls

hydrate to be fair

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

The hands autumn also needs to repair water to hydrate to be fair
Arrived in autumn, the weather also slowly started becoming dry.The MMs will start changing to protect a skin article, cosmetics, but a lot of MMs more what to pay attention to is the nursing of face department and neglected the nursing of brothers.The in fact lanky nursing is also equal of importance, at dry of autumn in, never make own hand looked like bark similar rough!Underneath with small the plait see autumn together should how own hand, let to look more beautiful.changes a hot machine

A, wipe hand frost

Wipe hand cream in 3 minutes after washing hands, imply the hand cream of the milk wood fruit oil, beeswax and lactic acid composition, can lock to moisten, keep the softness of hand, prevent°from sheding skin.

Two, defend to pour a sting

If you of the nail easily living to pour a sting, develop to massage an agnail habit with the smooth skin oil at any time.If have already appeared to pour a sting, don’t by hand tore, shear dead skin, the bubble softens horniness in the hot water and finally wipes hand cream.copper of need estimate

Three, go to horniness

Every week goes to horniness for hand and makes hands more delicate.The hand that extrudes a dollar coin size whets a sand cream, hands to crumple for 2-3 minutes, again meticulous roll finger of joint and nail surroundings skin, finally Wen Shui blunt clean.If the heel contains hard skin and wears to bathe gloves to rub, or whets with the pumice dozen.

Four, wash handsBrazil can be

Wash hands the hand sanitizer that must use Wen Shui and weak acidity.

Does the side Cape

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Does the side Cape of cosmetics anticipate how to make use of again?
Protect a skin article, make-up article to occupy a not small comparison in the cost expenditure of the beauty-lovers.Face to continuously lift each kind of cosmetics of price, many the ladies of “dig a door” all figured out more thoroughly of operation method.This not, some sides that originally could abandon Cape the side anticipated, unexpectedly is given two lifes.
Foundation cream, essence liquid and lotion can make bb frost

In the female’s numerous skin care products, there is much”side the Cape anticipate” of surplus in the head quarter and used half of foundation creams, essence liquid and lotion usually is been idle in the corner by the host, here, 39 healthy nets shares to once re- combine the small secret of these”side the Cape anticipate” products with everyone.

“I see on the net these products are in fact the best raw materials of the creation BB frost, so moving back and forth for oneself is some kind of, discover really effective, the most important is can’t oil.”A certain fan ascended does the net friend of “side the Cape anticipate” DIY like this say.As long as after blending foundation cream, essence liquid and lotion well, is the best substitute of BB frost.However, the lotion wants to choose hydration, the color number of foundation cream has to be natural.So she home need not of the foundation creams all took out, the color number was deep, more lotion, the color number is shallow and add the lotion less.Just past summer, she was the BB frost makeup that depended on these DIYs to order himself/herself.exhibition building

Each kind of powder a round flat cake assembles a new powder a round flat cake

For controling oil and repairing a makeup, many females will have a piece of powder a round flat cake in the pack, but because of various factor, some females discover that the powder a round flat cake that just bought back is soon unsuitable for himself/herself and how did?That was to crush to pieces powder a round flat cake and re- combined a new powder a round flat cake.

The creation of powder a round flat cake is in fact very simple, needs old powder a round flat cake, great skin water all right.Crush to pieces first old powder a round flat cake well, then pour into great skin water, the side adds side agitation, great skin water need not add too many, as long as can well mix blend even then.Then re- pack the agitation good”powder paste” into powder a round flat cake a box in, after waiting for the great skin aquatic humidity and alcohol well vaporizing, you will discover, the powder a round flat cake of a cake of newness had finally come to completion.

Various powder a round flat cakes of color number can add together, the effect sometimes mixing like this is usually the most suitable to match his/her own skin.

Make nail polish with the eye shadow

At present, many girl’s sons all like to move back and forth he or she’s nail, but for the color of nail polish always have to pick a not good felling, can use an idle eye shadow manufacture in fact nail polish, the effect for coming out will be very astonishing.

Put the eye shadow powder to inside in a small dish first and crush to pieces it, then drop go into few and transparent nail polish, well mixture empress the even daubery is on the nail.This method is very simple, having is basic what color of eye shadow powder, can create what color of nail polish, and common need not of rouge, shadow powders can manufacture nail polish, connect the lips is also colourful to well make use of.

Moreover, some cosmeticses that led to expect can also make use of again.

Make up water:Disguise water of the great skin contains alcohol, can use to sweep mirror, dressing table, dining table, ceramic tile, and range hood…etc.;Hydrate of can use to maintain shoes, wallet, and skin sofa…etc..Derail a phenomenon a

Lotion:Nourishment nail, protect hair.Make up cotton to dip full lotion package on the nail with the small piece, dismantle after 15 minutes, can help the nail to grow and bright Ze;Put on lotion in delivering Shao after shampooing, can defend furcation, soft hair.

Noodles frost:In addition to wiping a hand and wiping feet, the commutability protect hair in delivering Shao vegetable;Using to nursing skin’s having effect is very good.Overdue noodles frost wraps in the skin purse, skin hand, shoes, skin sofa up, there is the function to maintain leather, and be applicable to the made of leather article in various color.Need to be advertent BE, don’t use have already increased white effect.

Perfume:Spray to act as a delightfully fresh in in the bathroom, room and car, or for wash the clothes increment for finishing aroma;Spray to be in making up cotton used for wiping the trace that the tape stays;Use to wipe a lamp, since canning go is dirty and have fever to help aroma to send forth through a lamp, and then have the joss-stick smokes of effect.

Lipstick:Can wipe silver jewelry, or repair skin to have.Lipstick is on the napkin and again and again wipe silverware or jewelry to become black place, have a brand-new look;Skin the lipstick that wear away to peep out white skin Chi behind, put on the up same color, recoating 1 F the egg was pure and then went.

Wash noodles milk:Can use to wash hands, wash feet, do to shave a beard cream, or when the detergent scrubs collar of dress, gusset and travels shoe etc..

Shampoo water:Can be a wool product to clean and collar of dress clean use.Because shampoo to have the hair the meek in water, can make sweater etc. the wool product is soft pure fragrance;Can also clean the clothes that collar of dress, hat, and Zhen towel…etc. and hair touch elbow.

Usually under the circumstance cosmetics’ protecting a quality period is 3 years.Kaifeng protects quality to expect behind short then 3 months, much then 2 years, total of to see solid of, the cosmetics of composition one protect a quality period to grow some, liquid of, composition complications of protect then a quality period is a little bit short.

The problem of cosmetics most that exceeds to protect a quality period is a microorganism to pollute, Kaifeng empress of the cosmetics and the air after getting in touch with for a long time, among them, the live composition may take place chemistry variety, will produce latent bane to the skin, therefore regardless comes up to say and all emphasizes that the cosmetics should be protecting to use inside the quality period from the safe angle, effective angle and usage comfortable feeling.

medicine makeup

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Concept and the function big Jie Mi of medicine makeup product
When a lot of problem skins crowd is his/her own skin but has no peace of mind day and night, how make own skin looked health, skin how look more tightly to, own age not the crease of the bedcover department and the young line of the eye department betray in the meantime, hence then formed at present this to look like frenzied a medicine makeup a market.

Survey the world, the Euro-American person makes it a rule a pharmacy to purchase effect to protect skin article and personal nursing thing,LED industry core competenciesthe catena catena Chinese herbal medicine makeup product in the pharmacy and daily necessity of Japan take up 70% of its business composing.

Frenzied medicine makeup market

In Japan currently, there are 16000 stores that are called “drugstore”, put drugs, cosmetics and daily necessity together management, the amount even returned to exceed a professional medicine store.According to medium report way:The sale sum of the Japanese medicine makeup chain store is more than 4,200,000,000,000 yens(323,000,000,000 dollars renminbi) in 2004, among them, the drugs sale has of comparison not enough 1|3.

When a lot of problem skins crowd is his/her own skin but has no peace of mind day and night, how make own skin looked health, skin how look more tightly to, own age not the crease of the bedcover department and the young line of the eye department betray in the meantime, hence then formed at present this to look like frenzied a medicine makeup a market.

What is meant by a medicine makeup?

Exactly what is meant by a medicine makeup so?Someone says:So-called medicine makeup, what to point is the cosmetics that sells in the pharmacy.

In fact and otherwise, medicine makeup this concept originally comes from Europe and America.In the United States, expert points out that the so-called medicine makeup is actually the exclusive phrase language of a marketing, the educational circles then thinks:Any is thought by the fda(American federal food drugs administration) is imply medicine composition rather than the cosmetics of cosmetics composition, belong to a medicine makeup product.But, British hairdressing and skin learn experienced expert Susan ·Doctor Ma You then point out:”What medicine makeup product does is challenging mankind to converse decrepit life science innovation.International well-known brand medicine makeup product of through long not the magic power of Shuai lie in its additive composition, usually is a type of vitamin a,LED testsmetal material and vitamin and various plant product.”

See, the accurate concept concerning medicine makeup hasn’t formed consistent definition as well among nations currently.So, we for the time being might as well comprehend like this here:The medicine makeup is special cosmetics and personal nursing thing that aims at problem skin crowd.

The function of medicine makeup article

In several years, once”medicine makeup” jumped to become the newly arisen word of protecting the skin vogue realm, active once expressed at the medicine makeup within public view concept of thermodynamic energy four splash, the magic power is uncommon.To the problem skin it may be said the tea don’t think rice don’t think of the person of love of beauty come to say, seem the first light of day of seeing the hope, no longer need the beauty salon bear with pain and sufferings of pulling the skin, need not walk into a skin specialty again to prescribe medicine for specific ailment, after more no longer needing to bear with needle and tiring periodical Shu of dermatologist nursing.

Suddenly such as a night spring rain come, thousand trees ten thousand tree pear the flower blossom.When the comprehensive sex medicine, nourishment adjusts reason and skin nursing these familiar to ear professional technical terms walked into public visual field of time, the many people fantasizes a civil medicine makeup ages can hurry an arrival, can make own problem skin got an exhaustive liberation.

So, the medicine makeup article actually has function and unexpectedly make numerous wildly hot Jings to love of beauty personages pursued?

First, the medicine makeup product has the effect that the function activates.Because medicine makeup product in all generally imply the vitamin c, tartaric acid and anti- oxidizing agent of high density, so have strong disinfect and the function effect for eliminating inflammation.

Secondly, the medicine makeup product has the function that lend support to the medical treatment.In the western countries, a lot of doctors will suggest the patient of skin section medicine makeup the article is a medical treatment assistance article to use, used for the anti- germ control sebum to secrete, repress Cuo Chuang etc. function.

Furthermore, the medicine makeup product still has the effect that the repair and maintenance maintains.Because own to bear is appeared by the person of skin quality whom sex differs or skin the sufferer of problem can not use to generally protect a skin article on the market, LED the semi-conductorthe in order to prevent causes incitement, but after the medicine makeup that the doctor verifies product the ability bring protecting of moderate repair skin effect for these crowds.

Finally, the medicine makeup product still has Shu after the effect of the nursing.BE carrying on whetting hairdressing surgical operations, such as skin and laser…etc. after operation, can adoption property the moderate medicine makeup article does Shu after the nursing.The medicine makeup article can availably protect Shu behind weak of skin, avoid causing incitement.

Show according to the foreign authority data:”Christmas is previous abroad and happen to be the sale peak season of cosmetics, protecting of USD 3 skin article flower sells each time in, have USD 1 is spend a product at the some medicine makeup brand series up.”On these grounds, in addition to admiring to the outside the country very mature medicine makeup market, analyze this data, also coincidentally made a show of the medicine makeup market huge development potential from another on the side.

Frequent user

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Frequent user of computer’s change of season protects a skin and defends “dead muscle”
Toward a computer all day long, the skin contains much many problems.Particularly is a change of season seasonal changes, the pore is bulky, rough skin, the skin color is obscure ……a series of the skin problem that the computer causes is closely upon heels and since then, so each beauty OLs, take strict precautions against change of season of”dead muscle”!LEDs to establish
A, absorb oil hydration at any time

Reason:The computer radiation makes the face skin in great quantities lost water, skin in order to attain water oil balance, continuously secrete a grease to lock humidity.Should work well to control oil at any time and repair aqueous measure in time while consequently facing a computer.

Improve measure:If the felling noodles is suffused with oil light and uses the oil light of absorbing the oil paper absorption face surplus, again spray fog to spray whole faceses with hydration, lightly tap to complete absorption.But use every day of number of times not the ability surplus is two.

Effect:Soon can feel that the skin is obviously more refreshing than past many after using, there is no greasy felling for getting feds up with, but leads empress a period of time oil only willing again appear.

Two, use up after the computer a skin to thoroughly sweep a skinflow a technique

Reason:The static electricity of computer makes the face adsorbed to allow much more of dust, if don’t sweep in time, will block pore, formation pimple, black head, even result in other more serious skin problems.

Improve measure:Usage over computer immediately uses Wen Shui behind and match with Jie noodles the milk wash noodles, first Jie noodles the milk match Wen Shui in hand up crumple bubbles, again paint to a face, then wash with the clear water clearly.The Jie noodles don’t forget to to use a disguise water and hydration lotion to carry on further hydration behind.

Effect:The skin feeling to draw tight in a twinkling feels after the usage over computer water is smooth, Jie noodles behind use of hydration lotion, will also make the skin avoided aridity.

Three, use collagen hairdressing in the evening liquid

Reason:The evening is the inning that protects a skin, is radiated by computer in the daytime of trample upon, take the big good time in evening carries on a callous repair and carries on to the skin defend wrinkly defend Shuai of repair, want to use the hairdressing liquid of usage collagen naturally.

Improve measure:The choice implies the hairdressing liquid or cream of collagen, paints on the face after the Jie noodles in evening and lightly massages to complete absorption.企業公司工廠的環境風水注意事項

Effect:Usually discover when the morning gets up that the face is suffused with oil light, or two cheeks become dry wrinkly, if the hairdressing liquid that used a collagen in the evening can reduce this circumstance, can also defer skin decrepitude.

Four, do an eye film next day

Reason:The eye week skin is a person on the weakest part of the whole face, facing a computer not only suffers from ray radiation injury, but also experiences tired of trample upon.Consequently want to carry on a special nursing to the eye department.

Improve measure:Choose the eye film that has foundation hydration function, if still need to solve an other eye department problem, can also to the eye film that should choose other functions.Spread before sleeping eye up about after 20 minutes, use an eye remaining stays for week of the hairdressing liquid lightly massage an eye department and clean again.

Effect:After using once can feel eye for week the skin becomes delicate slippery, if use over a long period of time, can also availably anti-wrinkle, solve various eye the skin problem is for week.

Five, periodically go to horniness

Reason:The skin oneself also has an outstanding repair function, but after carrying on this kind of repair, the surface of skin will remain a lot of sebums and die skin, if don’t clean up and then will pile up in the surface to block pore in time, the skin looks coarseness is not already either.

Improve measure:Every 1-2 weeks, the usage goes to corneous Jie noodles milk or other products, the opposite department skin carries on with meticulous care going to a horniness processing.

Effect:After going to horniness, will obviously discover that the originally old and thick skin shed off and took but generation originally drive die skin overlay at in of delicate slippery skin.

Six, as far as possible little wear contact lens

Reason:The contact lens mostly uses the high mark sub- material manufacturing of, deeply the oxygen is ineffective and obstructed eyes to directly breathe oxygen in the certain degree and made cornea anoxia.Eyes high strain while plusing to toward a computer for a long time, the normal person winks every minute 20 many, but put on contact lens to toward a computer for a long time, winking of every minute number of times only have 45 times, toward a computer for a long time, eyes will become dry, deliver puckery, very uncomfortable.

Improve measure:The nursing liquid and mirror box that along with takes contact lens needs for a long time time of towarding the computer and dismantles contact lens, makes change mirror glasses and makes eyes deeply well ventilated.After sweeping hands again while needing to be gone out wear to wear contact lens.Although comfort and water bothering 1:00,change to eyes is bright

care effect doubled

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Maintenance of small details make skin care effect doubled
Why expensive skin care products with as little effect, anti-wrinkle eye cream does not wrinkle, whitening lotion is not white? Little imagine, and not put them into his face painted on everything will be fine. You may not have noticed, many of the details,LED light applies cause the product to achieve desired effect. We invite experts tell you 8 need to pay attention to skin care details, these small details decide your success or failure of skin effect, quickly come to have a look!
In 1, the removal of the surface layer of dead skin
Skin scientist Amy Wechsler said,” dead skin is the skin first barrier, must first remove them they can let the skin care products better play the role of.” This skin special barrier is actually very soft and not be secure against assault, therefore, it is not difficult to remove.
Basic cleansing from the pores in the removal of oil, but to let the skin care products for better absorption, requires the use of enzyme containing or acid cleanser ( for sensitive skin and acne acne skin is the perfect choice ), or with a granular scrub products ( small particles and smooth ), or other mild scrub. For example, cleansing brush, like Clarisonic cleansing brush or Olay professional formula brush cleanser.
2, the use of skin care products to be ordered
Skin scientist Jeannette Graf said,” the first layer of skin care products to absorb is always best”, therefore, whether your purpose is to wrinkle, acne or to sunburn, should follow the principle of. If you use two kinds of different products against two different skin problems, in the early morning after cleansing, use one in the evening after cleansing, use another, can receive the twice the result with half the effort. The corresponding steps are completed, then by dilute ( essence ) to thick ( sunscreen or cream ) apply other skincare products. The only exception is containing retinoic acid products, first use will stimulate the skin.
3, moist skin absorption is most effective
Moist skin like a sponge, it can quickly absorb any smeared across the product ( moist but not dry ). Almost all products can correspond to this, including retinoic acid. The only exception is the mineral sunscreen ( physical sunscreen ). ” The physical sunscreen differs from the chemical sunscreen, it is not absorbed, but covering on the surface of the skin, thus reflecting the rays of the sun. Minerals in the wet skin is not easy to stay, will cause uneven coverage, so skin looks pale.” Dermatologists say David Bank.
4, wash your face with warm water to warm up for the skin
When you use warm water instead of cold water to wash face, while also properly increased skin temperature, blood vessels and pore expansion cooling. ” Cross-straitsThe gap between cells implies greater absorption surface, contribute to the absorption of the product.” Heidi Waldorf said the doctor. In addition, the skin temperature is helpful to effectively ingredients permeate into skin, better and faster with cell interaction, Dr. Bank supplement.

plastic surgery is”have no pain”

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

The expert reads how plastic surgery is”have no pain”
The kinglet wants to do to swell up of nose Shu, but again afraid pain.Went to two hospitals, an oath solemnly pledged ground said that assurance does surgical operation not painful;But another affirmation that say, since is a surgical operation will have some pains.Thus the kinglet feels vacant, not know letter whose good.Relocation Company

As for this problem wants to see in view of which aspect, similar to any other surgical operations, the orthopedics hairdressing surgical operation also equally obeys “have no painful sex surgical operation” principle.Understood this, you would see many so-called”have no pain to do the surgical operation of × ×” that the orthopedics tries very hard to publicize in the hairdressing advertisement of one, in fact however is obeying an universal principle just.But the principle of this kind of”have no painful sex surgical operation”, need to be built up the foundation is at the perfect anaesthesia technique on.The anaesthesia of the orthopedics plastic surgery surgical operation usually includes 4 kinds:The part gradually anaesthetizes, partial Zu Zhi anaesthesia, part gradually the anaesthesia add to use pain, tranquilizer and general anaesthesia in the town.Actually most in common use of is the first, namely the part gradually anaesthetizes, the general name for”bureau hemp”.

Along with the modern medical science technical development, new of anaesthesia technique not only be as low as the risk of anaesthesia specially small degree, and basically can make each one been subjected to Shus to can easily spend the whole processeses of surgical operation.The degree of surgical operation pain and sufferings can attain to inject with muscle about and be subjected to a Shu all generally the ability be subjected to.

The operation process of hemp in the bureau injects an anaesthesia medicine in the organization of surgical operation area, this district has a thick skull numbness after the few minutes, the pain feels disappearance, after attaining this anaesthesia effect,International Movingthe doctor just starts formal surgical operation.

Anaesthetize a medicine to all there is allergic possibility.The anaesthesia medicine needed by orthopedics plastic surgery usually some medium small surgical operations dosage can hardly influence whole body and talk more not and up a toxicity function, but namely dosage again small, there is also the possibility of allergy.Consequently say, the biggest risk of orthopedics hairdressing surgical operation comes from anaesthetizing a medicine.Before speak of of have no painful sex surgical operation principle, not apprehensibility isn’t the slightest painful, bureau hemp is also such.So, why can not finish attaining completely whole of have no pain?Investigate its reason to probably have 2 kinds:The first, anesthetic in the bureau wants to inject part and injects although the pain have importance, but can not avoid, can pass thin needle and slowly push the method for injecting to soothe ache as well as pass to join a little amount baking soda alkali to turn to anaesthetize medicine aqua, the method of since low anaesthesia medicine incitement soothes ache.The second, the bureau anesthetic injecting wants all districts that the Mi spreads a surgical operation spread, real attain Shu but gastight, sometimes impossible.As a result, possibly even while requesting surgeon to inject anesthetic in the bureau.After injecting, wait for certain time after, the square can have operation.

The operation process of hemp in the bureau injects anesthetic in the organization of surgical operation area, this district becomes benumbed after the few minutes, the pain feels disappearance, hence start formal surgical operation.These medicines are that “card because of” types add to use adrenaline, such as benefit many cards because of, the card of Pu Lu because of, cloth compare card because of etc..They is likeness of chemistries in can card because of of synthesis.Can the card synthesizes through the artificial because of having very big side effect of various”card because of” safety many.The adrenaline is naturally the hormone that the human body exists, one of its functions is to make afferent muscle constringency, therefore can reduce to bleed in the Shu, “run off” with the blood vessel of the decrease anesthetic in the bureau.But because of afferent constringency but with the result that the blood pressure temporarily goes up, therefore, though it while being used, the density is very low(1:200,000), if meet high blood pressure sufferer still should be very careful.

Various above-mentioned”card because of”, all have allergy of possibility, hence say, the biggest risk of hairdressing surgical operation, come from anaesthetizing a medicine.Benefit many cards because of of the poisonous side effect is bigger than the card of Pu Lu because of 1-200%, but the allergy leads, away below card of Pu Lu because of, Mover Company as a result doing not need to do to try is quick.The anesthetic dosage needed by plastic surgery usually some medium small surgical operations can hardly influence whole body and talk more not and up a toxicity function, can namely the dosage is again small, there is also the possibility of allergy.From here, it isn’t difficult to see, the surgeon would like to even apply benefit many cards because of, the reason lie in this.

The front has been already said and of have no painful sex surgical operation principle, not apprehensibility isn’t the slightest painful, bureau hemp is also such.So, why can not finish attaining completely whole of have no pain?Not in fact difficult comprehension.Investigate its reason to all have 3 kinds:The first, anesthetic in the bureau wants to inject part and injects although the pain have importance, but can not avoid.The method that can pass thin needle and slowly push to inject eases it;Can also pass to join a little amount baking soda alkali to turn anesthetic aqua, the method of since low anesthetic stimulative eases it.

The second, the bureau anesthetic injecting wants all districts that the Mi spreads a surgical operation spread, real attain Shu but gastight, sometimes is go impassability.As a result, possibly even wait for while requesting surgeon to inject anesthetic in the bureau, after injecting certain time after, the square can have operation.Surgical operation not cans make completely painless third reason is easily neglected by people, that be, part gradually anesthetic density not the ability Zu Zhi thicker nerve tie stem.Everyone knows that the bureau immerses anesthetic benefit many cards because of of the normal regulations density is 0.25%-0.5%, even at recently develop of swell a technique in can be low to arrive 0.025%-0.05%;But partial Zu Zhi anesthetic benefit many cards because of density average 1.0%.Low anesthetic density what then get not more bulky sensory nerve tie stem.So, when the surgical operation spreads to arrive at this time, will produce the ache of a certain degree.This then can run into a this kind circumstance in some parts.Like ex- sum in addition to wrinkly Shu of the Kuang last nerve;Underneath neck in addition to wrinkly Shu of the ear big nerve;The rib nerve for swelling up of breast Shu wears to pay more bulky;Fei bowel for calf to absorbs fat Shu nerve;Each skin for upper arm to absorbs fat Shu pays an etc..The surgeon knows farely wells, while appearing these circumstances or avoid a “situation”, or assist to correspond neurotic anaesthesia of Zu Zhi, can immediately attain peaceful have no pain.

Above speak of of is all surgical operation the circumstance of guest body, namely the circumstance of anesthetic and its user-surgeon.As for corpus, then have an operation, while being also a surgical operation painful not painful important impact factor.For example say, the person’s sensitive degree to the ache, the sensitive degree of the person to the anaesthesia medicine, exist very big individual difference.Together is a kind of to inject method and medicine, some people can poised place, but someone then may be painful can not bear with.

In short, the hairdressing surgical operation should attain “have no pain”, this is the principle.But this only and theoretically of, is opposite.The doctor of the plastic surgery and beg beautiful all should objective, with accuracy treat this problem, avoid two kinds of tendencies:It a, come from curing a house, for the sake of a certain purpose, it is “absolutely have no pain” to have intention to publicity hairdressing surgical operation;It two, come from begging a beautiful, neglect the doctor’s objective explanation, while persistently requesting surgical operation”not the slightest painful”, these 2 kinds all aren’t the attitudes of science.