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arbitrary arrests

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Nov. 29 – According to the of summary executions, arbitrary arrests , enforced disappearances, torture , including sexual violence and other violations of human rights violations against children ‘s behavior. Report that occurred in different locations in Syria ‘s human rights violations have constituted crimes against humanity.

Investigation Committee concluded that the evidence collected : Syrian troops and security forces committed serious human rights violations . The Committee considered: Syrian troops and security forces in the suppression of peaceful demonstrations against civilians committed crimes against humanity, these offenses include the implementation of different locations in Syria, murder , torture , rape and other serious crimes of sexual violence . The Committee also concluded : Syria massive and systematic human rights violations in the country if not the highest level officials agree is impossible. Under international law, Syria, countries deal with these violations of human rights , and shall ensure that perpetrators are punished and victims compensated .

Commission called on the Syrian government to immediately stop human rights violations are continuing and have an independent and impartial investigation. Committee for the Syrian government still does not allow the Commission to investigate into the country expressed regret .

Syria since March for alleged human rights violations occurred in the behavior of the Independent International Commission of Syria from the end of September to mid-November, with the cooperation , including the Arab League and Organization of Islamic organizations in all areas , including , non-governmental organizations, human rights defenders , reporters and experts at the meeting. Committee within the meaning of human rights abuses 223 victims and witnesses to the conversation , including civilians and security forces and army defectors .


since the implementation of TARP

Monday, November 28th, 2011

WASHINGTON, November 23 (Reporter Liu Lina Jiang Xufeng ) 23, the U.S. Treasury Department said in a statement , there are two banks to return government TARP funds , which makes this program so far from the American taxpayers have been profit of approximately $ 13 billion.

U.S. Treasury Department said that the day total of $ 210 million revenue , including Kentucky -banking financial company to return $ 17 million Illinois First Midwest Bank Company repaid $ 193.2 million . Ministry of Finance while continuing to hold the two banks of the warrants , the future will continue to receive benefits.

2008年9月financial crisis , the government introduced a total of U.S. $ 700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program , designed to rescue financial institutions , total expenditures of about $ 245 billion. U.S. Treasury Department announced in March this year , through the repayment of principal , dividends, interest and other income , this plan has been to recover the costs and profitability. Ministry of Finance said that with the latest two incomes , the program has a total recovery of more than 258 billion U.S. dollars .

since the implementation of TARP , to help stabilize the U.S. financial markets play a positive role . However, in view of its


a displacement of 18

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Panamanian cargo ship ( Kyodo )

BEIJING, Nov. 24 , according to Kyodo News, local time at 14:30 on the 24th or so , Panamanian-registered cargo ship length 176.5 m , a displacement of 18,866 tons ) in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan , Motomachi, 400 m offshore stranded . Vessel leakage did not occur , 24 Chinese crew members were no injuries.

Room Sea of Japan on the Security Department and other departments at noon dispatched two helicopters rescued the crew put down the ropes to a nearby park.

Room Sea , according to security sources, freighter at 0:40 backward and forward linkages of the first District of Coast Guard Headquarters ( located in Otaru ) , said As stranded near the scene when the wind is strong, Room Sea will ensure that a strong wind blowing to the shallow vessel .

The ship left the Port of Kobe at 20 , 24, originally planned in Tomakomai Port , after loading the rice at the port of Yokohama .


the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

The end of the month, all levels of government in 2007 spent 1.2 trillion yuan in 2008 to spend 1.5 trillion yuan in 2009, spent 2 trillion yuan. This year, the financial sector had nearly two months in the remaining more than 3.5 trillion financial resources to determine the whereabouts.

Hunan businessman Chen originally wanted to expose a tender At the end of 2010 a tender procurement, the instrument was surprised to find the owner of Hunan Provincial Department of Finance, Department of Culture, provincial organs of government procurement centers spent 30 million yuan, the price of 15 million yuan to buy something.

But soon, a government official to another public Shui on a more spacious track. In a recent interview, the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture, the Director, Financial Planning, Ding Yu to ,

Hunan Chen has three government departments to court, accusing them of the purchase price in advance to set the lower limit is illegal; and this on the Some people worry that the end is approaching, the government departments to implement the budget be changed.

Despite the limit on the tender notice was put on a He is the most impressive set of speakers: Notice the minimum price is 1.9 million, and he quoted the price originally planned only 7,000 yuan.

bid compared to the failure of their dissatisfaction with the boss more willing to emphasize, in that tender products, spend twice the price.


United States

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

LONDON, November 21 (Reporter Zhang Yue male Luo Jun ) British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, 21, announced that since the local time at 15:00 on the 21st , the British all financial institutions must stop any Iranian banks and their branches and transactions between subsidiaries or business dealings , including the central Bank of Iran . This is the first use of the UK financial sanctions against other countries means .

Osborne said that the recent International Atomic Energy Agency released a report , there is evidence that Iran’s ongoing nuclear weapons program , the behavior of the British national security and the international community poses a great threat the United Kingdom this approach is to prevent the Iranian regime with nuclear weapons. He said this approach echoes the Financial Action Task Force ‘s call for States to strengthen the protection of the financial sector , away from Iranian terrorism, money laundering and financing behavior.

British Foreign Office said in a statement , the Bank is involved in Iran’s nuclear program to provide financial services to individuals and groups . London is an important international financial center , cut the UK ‘s financial dealings with Iran Iranian banks will increase their use of the international financial system, nuclear project services difficult.

latest data show that from January to August, the volume of trade between Britain and Iran over the same period last year decreased by 46% . British government strongly discouraged trade with Iran , and Iran does not support any trade practices .

United States, France and other Western countries and Israel have accused Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons, but Iran has insisted its nuclear program is purely peaceful purposes.


literature is the core of culture

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Today, the concern, annual royalty revenue of $, the Sixth China topped the rich list of the top three writers, proved that young people are still reading is the main force; Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez famous, with his masterpiece, sixth sub-list Chinese writer Rich List is the

sixth richest Chinese writers new sub-list major works in the Mainland of royalty income, the famous cartoonist Chu Te-yung, a few meters, Zhou Hongbin, respectively, to 61.9 million yuan, 2,500 yuan, 18,300,000 yuan of royalty income, among the recovery gratifying.

Chinese writer Rich List is a continuous track record of the Chinese Writers wealth changes, reflecting the trend toward reading for all Chinese cultural brand list. Held since 2006, has continued to sixth, as the highest concern of contemporary China, the topic of the strongest, most influential cultural event! After each session of the China Rich List published writer, will quickly lead to national attention, continued to attract millions of readers hot writers groups, the major media in China reported overwhelming writer Rich List, but also let more people know about Chinese writers living situation, original works of local interest.

Chinese writer Rich List this year during the investigation, we strongly feel: writer boarded the richest Chinese writers, glorious! because they are alone in the hands of pen and imagination, you bring light into the world for the reader bring spiritual food; literature is the core of culture, writers topped writer Rich List, is a manifestation of the spirit of the times, signs of cultural power. We will continue to observe, record, report Chinese writers, continues to fuel the local original works, cry, cheer, continued to promote the planning

the same time, we also use the 58 million rural children left behind in the classroom, the more eager to read! Here we remind all of the outstanding workers of the parents of this world, you give the best gift a child’s life, as soon as possible so that the child began to read, love to read, because reading changes life! If your child live in rural areas, rather than buy a bunch of toys to the children, it is better to spend 100 dollars a year to buy books for their children, read a child’s life will affect the formation of character, good books make your child a lifetime benefit!

system list shows

1, Chinese writer Rich List is a continuous track record of the Chinese Writers wealth changes, reflecting the trend toward reading for all Chinese cultural brand list.

2, valid to all get rich by Chinese writing Chinese writers pay tribute, they boarded the Chinese writers create spiritual wealth Rich List, glorious!

3, to thank them.

4, select the time books are mainly November 10, 2010 to November 10, 2011, during which Chinese writers (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) of the latest works and other major book printed in book number of smaller works that affect the difficulty because statistics are not included within; individual did not list last year, but works to a certain number of best-selling author, this year the list.

5, because of the famous and non famous writers of royalties are not the same, this year’s version of the tax rate to 10% of our base, according to the actual situation and the survey results vary, in order to maximize reflects the Chinese Writers real income.

6, due to some objective reasons, we can not all versions of the printed works of the author figured out. In addition, some writers in the film adaptation of the profits gained very considerable, some far more than physical book royalties, but after all, a commercial core secrets, and related costs of the gap is too great writer, so in the rankings, we are still only Book royalties income.

7,2011 sixth richest Chinese writers new sub-list

8, the total number of writers royalties derived from the conversion according to the above points. If there is a gap with the true state of the place, please understand all walks of life.


the County Department of Education is there for the record

Friday, November 18th, 2011

BEIJING, November 16, electric , Lanzhou (Zhang said positive) 16 night , Qingyang City, Gansu Province Lu of the Secretary for Education Building telephone interview with reporters said the nursery school bus from the town of Yulin County Doctor is kindergarten, are private private kindergartens , the County Department of Education is there for the record , the majority of car accidents in children from rural areas .

Lu of Dong said , three days before the school bus accident , Qingyang City Board of Education , County Education Bureau are found during inspections , the kindergarten school bus overload condition exists , has Kindergarten ordered for rectification . Kindergarten is bent , is still overloaded transport children .

of Dong Lu said , Qingyang as the old revolutionary base areas and poor areas, financial limitations , in recent years as the basic universal nine-year compulsory education and basically eliminate illiteracy among the most investment concentrated in the compulsory education stage , before this year , the investment in pre-school and high school is still insufficient. According to Lu

introduction of Building , Qingyang City currently has more than 40 public kindergartens , others are Closely supervise , at present, only the regulation of private pre-school education , yet there is no investment in education , resulting in part of the private owners to make money , not Department of Education to listen to the administrative directives , school bus seriously overloaded .


checking of province

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Yesterday, the railroad department released place to the checking of province Yu in Jilin loose railroad serious quality problem as a result, through checked to affirm it as great typical engineering quality responsibility trouble.The railroad department means that will carry on blowing up to tore down to this buttresses in”the liar contracts for, cook construction”到會服務railroad in the near future and return work.

According to the result, affirm that the buttresses that is really setting up railroad item to exist a serious quality problem, as to it’s sprinkles to infuse with the residue soil 16 carries on blowing up to tore down, in the meantime, the railroad line involves of the unit and personnel will be also carry on corresponding a punishment, all of the unqualified engineering return a work processing.

Currently, the blowing up of profession troops has already stationed in the workplace the spot that province Yu in Jilin loosens a railroad and carries on the preparation work that blows up to tore down buttresses.

“The liar contracts for a cook construction” belongs to actually

On October 20, there are several medium reports way, province internality in Jilin sets up Jing Yu to the loose river river railroad to exist “the liar contracts for, cook construction” circumstance in the line, the engineering exists a serious quality problem.The news is a , the railroad department requests that circuit to immediately cease work the survey of accepting the consociation survey set.

Railroad department yesterday news, 美食到會after 20 days of survey, the Yu reflected by medium loose railroad existence the contract deceived, engineering illegally cent wrapped to outsource, engineering quality problem etc. all belonged to actually and affirmed it as the typical engineering quality great responsibility trouble.The railroad department requests that medium iron nine bureaus loosen a flower to the quality problem serious head way river on the 2nd and on the 3rd especially all of the big bridge return a work processing and Be to whole lineses all roadbeds, bridge and tunnel carry on examining completely and carry on a check to comb to all contracts, to the engineering quality of detection and illegally violate the rules the problem Be thoroughly whole to change and carry on a row to check to the Yu loose railroad whole lineses safe quality whole change.

Always contract for a square at set up all of engineering lockout

Through check, the Yu loosens the construction of railroad always and contracts for unit in order to win iron nine bureaus, in this quality trouble, in iron nine bureaus will wraps, outsources a problem negative main responsibility for illegal cent,Learning Chinese responsibility become it returns work to all of 16 Dun sets that the trouble involves and undertake 90% of direct economic loss

already set sprays

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

The already set sprays fog to clean lipstick Zi
Shape teacher, the make-up mans make contact with with disguise thing every day, their composition to the cosmetics, effects all even have right to speak.And some”other” effects that the make-up man of elaboration also discovered a cosmetics,七個減肥燃脂時段 follow behind a vogue medicine quickly makeup_the Hong in the house and cow Er still have Kevin the teacher to study!
A, the cleansing oil change the body skin have detergent

The cleansing oil can sweep leather, thin color wallet, and shoes dirty mark…etc. to let they have a brand-new look.

Method:Prepare the wet towel that 2 wring dry, pour a cleansing oil first on the wet towel then lightly wipe dirty Zi, use another 1 again cleanly is wiping to remain.

Two, the cleansing oil clean a hair shape product

Can also massage with the cleansing oil for several minutes to sweep again for difficult washing getting the hair shape things, such as wax and hair spray…etc., alter to clean.

Three, the already set spray fog to go to lipstick Zi

Method:If water did laundry a thing to carelessly be stained with lipstick Zi, can spray fog to spray on the dirty Zi with the already set,8種減肥馊招 after 10 minutes, with wet pack or sponge wipe off.

Four, the sodium bicarbonate clean a hair shape product

If you felt to just recommend of used the method that the cleansing oil threw away a hair shape product not to satisfy, so at again recommended an another for you with the sodium bicarbonate to fix their beautiful moves.

Method:Once a week 1-2 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate the powder add to shampoo inside water, can clean and remain in the shape article on the hair.

Five, the Vaseline put on an eyelash to increase length

Want a natural long eyelash?Must be each girl’s dream!Originally this wishes, depend Vaseline and then can carry out.Cow Er teacher says in the new wave tiny Bo, putting on an eyelash with the Vaseline can increase the length and sheen of eyelash, super convenience, super try quickly in brief.

Six, the toothpick act as an eyelash to comb

Tu Wan’s mascara, eyelash not root the root Be clear to worry a person very much.At that time cans not find the words that the eyelash combs,咖啡6種慎喝 can replace with the toothpick.Use toothpick lightly from the eyelash root is been sticky together by the mascara of the eyelash Shu open, convenience simplify matters.

Tips:Must notice a safety, the action has to be light.

Seven, the lips brush to act as to hide Xia to brush

Go out in the outside, brush in fact need not take very foot, some brushes can a brush to much use.For example the lips brushes and then can act as to hide Xia to brush in the turning point.

The lips brushes to mostly brush hair small and soft, can dip to take a concealer, lightly order in the part of needing to hide the Xia, again lightly dizzy open, with surroundings of skin color completely fusion then.

Eight, bead light eye shadow+body milk:The body high light face powder

Isn’t a big star, be not always take part in a party, blingbling body face powder the dressing table none of inside of majority of girls often has.But suddenly receive invitation, also need not grasp wildly, bead light eye shadow and body milk mix once, is in the neck and the arm, similar can have the function of body face powder.Make you flickering bright go to patry.

ordinance line

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

30 days tip of the tongue sport helps you clean an ordinance line

The part that betrays age most easily on the face is an ordinance line, nose flank deeply of two ordinance lines, let you of the age suddenly decline 5 years old.Refuse decrepitude, refuse age, let us do enough preparation for resident youth together, exterminate difficult see of ordinance line!

Produce the reason of ordinance line

Young, the heredity factor is an ordinance line to produce of main reason, have of person born ordinance line than other people heavy.千萬別勉強Along with the growth of age, the collagen in the skin, humidity content will gradually run off, skin next fat will also atrophy next hang, form a skin superficially hollow, produce an ordinance line.The too abundant facial expression usually affects the skin of face department, originally is pull face would have of”dynamic state line”, as time passes will also become to stay don’t walk on the face of”static state line”.

Prevention than remediable more importance

Need to be advertent BE, the ordinance line is different from those to be easy to an improved small fine line, but long and deep big crease, once appearing very difficult cancellation.So with it etc. the ordinance line appear, rather early prevent°from.However, for have been already appeared of ordinance line, want ~only not afraid bother, patience nursing, will also have downplaying of different degree.So, never don’t dare to smile because of worrying that the ordinance line appears, because the dangerous coefficient of ordinance line completely can be controled by you!

The prevention gets rid of the method of ordinance line

The prevention gets rid of the face small sport of method(keep on 30 days take effect)

Method a

1.Do to gargle the form drum both sides piece’s cheek, tongue to move in and push to arrive two cheeks;

2.Each action does 5 times in a row and does 4 times every day.

Method two

The tip of the tongue is or so in the mouth inner part up and down, follow the hour hand massage lips seamy side of acupuncture points, 吃飯愛咬舌頭continuous 3 above.

Detailed method:

1.The tip of the tongue massages since last side;

2.The tip of the tongue converts the right of the lips again;

3.The tip of the tongue converts the left of the lips again;

4.The tip of the tongue finally converts lips under.

Cleaning the ordinance line should choose what product

The most suitable the product of line matching to clean an ordinance is the eye benefits with anti-wrinkle function or rich contain the anti- decrepitude of collagen product.Because these product mostly the nourishment is abundant, can fill with the inner part of cell, will hollow support, the ordinance line will also become thin gradually.壹次性紙杯Can also spread an eye film in the ordinance line moreover, concentratedly add nourishment for crease.