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according to Yonhap news agency

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

BEIJING , Feb. 27 , according to Yonhap news agency , in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birthday of President Kim Il Sung ( April 15 ) , Korea 240 mm rockets improved main gun 100 , and into a combat deployment .
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The Korean government sources said that the improvement of work in North Korea for its 240 -mm rocket -propelled recent success , and improved by the new gun is named The new gun range than the 240 mm rocket launcher ( 60 km ) more than doubled , part of the new cannon artillery units into a combat deployment .

The 240 mm rockets is divided into 12 launch tube M -1985 and 22 launch tubes of the M- 1991 Analysts believe that the main 100 – gun modified from the M- 1991 -type rockets . It is reported that North Korea imported from Russia, a 300 mm artillery shells , in the the Pyongan West Coast for several years test-launch .

The Korean government intelligence authorities predicted that Korea held in Pyongyang from April 15 to celebrate the birthday of President Kim Il Sung the 100th anniversary of the reading military will open the

Reported that Jun Han Missiles due to the MLRS launch vehicle , and therefore have a flexible battlefield mobility and the occult , and a range of 165 km , and improved the ATACMS has a range up to 300 km .


about 700 million yuan

Friday, February 24th, 2012

World Wide Web reporter Zhong Weidong reports , Japan’s Kyodo News , February 22 , sources said 22 of the Japan-US relations , Japan’s defense ministry has sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Defense mentioned prices if the United States F -35 fighters , the Japanese side may be canceled procurement plan , expressed concerns about price increases . The Japanese side also asked the U.S. to modify the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) procurement method . The current approach for the United States changes in price according to the judgment . In December last year , the Japanese government decided to purchase the latest U.S. stealth fighter F – 35 as the Air Self-Defense for the next major fighter .
Kyodo News said the development was lagging behind the U.S. military delays in the procurement , the F -35 delays in production . The Japanese government ‘s decision to purchase F – 35 price is not yet clear , this approach is bound to invite criticism . the

report also said that the letters of the inscription date on the 13th of this month , U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense sent by the Province, manager of Japan ‘s defense equipment Secretary De Les Kendall . Germany to the price of the F- 35 that , He also explained that the F -35 if the prices will stimulate discussion in the Japanese Diet , the procurement plan will be

Germany also urged the U.S. to change the current procurement methods . According to FMS, Japanese companies as the U.S. corporate subcontractors to participate in the procurement plan , the Japanese side FMS also provides that the United States has a price and delivery date of the final decision . German to Japanese companies as soon as possible to assemble the F-35 fuselage and the engine and the production of parts .

Japan 2012 Budget plans to purchase four F – 35 , each frame of the valuation of about 8.9 billion yen (about 700 million yuan ) . Japan’s defense ministry said the price The U.S. government announced the 2013 fiscal year defense budget is displayed in the middle of this month , the F- 35 pre-sale price has soared to about $ 153 million ($ 1 billion yuan ) .


and other domestic tour of the Thanksgiving trip . On this year whether there are tour plans

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

People , Beijing , February 22 ( this morning ‘s Daily reporter Huangzai Juan , Wen Matsuteru ) Air Force flight demonstration team on behalf of a guest ‘s power forum to communicate online with friends .
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, August aerobatic team in Changchun , Weifang, Tangshan, and other domestic tour of the Thanksgiving trip . On this year whether there are tour plans , Yan Feng teachers said that at present the plan . First identified will participate in the Zhuhai Air Show in November . Also plans to tour in Chengdu, Hangzhou , Shenyang and other places . The specific time will be August aerobatic team of the convergence of the training mission as well as local weather conditions . the

interviews , Yan Feng said the F -10 performing the painting program to achieve the original design goals . However, the actual flight performance point of view , the sapphire blue tones of the F -10 performing spraying some darker , and will consider the case of no major adjustment of the overall spray program , color , minor changes , more conducive to viewing .


Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Zhongguang Wang February 22 news ( Reporter Ma Chuang ) Nanjing government , Beijing has said it has been suspended with Nagoya . 22 afternoon , the Foreign Ministry held a press conference , Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei , referring to With regard to the Mayor of Nagoya, Japan, to deny the Nanjing Massacre , said the Chinese side has made ​​solemn representations on the matter to the Japanese side , the decision to suspend contacts with the Nagoya City for Nanjing the decision expressed understanding and support , and will pay close attention to the situation .
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Hong Lei said he hoped the Japanese side to abide by the Sino-Japanese four documents principles , the spirit of learning from history, future-oriented principles, to promote the healthy and stable development of Sino-Japanese relations .


February 11

Monday, February 20th, 2012

China news agency, Manila, February 15 (Sun Xiaolei) – A Philippine boxer because of dissatisfaction with the game in Argentina before being attacked , the Philippine Senate on the 15th to make a resolution demanding that the Philippine Department of State to recall Ambassador to Argentina .
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February 11 , held in Argentina in an International Boxing Federation (IBF) super flyweight match Fidel Romero , The Philippine boxer after 10 rounds fighting hard to beat Argentine boxer La Zhate some Argentine boxing fans after the game to the ring throwing mineral water bottles, chairs and other debris hit Fidel Romero , The Philippine side personnel . February 15 , the Philippine Senate Majority Leader Soto announced in the Senate to speak live video over this riot condemned .

Proposal of Senate President Enrile , the Philippine Senate passed a resolution asking the Philippine Department of State to recall Ambassador to Argentina to show that the Republic of the Philippines an explanation.

Day , chaired the meeting, Senator Le Jiada stressed that it was not to sever relations with Argentina . She said the Philippine Department of State will be asked to submit a report on the subject , and requirements of the Philippine Ambassador to Karan to the Senate to make a note on this incident


the Pentagon was forced to plan to cut $ 485 billion budget in the next decade

Friday, February 17th, 2012

According to the Actively growing in China under the conditions of naval power and the U.S. military to return to Asia, the military competition between the two countries and confrontation may be further exacerbated, or even trigger a new round of arms race.
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Russian media said the British Although the U.S. economic pressure, the U.S. military was forced to cut spending, but the U.S. military is not only not decrease, but will increase its military deployment in the Asia-Pacific region. The reason for this is China. In recent years, China has actively developed that can challenge U.S. dominance in the Pacific region of weapons and equipment, including the stealth fighter and anti-ship ballistic missile, U.S. leaders are very worried. Sino-US military confrontation in the Western Pacific has become the focus of geo-political tensions. Before the fact, over the past decade, as early as in the United States began to develop a new military strategy to return to the Asia-Pacific, the U.S. military to strengthen the Asia-Pacific military deployment, and now is just to speed up the process.

Russian media said that now need to focus on the problems with the U.S. strategic change, such as the United States in the era of economic austerity have the ability to strengthen its military deployment in Asia? In this case, how to avoid malicious stimulate China to prevent the arms race? U.S. officials admitted that the last two decades, the U.S. strategy toward China has been a combination of repression and cooperation, the former main form of alliance with Japan, the joint system of China agreed that China’s accession to the WTO belongs to the latter. But the last two years, the U.S. repressive measures increased significantly, especially in 2010, Hillary claimed that the United States will interfere in the South China Sea territorial issues, thoroughly angered the Chinese. Since then the United States decided to build military bases, training United States and Australia, there may Marines in northern Australia. In addition, the United States still have to force U.S. troops to leave the Philippines to discuss how to strengthen military cooperation.

Russian media said the Under normal circumstances, the U.S. officials will not be published about the Chinese threat and the U.S. military to return to the heated rhetoric of the Asia-Pacific strategy, but they also made no secret of China prompted the U.S. to return to the main reason for the Asia-Pacific. Sometimes compare the military threat of China and Iran, which made the Chinese very dissatisfied. In addition, the Pentagon is also developing the Air Sea Battle, Air Sea Battle, the name of the new military doctrine in itself shows that the strategy is closely related to ground integrated battle Moreover, the Pentagon’s military planning experts admitted that China is to develop advanced weapons systems, ships, and the only country able to prevent the United States control of the strategic maritime channel.

Now, the Pentagon was forced to plan to cut $ 485 billion budget in the next decade, leading to 60 weapons research and development project canceled. However, all the important items related to the U.S. military to return to the Asia-Pacific strategy is preserved. The future the U.S. Air Force and Navy will play a key role in Asia, the budget of some important projects to be protected and even increased the investment in individual projects, while Army forces would be substantially weakened. As the primary means of delivery of the remote forces of the U.S. military in the Pacific, the Navy’s 11 aircraft carrier will be retained. The U.S. military will also actively develop high-speed coastal warships deployed in Singapore, to increase investment in the Virginia-class attack submarines, and retain a new strategic bomber development projects. In the U.S. from Asia distant, and China’s military strength has continued to improve conditions, the role of this new generation of strategic bombers will be very important.

Russian media said the U.S. military spending cuts, a large number of canceled practices of the new weapons research and development projects, was the criticism of many people, in particular, is to suspend the development of a tactical fighter, the compression direction of naval power in Asia. Obama re-election, one of the main rival Mitt Romney had explicitly expressed in the future the U.S. should strengthen naval forces, warship construction speed should be increased by 9 per year 15. Many observers believe that, in fact, the financial problems faced by the U.S. military has nothing to do with budget cuts, but mainly due to overly ambitious plans by the United States. The United States is clearly an attempt to continue to maintain hegemony in the Western Pacific, but in the case of China to continue to develop military power in the next 10 years, the U.S. military was forced to devote more funds to develop new types of weapons and technology against a greater threat of anti-ship ballistic missile .

Australian experts 海因里克斯 pointed out that, if the U.S. military’s goal was simply to prevent the Chinese territorial expansion, then return to the Asia-Pacific’s new military strategy might work. But in order to deprive the ability to control the country’s maritime lifeline, the U.S. must pay a higher price. The consequent question is: Can the United States to re-take the initiative? How does China respond? In fact, as early as in the United States began to pay more attention since the Asia-Pacific region, China’s politicians and the community have been identified, the United States is trying to encircle China, the Obama administration last two years has done to further strengthen this strategic containment. Lack of trust between China and the United States. Some experts believe that China and the United States intensified competition has led to an arms race, and any party to develop new weapons and technology systems, always provoking each other to increase the corresponding expenditures, an interdependent model in terms of military procurement, with all the characteristics of an arms race. In a long time in the future, the Sino-US frictions and tensions will be strengthened, so as to further test the will of both sides. China will only pay more attention and vigilance of the threat of siege by the United States.

Russian media said some of the Asia-Pacific allies have warned the United States to reduce the Sino-US confrontation argument. Some people worry that now the U.S. is a high degree of great importance to China, stressed the return to the Asia-Pacific, may be just the Pentagon’s attempt to maintain previously an excuse for military spending levels, after all, the U.S. military is reluctant to cut spending substantially complete after the conclusion of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now re-evaluating the U.S. military machine to return to the scale of the Asia-Pacific is not important, the U.S. military to strengthen the Asia-Pacific deployment does not have too great a burden, and the U.S. is not building a huge base plan in the whole of Asia.

U.S. officials and experts stressed that the U.S. military to return to the Asia-Pacific strategy is not imaginary, but the response to the actions of China. Indeed, in recent years China’s diplomatic efforts in the South China Sea and East China Sea continue to strengthen the increasingly tough stance on the territorial dispute, resulting in some countries have begun to appeal to the United States to strengthen the Asia garrison to curb China


Bai Yitong growth is obvious. Elected village director of Gao Jie

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

January 14, 2009, when 19-year-old Ankang College sophomore girls Baiyi Tong was elected Qingjian County, Gao Jie Gao Jie, towns and villages village chief, has aroused widespread concern. Three years have passed, Bai Yitong along the way, appreciative and look forward to questioning has been followed her. Three years later, on December 28, 2011, Gao Jie, village general election, Bai Yitong successful re-election.
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However, these three years, to complete the initial election commitment in order to create a female county official, Bai Yitong behind the family has invested millions of dollars.

In the afternoon of December 28, 2011, Qingjian County, Gao Jie Gao Jie, towns and villages the village is being held at the Village Committee Election.

The former village committee director Bai Yitong standing on a stool, watching election workers tellers registration. This 22-year-old girl was brought up in the city grew up, squeeze in a group of northern Shaanxi man was very conspicuous.

This is the first candidate audition. If someone votes more than half will be directly elected.

Bai Yitong behind the village committee office, a few from the town came to guide the general election Jie village cadres are predicting this election, the basic point of view is: probably no one votes more than half after the vote had Before the election, several, and then conduct an election, the general is to be successful.

Voting results allows the town cadres accident. 338 votes, the election of village head Bai Yitong get 244 votes. Three years, suffering from attention and controversy,

However, the general, Bai Yitong the support rate was only 72%, decreased from 97.6 percent three years ago. Moreover, today’s high-Jie Village have opposed Bai Yitong elected voice.

The views of opponents, including: Bai Yitong entirely the backing of her father in the back, otherwise we could not go dry; these years, the White House in the village spent the money, but the accounts is unclear, do not open the opaque; she did not take over and take Look up the accounts of the former village head’s determination in fighting corruption, at least in fighting corruption is not enough.

Some opponents even went to the town report Bai Yitong like.

Before Renzhen Zhang Hao Shixiong told reporters that the villagers had to find him, said Bai Yitong may have economic problems. Hao Shixiong asked to complain: your village a year of income? The answer is: 30 000 a year, three years 90000. Hao Shixiong said: />

Three years ago, the 19-year-old Bai Yitong Ankang College as college students, overwhelmingly re-elected Gao Jie village chief, although the locals almost unanimously commended the Wison ceremony is still questioned.

Wison Li-view clear: The vitality and well-being Institute there is 5 Baiyi Tong, teaching order into chaos.

At that time, Wison Li have suggested Bai Yitong Baiyan Lin’s father not to launch her daughter to run for the village head, so that after a very long time, the heart of the two sides have some swelling on the skin. Three years later, his attitude has not changed much.

Why Bai Yitong be able to re-election? The Wison ceremony of the analysis are: first, the current mobile population, the village go out to work or start a business, are left to the elderly, children, or a relatively weak capacity of the villagers. Jie Gao Village, a total of 1116 people, with the qualification of voters is 813, this general election, only 338 people attended the vote. One reason is that 259 villagers, who, unable to back to the village.

The second reason, Wison ceremony that is material incentives. It is understood that the White House distributed to the villagers, some calendars Baiyi Tong’s, working in all of India, such as photo and a leadership to accept a television interview. Is precisely the eve of the election, the White House to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to the village to install the lights came.

View Wison ceremony, many people think: This is the time there is no suspense in the general election, as long as Bai Yitong come forward to stand for election, we will definitely be elected.

The reasons are: First, Gao Jie Village from Bai Yitong is probably not another village director. Of those who hold this view even just transferred from less than six months former Ren Gaojie village mayor Hao Shixiong

Three years ago, the director of the Baiyi Tong was elected Gao Jie, village, an important background: At that time the village there are three people competing for the village director, refused to give the votes can not reach half of the 4 consecutive election does not come out. Subsequently Bai Yitong support the next time the village election in the family, and received 450 votes out of 461 voters.

Another more important reason is that the money the White House, the village director Bai Yitong do is not greedy village money, and her family behind will continue to bring the village some tangible benefits.

Three years ago, that campaign, 19-year-old Bai Yitong entitled She told the villagers, the presence of 10 events decided within a few years to lead folks to do a good job. Including the construction of a comprehensive service building, a new cooperative medical care, restoration of the playhouse, built a mountain road, deep well to resolve the masses to draft the difficult problem; development of jujube processing industry, the construction Qingzao processing plants; the development of aquaculture, increase farmers’ income; do farmers technical training schools, construction of new rural modern education base; and promised payment of 1000 pounds of coal per household in the New Year’s.

Three years later, Bai Yitong breakdown of their commitment:

She acknowledged that the commitment to build multi-service complex is temporarily unable to achieve the household to a new three-tier small Western-style rural development plan As for the construction of jujube processing plants, have someone to invest, because the risk that no one do it, it is estimated that the future is not good to complete.

Baiyi Tong said, Mainly thanks to the funding of the father and his family.

Baiyi Tong family in the end how much money to the village to vote? Do not see the accounts, the villagers are not very clear,

In early 2010, Gao Jie village party branch secretary Baihai Hong said the media: the White House in the village to spend a total of 300 million, of which 210 million was paid in cash, the rest of the debt, are hanging in the White House under the name of .

March 2011, journalists see the Bai Yitong, had asked the White House into the village money should still be around 3 million, said Bai Yitong, because later on, no major projects, investment not there will be a big growth. The end of 2011, under repeated questioning by reporters, Baiyi Tong’s father, Bai Yanlin answer is very sick, but still gives a number: more than 500 million.

He told reporters that their own brother in the village cast of over 170 million, and I before and after the cast of over 300 million, in addition to part of the external inputs, but because the people not to say how much.

White House faulted point people to the village to spend money, is not established accounts. Opponents criticized the practice of opaque private accounts. Bai Yanlin’s explanation is Also suggested that the White House spend money, some money is very innocent. For example, Gao Jie village built playhouse, the village there is a saying: repair playhouse $ 50 million, many villagers believe that 20 million to complete this project.

Bai Yanlin this statement is disdain. Built playhouse actually spent 900,000 yuan, he explained, works a great deal, under the stage is nearly 20 meters deep with a lot of steel and concrete.

The Bai Yanlin about list of what White House in recent years to the village to spend the money: the construction of playhouse 90 million; repair two public toilets, $ 17 million; two squares of 70 million yuan; repair 48 kilometers Huanshan, more than 200 million. Built two dam repair drains, about 50 million. Three years, the village festivals organized the villagers activities, jump Yangko Farmers’ Games and other expenses of about $ 500,000, spent $ 36 million to the village to install street lights. In response to this election, printed calendars, buy a red flag to spend 78,000 yuan. Another returned to the village, the villagers of an operating greenhouse vegetable

A total of up to 5.6 million yuan. The money where it comes from? Referred to this issue have to say that the father Baiyan Lin Bai Yitong. Has been the identity of Bai Yanlin quite controversial.

Baiyi Tong was first elected village director in 2009, Bai Yanlin said that he is a magazine reporter in Xi’an. Some media have a strong interest in Bai Yanlin identity. Was claimed Baiyan Lin is a fake reporter, and even friends called him

According to media surveys, Baiyan Lin has done a newspaper correspondent, a few years later became a business manager of the newspaper’s advertising department. In 2003, he was appointed as Associate Editor and feature director of Xi’an, a media, he has a press card, very formal, but not find reporters in China online. It was also claimed Bai Yanlin activities in Yulin area to take advantage of this reporter identity often pull the ad means let alone how to open and aboveboard, and even extortion.

December 28, 2011, the reporter on this issue again to Bai Yanlin confirmation. A few years ago, he really worked at Xi’an, a magazine, after being questioned by the media, he felt the sign of this magazine is not hard enough, they accepted the position of another magazine as the Ministry of Economic Affairs Officer, Chief Reporter, this Baiyan Lin said: The magazine is headquartered in Hong Kong, Beijing has reporters.

Bai Yanlin not deny the pull of advertising in the years of reporter career, but denied having extortion. He said their mode of operation is not the same and others that are jealous of their local counterparts.

He also said that a thought-provoking words:

Into the source of the Gao Jie village of millions of dollars of funds, Baiyan Lin explained, and their young, when we sold the pasta, dates, have had 13 years of clinic, there are certain primitive accumulation. His brother’s company a little shares, possessor of 27 vans, in addition, a little bit of shares in the coal mine. However, in order to support the daughter of the building in the village, he sold a number of coal shares.

There is one thing to let the villagers do not understand: Gao Jie village communal kiln, reportedly built in 1977, taking up a villagers white ground, in accordance with prevailing policies, Murakami operator work points to the white of a compensation covers an area of But the matter became a historical legacy, White repeatedly asked Murakami compensation. Bai Yitong elected village director, leaving even more formidable. Finally, the White House to the parties 60,000 yuan of money, considered to quell the matter.

Even if the person is reasonable, is also the matter of Murakami, collective, private money of the white house

Bai Yanlin not think this is a bad thing, to allow her daughter to understand the rural ways of the world and the complexity of the situation.

Baiyan Lin explained: to the money completely settled.

Bai Yitong I do not agree with the practice of his father, and think this is a wrong.

White family father and daughter in 2009 to lead the village repair Huanshan need to cut some of the villagers jujube tree, but some people just do not agree with naughty too much, the White House secretly to compensate for these people, $ 50 per tree, 100 per month.

Baiyi Tong was elected in the village encouraged the villagers to build greenhouses kinds of vegetables. Only one of the elderly in the name of white Canadian dollars response breath built 13 greenhouses. Barker greenhouse vegetable development, before and after the White House to lend $ 40 million, the two sides do not even have any written agreement, promissory note.

December 25, 2011, Barker shed fire, 13 greenhouses burned 9.

December 27, 2011, in front of Barker’s face, Baiyan Lin told reporters that the 40 million count unpaid cast Barker. Barker also blunt: I did not intend to also, is not afraid he will turn to debt.

Barker told reporters that he was promising to engage in greenhouse, and somehow every year 20 million profit, but also to solve the village for at least 10 surplus labor force. He would like to adhere to engage Baiyan Lin also promised to continue to help Barker, which means will continue to borrow money to support him.

So, the White House is not spending money to buy her daughter a

Baiyan Lin explained: home try to foster Barker’s greenhouse vegetable, greenhouse cultivation can be pushed in the village, Bai Yitong original plan to engage in 100 greenhouses, now 13, far short of the target.

Some people have asked Bai Yanlin,

Now, he admitted three years ago to let his daughter run for Gao Jie village chief, with exercise daughter’s intention.

In the past three years, Bai Yitong should of course be mature a little. The 19-year-old Ren Gaojie villages, Director Bai Yitong, indeed there had been some childish behavior.

For example, in early 2009, her recommendations to the Minister of Qingjian County Organization to Gao Jie village party secretary Wison ceremony transferred, because the benefits secretary does not support my work. She is also preparing the implementation of the militarization of management in the village. Her move was once as rivers and lakes joke spread.

These are the facts, after three years, she can only be self-deprecating

Put aside these rivers and lakes due to the young and naive joke, as a village director, Bai Yitong at least has a great passion. 2009, in the financial support of the family, Baiyi Tong led the villagers to repair Huanshan, repair toilet, repair Xilou, Office of the Farmers’ Games, to fight greenhouse vegetable cultivation project can be considered impressive.

But few people can imagine, the surface of the scenery behind a 19-year-old girl, intensive face to the praise of hundreds of domestic and foreign media, sought after, questioning and even mocking her how to adapt to all this. While a childhood growing up in the city, and the girl with no experience of rural life and how to deal with the complex situation of rural village in Northern. Are Baiyi Tong face and must overcome the problem.

Many villagers view, Bai Yitong growth is obvious. Elected village director of Gao Jie, Bai Yitong is a baby, and now she is adaptable, with the vigor of young people, with a little traditional village cadres

Baiyi Tong told reporters that she received in 2010 in the village land contract models, very legitimate work, but also how to complete could not, and had to be to the township government for help.

Then mayor Haoshi Xiong, sent a cadre village. Cadres to find the villagers refused to pay the contractor shall, to say: you do not pay the land contract paragraph, that the renovation of dilapidated buildings not reported, reported that the town is not approved. Such a sentence, land contract in respect of collected.

Bai Yitong about feeling an eye-opener and a lesson. 2011, Bai Yitong only three days, put the village’s land contract payments have ended.

Leaving her rural complex is the experience of the assessment low households.

The village gain in full swing early on that some people find on the Bai Yitong want to take care of. To be fair, Bai Yitong decided to convene all the villagers collective vote of the General Assembly to assess. Later, or town government leaders told him not to do so, because of the popularity in the real rural poor will be excluded, the collective vote but to allow these people to enjoy the treatment of less than subsistence allowances. The town leaders suggested that she was named its first destitute families, and then named its disease, residual household, the rest of the places to each door of the first family.

The village mayor had Rengao Jie Hao Shixiong to Bai Yitong an evaluation: she do the job is no longer alone insist forcing the know and people to discuss, to the higher authorities for help.

In March 2011, Yulin local entrepreneurs had an intention to Gao Jie Village to invest 10 million yuan to engage in sightseeing agriculture. Bai Yitong very excited, then all the work in full swing, and even invited professionals from the Yulin Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau of Surveying and Mapping.

The final project is not negotiated, Baiyi Tong’s explanation is that both sides can not agree on the period of the lease land, Bai Yitong do not want to let the villagers’ interests, the final project abortion. However, the dominance of the negotiations has been the hands of the Bai Yitong.

on the road to prosperity is to make a little of their own contribution, during which I wrote papers Qingjian County, Shaanxi Province, Gao Jie village economic and social development status quo thinking and policy measures Award; dates alcoholic beverage processing project proposals won the first prize of Ankang University Collegiate Business Plan Competition, and so I also get the opportunity to participate in the national third one hundred female county official forum, is the smallest female to participate in this forum village officials, the China Women’s Federation, the Chinese women’s magazine as the country’s nine most influential women in 2009; also received advanced individual title of the Shaanxi Province university graduates make contributions; and this year has overwhelmingly elected Qingjian County, Gao Jie village People’s Party and Qingjian County Party.

Baiyi Tong wrote in 2011 after I served as the village head, thinking summary

Female students to the village head of this platform, Bai Yitong has a certain amount of visibility and attention.

In recent years, she has been select in to participate in such as Village Forum, Student Village growth plans like training. According to her, has seen in a training China’s poverty alleviation Association president Hu Fuguo Bai Yitong confronted him and said Gao Jie villagers draft of the difficult circumstances, said Hu Fuguo promised to give some help.


Israel mentioned in the November 12 last year

Monday, February 13th, 2012

British Reuters reported on February 2 , Moshe Ya’alon , Israeli Deputy Prime Minister in Israel ‘s annual Herzliya security conference that Iran has been committed to developing a global network reporter Li reported missile , the missile from Iran three months ago, an explosion of military bases against the United States .
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It is reported that Iran’s military base , Israel mentioned in the November 12 last year , exploded , causing dozens of deaths . The Iranian official said the explosion was an accident . Iran has said that when the explosion occurred , the researchers is developing a way to remember an iron fist

Ya’alon said that Iran’s missile research and development at the base of the range of 10,000 km, objective fact, not Israel , but the U.S.


the person concerned Measures Committee

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

World Wide Web Reporter Chang reported , January 30 , according to Yonhap , South Korea’s ruling Grand National Party on the current party platform to amend , delete the change efforts and other related content .
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Reported that 18 of the Grand National Party party platform before the amendment provides that .

The Grand National Party, the person concerned Measures Committee , said:

The related statements of the party platform conversion efforts

In addition, very Countermeasures Committee , said the party platform has also been added to improve the quality of life of the Korean People’s advance and expand the content of the continuing humanitarian support


it can be said a soldier was qualified

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Biography: Ji Keke’s, like German people in Sichuan Liangshan, Yi, born in December 1987, joined the army in December 2005, December 2007 to join the party, the rank of sergeant, now a brigade of Jinan Military Region infantry squad leader. Enlisted six years, has won the contest three out of the military army and other 7 military over the first contest Contest winner, awarded a first 1, 2 awarded a third class, was recognized as the first military large youth model

Xinhua military: the army before, what are you doing?

Ji Keke’s: I have three sisters, a brother, a soldier before the sisters would have been married. Our house in the mountains, the mountains can only species of beans, sorghum, corn and potatoes, there is no source of income at home, in my mind, a child often enough to eat, eat two meals a day, every meal is only potatoes you can eat.

I finished primary school in Yi primary school, the home no money can make me go to school, when the body is also very poor parents, who need to support the family, so I started from the 13-year-old at home, at work.

Xinhua Military: At that time there is no understanding of the forces?

Ji Keke’s: I did not precede the troops in to contact with the outside world, there is no contact with Chinese, the concept of force is not.

Xinhua Military: So, you are through what channels to force?

Ji Keke’s: I have a cousin, he knows my family’s situation, he suggested that we arm the local minister let me go to the army. Later, armed ministers who understand the situation, to see my family situation is indeed very poor, I would agree with the military service. In fact, I think he did not, hears parents arranged.

Xinhua Military: What was it like when the troops arrived?

Ji Keke’s: My first feeling is do not know how to do, my language barrier, childhood health in the Yi village, there is no contact with people and things outside, everything feels very strange. To force the first night, I ate three bowls of fried rice attached, that rice is too delicious, and I have never eaten at home cooking.

Xinhua Military: How did you step by step to adapt to an unfamiliar environment and the forces of life?

Ji Keke’s: When I arrived in force less than 1.60 m tall and weighing only 50 kilograms, various conditions are no advantages, and even the communication and exchange with others is very difficult, so I’ll get ho squad leader, I do not know what is No way, I can only learn from scratch. Company commander, instructors are very concerned about me and my platoon leader and squad leader to help them buy the dictionary, I am on the front of the dictionary to write a word for word, followed by tape recorders, TV saying a word to read, I returned to the people newspaper , Qingzhan faithful to help me test it, slowly, I can communicate with his comrades for a Chinese, I am glad that we sorted out the communication and exchanges are very happy.

Xinhua military: Since when do you think he started slowly into force, we begin to keep up with the pace of it?

Ji Keke: from the beginning even under the recruits, when I can understand Chinese, and was also very good communication with you, and feel that they grow very quickly at that stage. In March 2007, I went to tour the training unit training, than the normal time to get up early every day for half an hour, start and a 5 km, and then normal training, physical fitness has come up this way, 400-meter run 1 minute 24 barrier can second.

Xinhua military: I heard you made a lot of

Ji Keke’s: I do not think a little bitter than I had at home, work, training that is not bitter, I used to at home, work after dinner, I think we should have enough to eat on in the army training, I beginning think so, no other ideas. To produce good results, certainly pay a little more than others.

Xinhua military: I heard that you have received a lot of injuries in training, you can also see how much body scars?

Ji Keke’s: Now can see about a dozen bar, training injuries are very common.

Xinhua military: the most serious injury is when?

Ji Keke: that in October 2007, when I was participating in an assessment, take the ladder at the time accidentally fell from a ladder on the Caikong down, elbows in, my comrades said they heard I was bones I was face is white.

Then I rest for a while, but now there is a bone in the arm, to write for too long will feel sour.

Xinhua Military: Why was so hard?

Ji Keke’s: We are working hard, I’m just one of them.

Xinhua Military: Now go back, how do you describe your experience of pain and suffering?

Ji Keke: the past is past, the difficulties and honor are the same, I have never eaten what I do not want to suffer, those who brought me a lot for me to change, but I would like to continue to struggle, to look ahead.

Xinhua Military: If you had not come to force the army, now you may be doing?

Ji Keke: If I have not a soldier, I should still work at home, never see the outside world.

Xinhua Military: For those soldiers like you, what do you suggest to them?

Ji Keke’s: I think no matter what, we should start small, start from scratch, if you can not do little things, do certainly not a big deal.

Xinhua military: what their future plans?

Ji Keke’s: I know all aspects of a lot worse, it can be said a soldier was qualified, but were later to be a soldier, a lot worse, I will make every effort to learn. Force trained me, as long as the troops need, I will stay in the army do it.