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5 effective ways to teach your symptoms to eye

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Daily life, can pay attention to good health, appropriate work and rest, and do not stay up all night to ensure adequate sleep, have a delay of the bags. Your bags serious? To see hasten to approach it like a small, it’s true Oh!

First, if every night before going to bed with capsules of vitamin E in the viscous liquid on the skin at the moment for a 4-week massage and coating, to receive the elimination of lower eyelid to reduce the aging of the good results.  化妝課程

Second, before going to bed at the moment in the skin or fig posted on cucumber slices persevered receive lower eyelid to reduce the effect of beauty. Can also increase the use of papaya mint dip in the hot water into tea, Liang Liang, after the regular coating on the skin at the moment.

Third, in the face with some cream or oil, a finger up to hit parts of the face, with particular attention to the weakness of the skin around the eyes focused on tapping. It should be free to avoid the usual traction under the eyelid or stretched out over.

Four, regular diet, such as chewing gum or carrot and celery and so on. Usually need to eat more attention to the colloid, high-quality protein, animal liver and tomatoes, potatoes and the like food, pay attention to a balanced diet, this may be part of the new cells to provide the necessary nutrients to the elimination of bags under the arrangement will also benefit.

Fifth, under the eye treatment abroad was often used chamomile, or first-class tea-rose, as well as by heating the castor oil or olive oil per day in the wet bags Department 15 minutes to a few hours, these substances help At the moment to address the Department of the emerging problem of pocket.

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Five kinds of fruit juices help you defeat the black eye

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Life, some of the original women’s health, but few stay up late at night in a row, to get up the next day will am very tired, dark eyes, sallow face, dizziness up the brain and back pain. “Stay up all night,” women will make as a result of lack of sleep and physical energy decreased significantly. According to traditional medicine’s view, this is due to fatigue caused by the imbalance of yin and yang.

Generally speaking, damage to the skin, the skin at the 22 o’clock to 2 o’clock the next day into night-time maintenance status. If you stay up all night long, would undermine the human endocrine system and the nervous system, skin will be dry, poor flexibility, lack of luster, acne and acne, Malacosoma class spots.

May be the Changsi stay up all night in five juice

1. The amount of apples, carrots, spinach, celery and cut into small pieces (above), by adding milk, honey, a little ice with fruit juice plane smashed into nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable juices.

2. Banana, papaya and smash together high-quality yogurt, nutritious and can add a lot of energy required for the body.

3. Kiwifruit two, four Oranges, which consists of a fresh lemon juice rich in vitamin C, can be added and physical beauty.

4. The three post-skinned grapefruit juice, grape juice into a string of broken grapes, along with two spoons of honey, sweet Do You Ziwei acid.

5. A fresh cucumber, 1 / 2 liters milk, 3 mint, stir together after breaking into the cool cucumber sauce, and heat Jiefa.

As a result, light dinner should eat more vegetables, fruits, fish and so on, or to add a few grape seed extract, or contain chitin of health care products in order to facilitate the resumption of skin elasticity and gloss, at the same time eliminate the black eye, so that the fair complexion ruddy . Jishi spicy food and alcoholic beverages, do not smoke. For external use with collagen, the skin-care components of chitin supplies.