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health beard

Friday, October 28th, 2011

The female health beard is each to drink one glass water sooner or later
The chemisette health wants to notice which aspects of health care?If the womans, who usually didn’t notice these,s might as well see these health method below.
Sooner or later each one cup water

A cup of the morning can sweep a bowel way and drink the humidity that the nighttime loses;A cup of the evening then can promise that a night of blood is unlikely because of water shortage but too sticky dense.

Drink water to necessarily knowpower transistor

a.Drink humidity:The human body consumed a great deal of humidity from the urine, skin and breath when the night goes to bed, the morning got up posterity to realize the appearance of being placed in a kind of physiology water shortage.The humidity that an evening human body runs off has 450 milliliters around, waking up in the morning to drink water can drink the humidity that the body metabolism loses.

b.Prevent°from constipation:After getting up in the morning the drinking can also stimulate the peristalsis of stomach and intestines, moist bowel way, soften the bowels, promote the excretion of the bowels, prevention and cure constipation.

c.Flush appetite:After getting up in the morning the stomach and intestines has already lined up empty, at this time drink water can wash away dirt to sweep appetite, dilute stomach acid, ease gastric incitement, make the stomach and intestines kept the best appearance.

d.Awake brain:Water that gets up to drink behind will soon drive bowel mucosa the absorption gets into blood, can availably increase blood to dissolve quantity,information manifest dilution blood, lower the blood dense degree, promote blood circulation, prevent°from the heart afferent paroxysm occurrence, return can let person of the brain quickly recover awake appearance.

e.The hairdressing keeps Yan:After getting up in the morning repair water for body, make the humidity quickly transported to whole body, contribute to blood circulation, can also help a muscle body to eject body endotoxin, moisten a skin, make skin water worked properly.The female friends of love of beauty must drink to like this glass water.

The blood is sticky dense will speed cerebral of the deposition of the anoxia, dye, make the decrepitude come in advance.Therefore, the function of drinking can not underrate every night.color television

Protect a skin article

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Protect a skin article in of is the small particle well bad?
More and more protected a skin article to release the product of containing the particle, some MMs thought that these small particles will help to protect a skin article betterly drive skin absorption, but some MMs think that these small particles will stimulate a young and delicate skin, so, do these small particles exactly is well bad to the skin? Medium
A, wash the particle in the noodles milk

Some people think that washing the small particle in the noodles milk will cause a skin to flush and allergy, but skin the expert then contradictorily says that is whet the washing of sand type noodles milk, now the colorful runt of this kind of”doter oneself” rich contain the ammonia radicle nourishment compositions, such as glucose and vitamin E…etc., completely harmless to skin.

The expert calls:”Nourishment type washes noodles milk in of colorful particle in addition to give the skin camp divide, can also attain professional massage effect.The particle of nourishment type washes noodles milk to suit to still match skin quality.Needs to take jot and follow a hour hand dozen on the skin the turn massage for 3 minutes, the nourishment composition in the particle the meeting slowly seep into a skin deep.After you flush lotion, you will marvel at the young brilliance that the skin projects.

If you still can not classify a nourishment type and whet the particle of sand type to wash noodles milk, the most simple method:The designation that pleases watch for to follow product elucidation in the book explains that the in the book should mark “the sensitive skin is used”, or have certain contexts, such as”low allergy” and”through the dermatologist test”… art stanzas Had better before trying a new product first in hand top or knee up try out, if the occurrence allergy explains that that product isn’t a nourishment type.Because when this massages formula bead the son and skin surface layer is any to stimulatingly rub will decline to lowest degree, but other traditional epidermis renewal product because is all water system formula, as a result will cause the skin allergic phenomenon.

Two, the particle in the essence liquid

The particle essence that still there is the high technology of new liquid.Water delicate touch, slips bead particle well the package live hairdressing composition to raise massage effect and in a twinkling permeate into a periostracum deep, create a bright skin.Form the protection film of getting close to water sex Gao on the skin, moisten but don’t get fed up with gluing, the clearness has no dry puckery feeling.Epidermis capillaries after massaging the blood circulation speed and accelerate clearance Jie material not, quality clearness easily drive the skin absorb;Ameliorable skin hydration degree, the improvement skin is dark to sink, anasarca and rough etc. problem, make the skin absorbed to the skin care products better.

The particle essence liquid operation method also very simple, sooner or later after thoroughly sweeping a skin, can take little massage first at the whole faceses, can match slightly simple massage skill, can directly use repair and maintenance frost after using.

Three, the particle in repair and maintenance frost

If you hope to still have a better repair and maintenance product, might as well try “particle” of repair and maintenance frost. little bit bright

From real replied the angle of young delicate skin to say, at numerous Huan skin product in, the skin expert recommends to choose to imply a colorful particle repair and maintenance frost.These particles are wiped by microlite the apocalypse that the skin luck goes regulation, let you personally control you of face.These small particles that suspend in repair and maintenance frost enrich to contain special formula and contribute to get rid of and prevent skin from suffering from of injury, make the skin smooth effect developed extreme achievement.

“Small particle” greatly has power, but wants to notice its correct operation method, repair and maintenance frost usage of the best time before fallening asleep in the evening, take jot to lightly massage to particle complete drive skin absorption.Although after front twice uses, the face will have slightly scorching hot feeling, please trust, this is the normal cell repair and maintenance phenomenon, “three heavy Huan skin crystal” in the particle is delicately once wearing pore at this time, after several minutes this kind of moment of warm up an effect and then will disappear, what to bring a skin is the delicate feeling for having a brand-new look.

In addition, technological of the high-speed development make particle at protect the skin article greatly has Be, particle type the eye benefits, particle type emergency mask, and particle type nourishment water…etc., all is pass skin cell the compound cell link network of natural way, give skin purely the whole nourishments that can provide.

MM good facial expression

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The 5 minutes naked makeup returns love to sleep MM good facial expression
The naked makeup freshest clear characteristics is a true colors this year!The make-up spreads the clean and natural effect of trend regression nature.The bottom makeup of the delightfully fresh naked makeup outstanding natural sheen,self-statement emphasize the callous circle is smooth with true colors, make the skin presented a frivolity deeply bright texture.The makeup like this permits the most suitable match an office worker, because of only 5 minutes OK.
Trade secret 1:Eyebrow powder the painting come from however eyebrow form, lifting the bright eyebrow Feng can not forget

A rightness of eyebrow that didn’t get angry will seem to be a face not enough clean.But say for the many people, the thrush is absolutely a technique to live, but as long as you frequently practice, office worker MM is very quick fix.The eyebrow form of clean nature is the key to delightfully fresh naked makeup.

Step a:After fixing a good eyebrow, 20 anniversariesdraw heel eyebrow form with the foundation cream first line, then again thrush form, use eyebrow powder from the deepest place beginning, is drawing shallow eyebrows and tip of brow.Tip of brow with the eyebrow pencil make uniform next, make it seem to be thinner.

Step two:Take Gao Guang Fen’s Tu Mei Feng’s part with the pearl color and luster to raise the stereoscopic feeling of eyes, make the layer of eyes brought into relief.

Trade secret 2:The black informer fills with an eyelash to is apart from, and add a painting up well-executed worthy of a look line and mascara.

The informer absolutely comes from you to the eye department vivid importance of the idea anticipate.Draw soft plentiful full informer effect, can make office worker MM’s eyes seemed to be in high spirits.The eyelash can exaggerate too much and work situation not is turn on electricity a field.

Step a:Draw informer, use to control eyeliner so much, take a pen to be stained with just the right amount of eyeliner.The informer wants to fill with the blank of eyelash root completely, eyes would seem to be to have much of absolute being and avoid making the outline lines of eye department feeling not smooth.

Step two:Brush mascara, can not exaggerate, as long as emphasize the existence feeling of the eyelash.Eyes downwards see, lightly brush several bottoms like, the attention wanted to do to wink again, the in order to prevent made dirty a makeup to permit.

Trade secret 3:The apple muscle depends next of gold skin color of position rouge, light show a skin of good texture

Highlight face outline, not the color of persistently outstanding rouge.Delightfully fresh naked makeup’s greatly hating is a position in apple muscle to beat rouge and break whole outline like this, so must beat color in the apple muscle to depend under of position. song stanza

Step a:The apple muscle depends bottoms of the position is brushed with the circular, from behind brush before going toward.The choice is partial to the rouge of skin color and use many colors to mix a rouge comparison insurance.

Step two:Use the shallow color of face powder or lately- used rouge to lift a bright bottom eye face, highlight face outline, also seem to be more spirit.

Trade secret 4:Draw a shallow color bottom eye shadow, lift bright eye Cape transition part

The eye makeup persistently and upwards develops, eyes is big 1|2, learn the eye shadow in painting, just have opportunity to pull the eye form larger!The power that descends eye shadow tallies up to say, not only become big eyes size, also make your moment crystal bright have absolute being.Using a shallow color is more delightfully fresh, the deep color is like a smoking makeup, isn’t suitable for an office worker.

Step a:Use bead light the purple color wait a shallow color, head the light tail weigh gradually a layer, or so horizontal painting.Descend the eye tail triangle district to deepen manufacturing shadow, make the eyelash looked thicker, the eye type follow to upwards pull to lift.

Step two:Eye Cape and Quan bone conjunction, a little bit lift bright bottom, over- more natural.

Trade secret 5:Brushing painting lips with the lips is colourful and outside copy white lips line

Because all of delightfully fresh naked makeup colors are very thin and match with a makeup to permit, the lips department must be with the shallow color carry on creating, had better be that kind of very shallow meat powder color, make the lips color looked very soft.

Step a:With the lips brush to take a powder color lipstick Be copying the outline of drawing the lips and painting lips.Take a powder color the lips Be colourful to a little amountly brush on the lower lip, then can make a plentiful full soft double of lipses.

Step two:Outside copy white lips line, increase sheen, permit with makeup of hold out for long time.

Trade secret 6:Deeply make up hair and face powder on the twoth by skin color on two side cheekses

Making up hair and facing the powder is an all add flowers to brocade good thing, the meeting just right ground makes up a makeup to permit not perfectly, much so one-step, then harvest surprised pleased.The usage over makeup permits to live a new life to move and more has countenance, the facial features becomes stereoscopic, and”steamed stuffed bun face” rising early is missing.

Step a:The hollow place under the Quan bone is been stained with to a little bit deeply make up hair and face powder to do shadow with the brush.If is many colors to make up hair and face powder, can also ahead the outstanding parts such as sum, nose and eyehole etc. is brushed a shallow color with the small brush.

Step two:Press to press down with the powder puff, the makeup permits to blend nature more.

like this ability

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Go into an autumn to do like this ability rosy you of complexion
Keep Yan to adjust to repair in all aspects in autumn”, gold autumn is the quarter of result, is also a creation to head for a desolate quarter, then adjust more to repair a machine body and keep and improve looks of season.Therefore, should eat in autumn what, order what then can make this lived in autumn a little bit at ease, a little bit comfortable?How actually make the body moistenned more, is the spirit fuller?
In autumn how just can make complexion healthy a little bit more rosy?

The complexion is dark dumb have a great relation with spirit fatigue.Under the circumstance that tired, the iron content in the blood will reduce, and provide oxygen shortage, the blood circulation will be as well not that smooth;Therefore, we should eat some foods that add an iron more in normal times and for example eat cherry peach and matter to cherry peach to imply abundant vitamin C, it can help the body to absorb iron, keep iron from running off, and improve blood circulation, the help resists fatigue and directly make complexion rosy healthy.

Promote the face department blood circulation skin color rosy health

The blood that flows in the person’s circulation inside the body, can transport the nourishment material to whole body everywhere, and get up the discard collections in the human body, eject a body.Circulation not the Chang will cause toxin’s piling up, is well know most is pimple, dark Chuang etc..But when oxygen and nourishment can not all transport a face department skin, will appear noodles like the condition of soil color.Therefore, when the nighttime maintains, you should also lightly massage you of face department, promote partial blood circulation.

“Four thing soups”s make the your rosy facial expression greatly put brilliance

Keep the Yan good product”four thing soups”s, the gynecology increases the blood to keep blood a first square and has the Chinese angelica, Rehmannia, white Shao and Chuan the Qiong in that square, four medicines constitute.

Chinese angelica:Increase the blood to live blood, can help the womb to develop, ease vagina dry puckery and melancholy emotion, is the good product of hairdressing.

White Shao:Keep blood Lian Yin, strengthen cell immunity function, the Chong Ying annoys blood.

Rehmannia:Increase the blood to reinforce body fluid, imply compositions, such as sweet dew Chun and vitamin A…etc., can strengthen the effect of Chinese angelica.

Chuan Qiong:Live a blood through, dispeling breeze to relieve pain can up north route head of group and descend sea of blood in the line of achievement, enrich to contain vitamin E, can regulate endocrine.

“Four thing soups” not only can nourish spirit blood, rosy facial expression, more can cure dizzy and giddy, the menstruation don’t adjust, pain through, dysmenorrhea etc. disease, the health care cures two the wonderful square of mistake is not.

Applied:Chinese angelica 10.0 Chuan Qiongs 6.0 Rehmannias 12.0 stir-fry white Shao 10.0 red date 5 brown sugars are one Shao.Fill with water 500 mls to fry for 15 minutes, fry to about the 250 ml medicine juice.Drink 2 times everyday, each time 100 mls, the menstruation is ex- to eat for a week monthly, menstruation behind take for a week, annoy blood concordance, facial appearance the United States

very important

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The food repairs a spirit blood plan to protect a female menstruation

Annoy blood to female, very important, however female in the special menstruation, again usually easy”lose blood”, as a result, at female this a few special periodses, should notice to increase the blood.It is 7 female foods of special menstruations to treat to increase the blood a plan as follows.
1, the egg steep a period:The 1-9th day in menstruation

The matrimony vine increases the blood

Increase the blood reason:The egg bubble starts growing up in the ovary at this time, the ovary secretes a hormone help in the meantime the film inside the womb grow up.Want to make the egg bubble developed to be mature, should with increase the blood and keep Yin for lord,dvb t tunersin the meantime attention restore virility.

The Chinese herbal medicine does some help:The matrimony vine is a kind of sweet flavor and even, have to repair the repairing of liver kidney, clear eyes, smooth lung effect Yin medicine.Usually is regarded as nourishing adjust to keep with the good medicine of anti- decrepitude.Want to quickly recover a complexion to adjust to keep himself/herself well in the meantime?Easy, a bowl of matrimony vine white fungus thick soup fixs!In advance steep a bit of white fungus the soft bubble open and put wildfire in the pot to braise for 10 minutes after going to a root, water quantity just Man lead white fungus can, then join 10-15 matrimony vines, change small fire to slowly cook, probably 23 pretty much clock white fungus close fire after becoming transparent.If the words that like to be more sticky, so cook a satisfaction, finally put some rock sugar to adjust a seasoning way to have finally come to completion according to own favour.

TIPS:The matrimony vine warms up bodily effect very strong, is catching a cold to get a fever, the body have the person of burning disease, diarrhea to eat.Generally speaking, healthily of the adult eat 20 grams of or so fruit of Chinese wolfberry every day enough, don’t surfeit.

2, period of ovulation:Menstruation the 10th-the 12th day

Dan three increase the blood

Increase the blood reason:The egg after steeping the maturity then ejects ovum, is been sent to womb by the ovary by fallopian tube.To urge hair to ovulate should join a net, go spirit and live the medicine of blood in keeping the foundation of Jing blood.

The Chinese herbal medicine does some help:Have persistently a medicine, increase the blood of the function and people be familiar with of four the thing soup is match equally, that is the Dan three.In addition to increasing the blood, it can also live blood to adjust through, pure heart in addition to vexed, relieve pain to tranquilize the nerves.In advance soak 500 grams of jellyfish the back up is with brine.Make the Dan washing the slice son clearly three, 15 gram enough, again slice some slice, spring onion segment, put saucepan together, fill with water to use wildfire heating, boiling behind turn small fire Bao for 20 minutes, jellyfish has already steeped about and gets out to cut into a segment to puts into a pot and finally put salt, monosodium glutamate this time, scented ointment, dvb t receivers season all right.If put a point to anticipate wine flavor will better!

TIPS:Dan three fear lye, Bao of time can not definitely put alkali.The big measures Dan three may cause a human body allergy, the performance is the whole body skin Sao Yang, skin rash, urticaria, have of return a companion to contain short of breath stuffy chest, dyspnea, even bad cold, dizzy, disgusted vomit, fidgety uneasy etc..The past beard notices dosage, general is 9-15 gram.

3, Huang Ti Qi:Menstruation the 13th-the 21th day

The Rehmannia increases the blood

Increase the blood reason:At this time in order to ovulate to expect behind, if didn’t conceive then a film inside the womb to stop a growth, also repaired in response to the yin and yang at this time, but took restoring virility sun as a lord.In order to increase yellow body function, create 1 to well conceive environment, is a Yun egg implantation preparation condition.Even if didn’t be pregnant this time, also is lay material foundation for the menstruation in next time.

The Chinese herbal medicine does some help:The Rehmannia flavor is sweet, sex, the quality is smooth, can go into liver through, kidney through, have to increase the blood to reinforce body fluid, repair a Jing benefit the effect of the Sui.

TIPS:Just the right amount add some Rehmannia in the gruel, can nicely increase the blood to reinforce body fluid, keep health and beauty.Put into 30 grams of Rehmannias after using the gauze package earthenware cooking pot, join 300 milliliters of clear waters to soak for 30 minutes, again cook with the wildfire cook.After boiling several times, if see can put into a Geng rice when medicine juice present palm tree yellow and medicine joss-stick to come into nostrils and change to cook with the small fire cook, Geng rice the cook go to lousy familiar, throw away a Rehmannia namely become.Notice, it is can hardly for the Rehmannia effective composition to pour with the boiled water, so the best method is with the rice a piece of cook gruel, lousy familiar after again take out.

4, menstruation:Menstruation the 22th-the 28th day

The cinnamon increases the blood

Increase the blood reason:The film inside the womb can not continue to grow up and then will be gradually peeling off, blood and broken up mucosa are then been ejected by vagina by womb.At this time because of snobbish lead, use to live blood to adjust through method, in order to go by lucid.

The Chinese herbal medicine does some help:The cinnamon is tonic’s material and repair sun and spread in ability cold relieve pain, live blood of through, promote blood circulation, had it, also worried that the menstruation isn’t lucid?Certainly can’tcable supplier!The cinnamon beef of a nourishment delicacy, not only solves a Chan insect, but also rushes through to run a pain through!The material is easy, the cinnamon is 4 grams of, the beef is 250 grams of, and the condiment is the peacetime ginger used in home, refined salt, rice wine, monosodium glutamate and spring onion.Wash cinnamon clearly, cut into 2 Li rices to grow, of one Li rice breadth, the beef cuts into a piece of son and puts into a pot and adds just the right amount of clear water and be like peacetime the stew is similar and join condiment to braise familiar become!Want that making the color fresher is bright, can also a little bit add some carrot and matrimony vine.

TIPS:The cassia is hot and suit sky cool seasonal changes edible, avoid eating cassia in summer.Because the cassia heat lives blood, the easy Sun foetus annoys, so the pregnant woman must carefully eat.There is a lanky heart having fever, the thirsty swallow the Zao etc. the Yin weakness prosperous symptom of the beautiful eyebrow should not eat.The amount of menstruation is usually excessive or flows the blood hot type of nosebleed beautiful eyebrow’s shoulding not eat a chamber to blaze, swallow painful and other hot patient’s, either should avoid eating.The beautiful eyebrow that loses blood should also forbid a food.

elasticity got stripe

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

The self-made red wine emergency mask makes the skin elasticity got stripe
Drinking red wine more is beneficial to body, especially can soften blood vessel, for the health is very helpful.The red wine can also make into an emergency mask in the meantime, is the skin anti- decrepitude, repair the good thing of water hydration.
Red wine comes to say to each female to is a precious baby, the female drinks one cup red wine before sleeping, this not only promotes blood circulation,outside the temple make the sleep got a full guarantee.It is also the female’s hairdressing good product in the meantime.

The red wine emergency mask hairdressing analyzes

Make by fermentation the content super strong anti- oxidizing agent in pulp of the grape of red wine, SOD in which can moderate the free radicals that the body produces and protect cell and organ to don’t need is oxidized, it recover fair sheen the skin.

Live special Gao of SOD that the red wine refines, its anti-’s oxidizing function to compare is directly refined to want Gao De Duo by the grape.The grape seed is rich to contain of the nourishment material”polyphenol”, its ability of the anti- decrepitude is 50 times that of vitamin E, is 25 times that of vitamin C,bowel movement but the tartaric acid of low density in the red wine still has the anti-wrinkle the cleansing function.

DIY emergency mask from choose a red wine beginning:

The red wine is made by fermentation by the grape but becomes and take to have natural red color and luster.It implies an abundant anti- to oxidize a polyphenol.Can strengthen a skin resistibility, and promote skin blood circulation, make the skin had a liking for to go to pure white and rosy.Therefore, DIY red wine emergency mask the most decisive is to choose wine.The wine not necessarily has to be expensive, but must buy well-known brand, that kind of has a liking for as cheap as grape juice wine to try on the face, otherwise will be definitely too late to regret.

Allergic test:

Not a few friends spread after the red wine emergency mask the skins all have a brand-new look, but after all still keep implying the alcoholic because of the red wine emergency mask, if you are an allergic skin, can carefully use.Want to do a test of allergy before the first time uses, paints a little amount and red wine emergency mask composition to in hand arm seamy side, if 24 hour after(had better in the daytime at the outside bask), have no red, swollen, Yang etc. incitement feeling, again spread at the face.

The red wine emergency mask creates operation method

A red wine poured in to once disinfect of inside the glass cup, then put boiling Shui-li to soak for around 20 minuteses,repairs water SPA make the alcohol evaporation in the red wine dropped some, the in order to prevent is greatly because of once stimulating to cause a skin allergy.

2 after treating to cool off, pour into the honey and the pearl powder to mix blend in the red wine.The honey can ladle up several more spoons, because the honey is more many, red spread an emergency mask more sticky dense, the time spread more not easy flow down.

3 drops go into a few lavender ethereal oil, then put the paper film into the dispensation good emergency mask, the lavender can smooth emotion and relax spirit and make the skin got better absorption dint to contain better hairdressing effect.

4 after needing the paper emergency mask full Peng, take out an emergency mask, stick on the face to spread for around 20 minuteses.At emergency mask about 8 cent dry under the Jie.After washing a face clearly with the clear water, some hydrations frosts that have to lock water function.


1, can not use a red wine emergency mask to the person of alcohol allergy;The pregnant woman carefully uses.Before using an emergency mask,line up poisonous suggest the forerunner goes skin to try.

2, die the skin don’t go out to take a sunbathe behind and otherwise accelerate a skin aging;Suggest to use red wine in the evening.

massage method makes

Friday, October 21st, 2011

The finger massage method makes you expel toxin to remould a beautiful muscle
Everyday food, the work and rest Xu is disorderly, work the pressure big etc. of the reason all will let very easily our body backlog toxin, cross-straits peacebut toxin in addition to influence our health to also influence our skin appearances.The toxin that the skin accumulates and gathers will make our facial expression dark yellow, lack sheen, have very even will make we of the skin stir up a pimple, or produce skin allergy etc. phenomenon.

So for making us all keep the good complexion on our face, we have to for our face department the skin in fixed time work well the work of row poison and treat kindly our skins.Our skins would make us become brilliance to shine on a person.

The finger massages a face department, can make use of palm or finger metre to stimulate callous of the organization, muscle and nervous system are three parts,global market and promote the circulation of blood and lymph.When the blood circulation becomes smooth, oxygen and nourishment composition the meeting is delivered to each organization in time, metabolism also immediately speed.Or early or the night is two for a week, the face massage in every time 5 minuteses, can promote blood circulation, it make you present the healthy skin color of natural well balanced.The face massage mainly aims at five parts, namely forehead, two cheeks, nose and lips Cape and eye department.

Unfold a forehead:With point stomach the beginning is from the eyebrow and push a skin upward and lightly massage;Follow a sum again, comply with the surrounding to push to take a temple by spiral form skill, finally press to press 3 at the temple position.

Remould a pair of cheeks:The chin goes toward ear under, follow a face department the outline lightly press in spiral way, and lightly pull lower ear lobe 3, then equally slowly massage toward the temple part in spiral way;The cheeks part significant massage following jaw uses pointing of middle finger and rings finger stomaches for center and rows toward or so ear direction a turn of massage;The finger significantly moves to massage whole faceses, about 3 times.

Nose:Point stomach to get down to fluently keep to lightly massage nose two sides with the middle finger, there is the effect to unfold a skin and keep horizontal line from appearing, or so two each massage of sideseses are 3 times;The middle finger points stomach to tightly stick nose ditch and up and down moves at 1.1:00, about 6 times, is the sebum of cancellation surplus, few use some dint.

Promote lips Cape:Because the lips department easily produces a small veins, might as well keep the facial expression of smile while massaging,Forbes bought the help evens up a lips department skin, then start from the person along the lips department is on all sides to massage;In the easily pendulous mouth Cape, lift to use pointing of middle finger and ring finger’s stomach quickly and upward from the lower lip exact center the heart Be slippery to carry on massage to the or so mouth Cape, again and again 3 times, in aid of alleviate a skin flabby.

The week of the eye:Eye department the skin is the weakest, so the eye department massages particularly have been already paid attention to.If at that time hard control an eye of the department massages of skill and strength, heat’s spreading is an undoubtedly the best choice.Hot spread, urge blood vessel and pore of skin to open through the moisture of the hot air and the evaporation, increase blood and fly to callous discharge, be advantageous to accelerating the metabolism that the skin is old and discards cell, thus soft skin.

Often- drunk fresh juice and fresh vegetable.Fresh fruit and not the fresh vegetables leaf stir-fried by cook is “detergent” in the human body and pile up inside the ability clearance body of toxin and discard.Particularly carrot, cucumber, garlic, grape, cherry peach, and fig…etc., is also sweep a superior inside the bowel.

Insist drinking two cup green tea every day beverage, or simply directly chew to take green tea.There is vitamin E and vitamin C in the green tea, vitamin C in addition to having outstanding fair function, is the superior of cell row poison in the meantime, can accelerate the metabolism of cell, reduce produce because of purple outside ray and pollution of visiting and leaving radicle, prevent°from the toxin hit skin cell, also the effect disinfect to line up poison and make skin fair soft and tender.

Vietnam is 50 years old

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The in a short time decrepitude of one woman allergic future trouble strange disease in Vietnam is 50 years oldextremely recruit
After serious allergy, the one woman in Vietnam’s skin suddenly starts decrepitude, 20 many year old of she but likeness old woman about 70 years old, make person fantastic.line up poisonous

After seafood allergy, a young woman in Vietnam was suddenly old in the in a short time 50 years old.According to England business《everyday tele-communications report 》report way, this”tragedy” takes place in 2008, leading lady’s Ruan at that time the Fang is 23 years old, now the doctor is trying to make know actually is what caused this”lightning flash” decrepitude. solution constipation

Ruan Fang say, poisonous souponeself once had serious allergy in 2008 to the seafood allergy, “I became itchy all over and started trying traditional medicine at that time, the rash disappeared, didn’t feel Yang as well, but, my skin beginning started to relax plait wrinkly.I think this to is my life, I gave up a treatment in 2009.While going out, I wear a mask.”

Ruan Fang said, although the decrepitude influenced the skin of her face and whole body,did not influence hair, tooth and eyes and brains.

The expert thinks, Ruan the circumstance of Fang belong to a fat metabolism obstacle,Philip LED this kind of disease is extremely rare, and world about only 2000 people get this disease.

small wonderful method

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Simple DIY of the aloe beautiful skin small wonderful method
Aloe, once drive numerous liked DIY hairdressing of the sisters heats hold.It is rich to contain of natural vitamin E, C and AN and B clan vitamin, mineral chemical element(like potassium, zinc, and selenium…etc.), amino acids etc., all of these is keep a machine body youth is often of basic nourishment vegetable.

Civilian’s price on the market is protecting a skin article, the aloe gel is very welcomed by young man.They permeate sex very strong, can go directly to a skin deep, it the beautiful skin composition more easily absorb to get naturally.For its method of using,already investigated skin expert and on each road beautiful skin of net reach persons all from have beautiful move.Among them, with other protect a skin of the article use together of the method is the most popular-downplay it to the skin direct impact, but again absorb nourishments in it.

The most safe wonderful method:Aloe and honey match to use

Aloe+honey|watermelon.Compare but talk, the honey is a kind of better face health care thing, its property is very moderate, very small to skin incitement, and the ability forms 1 F thin film in the skin surface while using, this can have the function to soften a periostracum, let water-soluble composition betterly drive skin absorption.So, the citizen, who understand to the oneself skin quality, can try to spread a face with the honey dispensation things, such as aloe and watermelon…etc.,links a television canning have the certain health care the function can’t hurt a skin again.But this method is unwell proper use every day.

Most in brief wonderful method:Fill with water dilution

In addition to purchasing in the counter supermarket, there being a heart by himself/herself can also with DIY:Take out after cleaning aloe the most plentiful smooth of 1, throw away sting and skin, squeeze juice with the vegetable juicer, pour into a clean bottle to seal well, Be placed to in refrigerator to need to be used.

Take juice, join the mineral spring of amount of equal to mix completely then.Use to spray fog container to pack, used to face to spray fog, can protect quality for 3-5 days, and have constringency and moisten the skin dual effect, can also act as to shampoo water, disaster lossBe put on to a head up contribute to Yang, keep grey hair from etc..

The great skin wonderful method:The aloe& lemon great skin water

The material wanted ~only an aloe at first 1 small piece, lemon 1| the 2 and white wine was just the right amount of.Cut to pieces after going to the skin the aloe and the lemon first, put into a bottle, again pour into white wine, put in the refrigerator to slowly use, can keep for around 20 dayses, there is aloe water that the town settles a function, can even bring for the skin of summer burnt heat after cooling by ice considerate protect.

In addition to the pox wonderful method:The herb medicine does an emergency mask in the mixture

The raw material won the composition of herb medicine and used aloe 30 grams, yellow Mao and Chinese angelica 10 gram for each to create an emergency mask.Scraping an aloe cortex and sting, stays fleshy part.Yellow Mao and Chinese angelica whet into powder and mix together.End, fills with aloe and Chinese herbal medicine powder a little amount water adjust paste form, spread about 15 minutes after washing a face clearly, again use Wen Shui to wash out.In this emergency mask, the aloe develops it eliminates inflammation the town calms down of effect, help we resist a pimple.

The aloe uses small stick a private:Aloe not the everyones all suitable usage, because of the material that aloe contains very abundant, for some skins of allergy, it the compositions, such as aloe Mao and resin…etc. contained, cause very easily allergy etc. symptom.On the time in choice will do a test first to own skin.For example chase aloe gel’s first at the upper arm seamy side or the thigh seamy side soft place before sleeping, the second day morning if the skin didn’t appear excrescent condition and just started a formal usage.If the skin flushes or has a little a Mao rash to appear,election a president can flush with the clear water and slices to hate to by hand grasp Nao.Even if is for can use the sister of the aloe beautiful skin, also can not the noon early late use too multifariously.

water oil balance

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

The method of the horniness nursing of water oil balance
Does the hairdressing religious leader also have skin annoyance?

Your affirmation can not imagine, originally the person appeared in public the hairdressing religious leader of Kua to once worry about again oil again dry of skin but feel as well now.The cow Er teacher says that of so value so towards maintaining a skin, in fact derive from oneself the skin condition of the slot Gao!Just washed face, no longer than an hourHong Kong delicacies feel face oil of can with the fried egg.But feel that the skin is very weak again in the meantime.Completely having no healthy skin quality should sheen water having is smooth.A short while effort, the grease in the bulky pore starts continuing to secrete again, dry of the horniness soak at the oil only in, the facial expression also seems to be particularly a wax yellow and exhausted.

The maintaining of mistake method makes the skin worsen!

Excessively sweep, usage alkalescence lead the strong soap washes face, or is wash face is a foam to stay around face up of time lead long, these sweeping a way that are false not only will wash the skin originally possessed of grease, also will bring breakage to the horniness of the skin further.And the damaged horniness ran off originally healthy horniness in the natural hydration member(NMF) included, will will also be also subjected to over- detergent influence but run off and make the skin even lost original lock water and repair and maintenance ability.The horniness of the loose ill-health exposes at the outside, will form the skin of so-called water shortage, rough type.But have already originally lost to protect water ability because of the muscle form damaged horniness, at this time, the sebum gland in the pore then will the generation Be Chang to secrete more greases, make the horniness made the skin surface appeared oil to only studded with again gradually of excrescent oil appearance.Real make your oil only flicked what it doesn’t go, is resulted in by over- damaged horniness!Therefore, have to preserve oil light water is slippery, is prosperousthe healthy skin of illegitimate profit balance, the so healthy periostracum is the key in the key!

The way of the method, water oil balance of the cow Er teacher’s horniness nursing

1, after sweeping a skin, use the disguise cotton of thicker cotton quality to be stained with hydration disguise water of taking the amount of foot, with from inside go toward an outside, the way of revolve type is lightly wiped to a whole face skin, way like this can the horniness of the in aid of part ill-health clean, and then can’t result in corneous injury.Then again turn over disguise cotton noodles, lightly will hydrate disguise water to gradually make horniness with tapping a way by clean disguise cotton surface in.Horniness once the Peng is smooth, pore and fine line of skin will oppositely become less.

2, will just the right amount hydrate lotion to still is stained with to take with the original disguise cotton, because of disguise there is already part on the cotton hydrate disguise water, so hydration lotion also can’t seep into disguise cotton in, inquiry methodsame will disguise cotton with in go toward outside of revolve a way, is at the whole faceses, neck and even a skin of eye week the lotion even daubery, you will discover, the bright feeling of the skin immediately appears.Be distributed to healthy horniness because of the illegitimate profit well balanced in the meantime in, can improve the circumstance of the face department excrescent oil and water shortage consumedly.

Natural moisturizing factor

The human body contains a natural moisturizing factor, the skin ability fully absorbs wet, the ability for hydrating.The natural moisturizing factor has to adsorb sexual water-soluble material in the skin periostracum, is the low mark sub- material of a set of dissolubility, with amino acids and the Mao Luo alkane Tong the Zui is sour and lactic acid salt for main composition, share natural moisturizing factor 64%, these compositions have no hydration ability, they the ability contain hydration ability after forming sodium salt in skin.These composition and protein of natural moisturizing factor combine, Be existed to horniness cell in.It particularly is fat and protein of horniness cell to constitute the cell membrane of protecting the natural moisturizing factor together and obstruct a running off of natural moisturizing factor and make the periostracum kept to contain amount of water definitely thus.If the integrity of the periostracum is subjected to breakage, the natural moisturizing factor will be subjected to loss, the hydration function of skin will descend.It is a more popular topic to study a natural moisturizing factor in the cosmetics realm and have important meaning to the development of hydration cosmetics.

Cell fat

Be mainly responsible for getting up a humidity conjunction.If the cell of the skin inside the fat isn’t enough, the humidity son can not tightly link together, the humidity son will run off, and the skin will become very dry.In other words, the cell fat is 1 kind to glue to stick, horniness cell one by one the chain answer.Start to build natural cover the skin, form natural cover function.


In addition to natural moisturizing factor NMF and the fat(Ceramide) of periostracum contained decides inside the periostracum horniness of healthy,Hong Kong Disneyhave 1 F from the thin film structure formed by not- water-soluble protein in fact outside the periostracum, call to do CE(Cornified Envelope), if the CE is healthy mature, cell the fat(Ceramide) can arrange orderliness and protect a skin to be free from ultraviolet ray to violate and provides “defense function” for skin, also in the meantime ability integrity exertion lock water effect, make the horniness been placed in the humidity Chong smooth healthy appearance, naturally, the grease of skin secrete and then will be proper can but, but make the skin been placed in the illegitimate profit perfect equilibrium.

Equilibrium oil light of classic maintain composition:The leaven extracts

The leaven extract can help the normal metabolism of horniness and keep corneous health, therefore, the usage adds the foundation product that the leaven extracts, for example make up water, and lotion…etc., can really help horniness more healthily, can also the grease of equilibrium skin secrete, improvement oil light the skin of the all over the face perplex!