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is a brazen challenge to the Chinese world

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Diaoyu Islands is, is ancestral, we protest against Japan’s position and action! April and reports published pictures showing the anger of ordinary people in China feel.

Yoshihiko Noda, Japanese Prime Minister visit to China late last year, new prospects of bilateral relations which should be expected. However, several Member Ishigaki Japan on January 3, landed on China’s Diaoyu Islands to provoke an incident of illegal behavior, have made cast a shadow over the Sino-Japanese relations.

Associate Dean of International Studies, Tsinghua University, USSR on The purpose of this is Japan, Former Chinese Consul General in Osaka Wang Taiping accept the ambassadorial level,

Official support by the day of provocation

January 2 at night, Okinawa Ishigaki City Council Nakama equal four fishing boats from Ishigaki ride quietly sailed out of Hong Kong, China to 170 km outside of the Diaoyu Islands. The next morning, that several Japanese legislators in two batches Diaoyu Islands and stayed more than 2 hours after the boat left at noon.

Members of China for its provocative actions, no knowledge of the Japanese government assumed a look. But in fact, in Japan, members aboard fishing boats near the Diaoyu Islands before the Coast Guard officers had boarded for inspection, when those members claimed that . Disclosure of the photos show the Japanese side, members of an illegal landing of Japanese dressed in a full set of diving equipment, the instrument in his hand walking on the rocks is the Diaoyu Islands, did not like fishing; members landing in Japan, while Japanese patrol parked near the sea, there is nothing to stop not only the signs of hand, as in the escort. Members left the Diaoyu Islands, Japan, the Okinawa Prefectural Police Headquarters that he would want to

However, nowhere near enough like the Japanese side after the statement has been unable to compensate for the damage to bilateral relations, the Chinese government and people’s anger naturally follow.

Members illegal landing in Japan shortly after the news of the Diaoyu Islands, I boarded a Japanese sacred territory of Members, but the Diaoyu Islands, is a brazen challenge to the Chinese world, it is absolutely unacceptable. No.

New Year’s festive atmosphere, Japan-Japan relations in the most sensitive on the question to make provocative moves, obviously intended to pour cold water on bilateral relations. Associate Dean of International Studies, Tsinghua University, USSR on Chinese New Year holiday so important before and after the landing, the purpose is Another analysis that, on January 2 is the In addition, select the beginning of the Diaoyu Islands in 2012 New Year’s to stir up trouble, but also to the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan commemorate the 40th anniversary of the friendly atmosphere of cross-pour cold water on the horse.

To be alert to

Mayor Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture, Zhongshan Elan 3 interview questions Nakama equal, although human behavior is not appropriate, but he himself was like a In fact, Zhongshan Elan had landed on the Diaoyu Islands had the Japanese government to apply for a

Thus, Japan Member overwhelmed action.

From 1978, Japan began to make some members of Congress Sino-Japanese relations in these provocative remarks, but the Japanese government to meet the requirements of domestic hard-liners began to dispatch patrol vessels and aircraft in waters near the Diaoyu Islands to monitor Chinese fishing boats.

Over the next 20 years, the Japanese built a lighthouse on the Diaoyu Islands and other facilities, and an attempt to control illegal occupation In recent years, especially last year, Japan stepped up efforts to monitor the waters around the Diaoyu Islands.

Since July 2011, the Japan Coast Guard continue to claim that Chinese vessels’ illegal entry into the Japanese exclusive economic zone. Japan on the Diaoyu Islands waters wandering patrol often warned Chinese ships by radio

In addition, the Japan Coast Guard around the Diaoyu Islands waters began to add the guard positions, the nearest Department of Ishigaki MEPC also increased last year, a large patrol craft.

Han Guohai assassinated police after the incident, the Japanese side and follow the trend of echo to make Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Akira Ishihara stretch recently on openly declared that

Recently, for the waters near the Diaoyu Islands in China and patrol boats, the Japanese patrol and patrol aircraft used primarily to implement stiffer, in fact, built up around the Diaoyu Islands Consider themselves complete control in the hands of the Diaoyu Islands after the Japanese landing demonstrations became further moves to seize the Diaoyu Islands.

USSR have warned that landing is a serious act of provocation, but also on the negative impact on Sino-Japanese relations. USSR stressed that


conflict between Iran and the West will be the biggest threat next year .

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Russia ‘s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said on Friday that Iran and Western countries may be escalating tensions in the international situation in 2012 will bring great instability, conflict between Iran and the West will be the biggest threat next year .

Recent high-profile military exercises held in Iran and threatened sanctions against its oil exports if the West will blockade the Strait of Hormuz . It also has warned the United States . The confrontation between Iraq attracted worldwide attention , both the international community worry the escalating tensions between the two countries will pull to the brink of war .

Churkin said on that day standoff between Iran and Western countries is a very dangerous situation , but he was sure , it is possible to solve the problem through peaceful means . He pointed out that in order to avoid serious consequences , adhere to discuss the negotiations route is critical.

Churkin said Russia and other countries could develop nuclear weapons against Iran expressed concern , however, strongly disagree , He said,


satellite . They offer a Chinese aircraft carrier to the world a clear picture

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

China’s first aircraft carrier sea trials in August for the first time attracted everyone’s attention , some are concerned about from the sky ; specifically, Digital Earth (DigitalGlobe) satellite . They offer a Chinese aircraft carrier to the world a clear picture , not only to meet people’s curiosity , but also allows us to analyze China’s aircraft carrier .

The article said that , in fact , China purchased from Ukraine in the hands of a ship China’s intention is to show the world that he has a powerful world-class naval power.

The article said , it is worth noting that almost no country has a real sense of the full-scale aircraft carrier ( the U.S. has 10 ) . Moreover, the U.S. strategic analysts predicted Roger – Becker said,

The article said that , of course ,

The article said , Who would have thought China’s next aircraft carrier will be equipped with what weapons ? Becker said that China can not only build an aircraft carrier ; because , at least three aircraft carriers to ensure there is always a carrier can be used in combat ; and China to achieve this goal , take a very long time.

The article said that China’s aircraft carrier , once completed, is the real hard work to begin. Training can command aircraft carrier battle group operations officer , will take a generation or longer . Also precisely because of this , the former U.S. Navy commander was not on concerns about China ‘s aircraft carrier construction ; recent Pentagon report on China’s military development without any special warning


who else will be involved in further tracing

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

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